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An anti-war song is a musical composition that either states anti-war sentiments directly, one which the public and/or critics define as having an anti-war theme, or advocates universal peace.

Some anti-war songs comment on the aspects of war, while others satirize war. Most promote peace, in some form or another, while others sing out against specific armed conflicts. Still others sing about the physical and psychological destruction that warfare causes to soldiers, innocent civilians, and the human race in general. Many of these songs are considered protest songs, and some have been embraced by various peace movements and peace activists.

Some popular anti-war songs include:

General peace[edit]

listen: anti-war songs (General peace) playlist

American Civil War[edit]

Main article: American Civil War

World War I[edit]

Main article: World War I

Mexican-American War[edit]

Main article: Mexican-American War
  • "Once to Every Man and Nation" - James R Lowell (1845)

Spanish Civil War[edit]

Main article: Spanish Civil War

Spanish-American War[edit]

Main article: Spanish-American War

American Indian Wars[edit]

Main article: American Indian Wars

World War II[edit]

Main article: World War II

Korean War[edit]

Main article: Korean War

Vietnam War[edit]

Main article: Vietnam War

Kent State shootings[edit]

Main article: Kent State shootings

Dominican Republic[edit]

  • "The Marines Have Landed on the Shores of Santo Domingo" - Phil Ochs (1966)

The "Troubles"[edit]

Main article: The Troubles

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Cold War/Nuclear Annihilation[edit]

Main article: Cold War

Philippine-American War[edit]

Falklands War[edit]

Main article: Falklands War

Contras, Latin America[edit]

Main article: Contras

Yugoslav Wars[edit]

Main article: Yugoslav Wars

Gulf War(s), Iraq, 9/11, and the War on Terror[edit]

Traditional music[edit]

Apart from the various genres of modern music, some traditional and contemporary folk songs reflect the futile efforts of war and the attitudes of objectors prior to the major wars of the 20th century. Some of these include:

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