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This list does not include computer role-playing games, MMORPGs, or any other video games with RPG elements.

Most of these games are tabletop role-playing games; other types of games are noted as such where appropriate.


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
2300 AD Game Designers' Workshop 1989 - Future of the Twilight 2000 universe Originally called Traveller 2300AD
3D&T Talismã a Brazilian generic system, turned to anime-style campaigns


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
Aberrant White Wolf Publishing modified Storyteller Super-hero characters in the near future Part of the Trinity series
Aces&Eights -- The Shattered Frontier Kenzer and Company A Western role-playing game.
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons TSR, Inc. Wizards of the Coast see also Dungeons & Dragons
Advanced Fighting Fantasy Cubicle 7
Adventure! White Wolf Publishing modified Storyteller a pulp adventure part of the Trinity series
The Adventures of Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game TSR, Inc.
After The Bomb Palladium Books
Aftermath! Fantasy Games Unlimited
Against the Darkness Tabletop Adventures, LLC Vatican Conspiracy and Horror
Agone (French) edited in French by Multisim Editions and translated in English by Multisim Editions a free SF RPG
Albedo Based on the furry comic book series, Erma Felna by Steve Gallacci
All Flesh Must Be Eaten Eden Studios, Inc. Zombie survival horror game
Alpha Chronicles Alpha Chronicles Universal System w/ One Book & Limitless Possibilities.
Alpha Omega: The Beginning and The End Mind Storm Labs, LLC
Alshard (Japanese) Fantasy with mecha like Final Fantasy[citation needed]
Alshard Gaia (Japanese) Alshard system a contemporary fantasy
Alternate Worlds RPG Alternate Worlds Publishing
Alternity TSR, Inc.
Amazing Engine TSR, Inc.
Amber Diceless Roleplaying based on the works of Roger Zelazny
Anidor Azure Cold and Kyky (Bulgarian)
Anima: Beyond Fantasy a collaboration of Eastern and Western developers RPG with anime-style artworks
Angel Eden Studios, Inc. Unisystem a spin-off of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer game
Anomaly Beyond the Solar System Games and Ryan D. Bettner
APOCalypse 2500 created by J L Arnold and first released in 2007 online at using the RPG Percentile System rules a post apocalyptic high tech sword and sorcery future world tabletop RPG
Apocalypse World created by D. Vincent Baker and first released in 2010 First RPG using the Powered by the Apocalypse system a post apocalyptic RPG of politics and survival
Aquelarre created by Ricard Ibáñez, published in 1990, last edition from 2011 Fantasy game based in medieval Europe edited in Spanish by Nosolorol
Arduin David A. Hargrave the first cross-genre RPG[citation needed]
ARI Ari Jones Advanced Role-playing Integrated
Arianrhod RPG (Japanese) MMORPG-like
Arkeos Extraordinary Worlds Studio Pulp adventure
Ars Magica Lion Rampant (editions 1 & 2)
White Wolf Publishing (edition 3)
Atlas Games (editions 4 & 5)
AssassinX E.N. Publishing violent adventure
Atlantis: The Second Age Morrigan Press
Attack of the Humans
Avant Charlemagne François Nédelec (French) early Middle-Age
Axiom16 (Bulgarian)
Ave Molech Morbidgames Publishing modified d20 modern with 3.5 edition races Fantasy setting with Steampunk technology


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
Babylon 5 Mongoose Publishing d20 (2nd ed.) 2003, 2006 (2nd ed.) Based on the Babylon 5 TV franchise
Babylon Project Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment 1997 Based on the Babylon 5 TV franchise
Basilisk RPG Basilisk RPG OGL 2013 Rules light gritty fantasy
Basic Action Super Heroes Basic Action Games a rules-lite superheroes rpg.
Basic Role-Playing Chaosium role-playing game system
Battleaxe by - Sixteen Coal Black Horses fantasy role-playing
BattleDragons Spartacus Publishing play as dragons in a fantasy world
Battlelords of the 23rd Century SSDC, Inc.
Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd based on the SciFi TV series
Beyond the Supernatural
Bifrost Skytrex Ltd. 1982
Big Bang Comics RPG
Big Eyes, Small Mouth Guardians of Order anime-based RPG
Bitume (French) Croc post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-like
Bliss Stage TAO games Mecha game taking place 7 years after the adults of the world fell asleep
Blood Dawn SSDC, Inc.
Blood of Heroes
Bloodlust (French) edited by Asmodée Editions
Blue Planet Biohazard Games
Blue Rose Green Ronin
Boot Hill TSR, Inc. Wild West adventure
Broken Road
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Eden Studios, Inc. Unisystem based on the TV show of the same name
Bunnies and Burrows
Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic Tri Tac Games
The Burning Wheel high fantasy
Bushido Fantasy Games Unlimited samurai RPG set in Feudal Japan
By the Gods Ragnarok Enterprises 1986


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Game Designer's Workshop
Cadwallon Rackham
Call of Cthulhu Chaosium based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft
Cartoon Action Hour Spectrum Games
Castles & Crusades Troll Lord Games OGL System fantasy RPG
Castle Falkenstein steampunk fantasy
Catgirl Avengers Furry/anime humor RPG
Challenger RPG Superior Games Books Free Fantasy RPG
Champions Hero Games
Changeling: The Dreaming (original World of Darkness)
Changeling: The Lost (new World of Darkness)
Children of the Sun Misguided Games
Chivalry & Sorcery
Chronicles System Freely distributed skill-based d100 system Steampunk fantasy
Les Chroniques d'Erdor an unusual French RPG of oneiric fantasy using a 54 card deck edited by Boite a Polpette
Chronicles of Ramlar
Circe Bryce Harrington
City of Heroes Eden Studios, Inc. the tabletop companion to the City of Heroes MMORPG
Cliffhanger Fantasy Games Unlimited 1930s adventure
La Compagnie de glaces (French) post-apocalyptic from the novels of G.-J. Arnaud
Cold City Contested Ground Studios
Conan supplements (Conan Unchained! and Conan Against Darkness!) TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1984 Hyborian Age While preparing his Conan game (an RPG by its own), TSR published in 1984 these AD&D Conan supplements
Conan Role-Playing Game TSR "ZeFRS" (Zeb's Fantasy Roleplaying System) 1985 Hyborian Age The official TSR Conan role-playing game, finally published in 1985
GURPS Conan Steve Jackson Games GURPS 1989 Hyborian Age A year before the release of the core rulebook, in 1988, Steve Jackson Games published a solo adventure titled GURPS Conan: Beyond Thunder River
Conan: The Roleplaying Game Mongoose Publishing d20 System 2004-2010 Hyborian Age One of the role-playing games in the Mongoose Publishing OGL System series
Conspiracy X Eden Studios, Inc. extraterrestrials, UFOs, and government coverups
Contenders Prince of Darkness Games award winning game revolving around the lives of boxers
C°ntinuum time travel adventure
Core Command Dream Pod 9
Corporation the Roleplaying Game Core Games Publishing
CORPS Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Cortex System Roleplaying Game Margaret Weis Productions
Corum an addendum to the Stormbringer RPG (aka Elric!)
Cosmic Synchronicity Joseph Teller
Covenant Realms Publishing
CthulhuTech Wildfire H.P. Lovecraft's horror with Mecha and Anime influences
Cursed Empire Chris Loizou dark fantasy Formerly known as Crimson Empire
Cybergeneration R. Talsorian Games alternate setting for Cyberpunk 2020
Cyberpunk 2013 R. Talsorian Games out of print and superseded by Cyberpunk 2020
Cyberpunk 2020 R. Talsorian Games
Cyberpunk V3.0 R. Talsorian Games
Cyberspace Iron Crown Enterprises
Cyborg Commando New Infinities, Inc.
Cyno's Role-Play


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
D6 System West End Games in-house system, based on the Star Wars RPG
d20 Future Wizards of the Coast[1] d20 System generic futuristic
d20 Modern Wizards of the Coast[2] d20 System generic modern
d20 Past Wizards of the Coast[3] d20 System generic historical
d20 System Wizards of the Coast[4] based on Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules
Danger International Hero Games espionage adventure
Dangerous Journeys by E. Gary Gygax Game Designers' Workshop
Daredevils pulp era mystery
Darwin's World RPGObjects post-apocalyptic RPG
Dash-in Dungeons Wednesday Night Games fast-play fantasy RPG
Dark Conspiracy Game Designers' Workshop
Dark Continent colonial African horror
The Dark Eye Most popular German RPG,[5] known in Germany as Das Schwarze Auge
Dark Heresy, the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Game originally by Black Industries, now developed by Fantasy Flight Games
DC Universe Roleplaying Game West End Games
Dead Inside a small-press RPG where the characters attempt to rebuild their lost souls through selfless and noble actions (and get superhuman powers along the way)
Deadlands: Lost Colony Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Deadlands: The Weird West Pinnacle Entertainment Group GURPS version by SJGames
Deeds of Valor Swordmaster
Deliria: Faerie Tales for the New Millennium by Phil Brucato Laughing Pan Productions
Demon: The Fallen (original World of Darkness)
Demon's Lair Lasalion Games
Desolation Greymalkin Designs a post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG
Diana: Warrior Princess by Marcus Rowland
Diaspora VSCA Publishing FATE 2009 Hard science fiction
Dinky Dungeons Doc's Games 1985
Diomin OtherWorld Creations
The Doctor Who Role Playing Game FASA based on the 1963–89 run of the BBC television series
Doctor Who - Adventures In Time And Space: the roleplaying game Cubicle 7 Entertainment based on the 2005–present run of the BBC television series
Doctor Who - Time Lord (role-playing game) Virgin Publishing based on the 1963–89 run of the BBC television series
Dogs in the Vineyard Lumpley Games loosely based on the Mormon State of Deseret in pre-statehood Utah
Dominion Rules an open-source fantasy twelve-sided-die-based RPG encouraging the creation of new skill, spells, beasts and rules and featuring an innovative combat system
Donjon Clinton R. Nixon, Donjon Anvilwerks
Don't Rest Your Head Evil Hat Productions
Double Cross Superhero (Japanese)
Drací doupe loosely based on Dungeons & Dragons the most popular Czech fantasy RPG system[citation needed]
Dragon Ball Z - Anime Adventure Game
DragonMech a cross between fantasy and mecha
DragonNet a free open-source fantasy RPG system
DragonQuest a now out-of-print RPG, suppressed by TSR
DragonRaid Dick Wulf a Christian RPG
Dragonstar where science fiction and fantasy blend
Dragon Warriors an easy-to-use RPG system published in paperback format
Drakar och Demoner (Dragons and Demons) Swedish fantasy RPG
Draug based on the FUDGE engine Norwegian RPG set in 1801
Dread: The First Book of Pandemonium Rafael Chandler
Dreaming Cities Guardians of Order Tri-Stat system urban fantasy
The Dresden files a variant of the FATE game urban fantasy based on the books by Jim Butcher
Duelist System Undecided Studios Martial Arts role-playing system
Dungeons & Dragons created by Dave Arneson and E. Gary Gygax, further editions by TSR, Inc. and Wizards of the Coast
Dungeon World Sage Kobold Productions Powered by the Apocalypse Dungeon fantasy
Dystopia Rising Eschaton Media Inc Mass Action System 2009- Post Zombie-Apocalypse Survival Horror
Dying Earth based on the stories of Jack Vance
Dzikie Pola (Wild Fields) set in 17th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
EABA Blacksburg Tactical Research Center a generic RPG system aka End All Be All
Earthdawn Fantasy post-apocalypse; ambiguously past of Shadowrun setting
Eclipse Phase
Element Masters
Elemental Axes Crosstime Games
Elfquest Chaosium based on the works of Richard Pini and Wendy Pini
Elven Fire by George F. Rice[6]
Elric! Chaosium based on Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné stories
En Garde! Game Designers' Workshop and SFC Press duelists from 17th century France
Endyval Sivosten Bulgarian
Enhanced: Humans and Heroes Impact Engine a super hero RPG
Emergency Response Team Link points to page on actual ERTs - no game page in evidence
Empire of the Petal Throne TSR, Inc set in M. A. R. Barker's world of Tékumel
Enforcers 21st Century Games 1987
Eon NeoGames Swedish fantasy game
Epic Role Playing Dark Matter Studios
ERA Clinica TBF
E-RPG System Ironwood Omnimedia
Espionage! Hero Games based on Second Edition Champions
Eternal Soldier Tai-Gear Simulations 1985 Free Universal Role-Playing system
Etherlords Nival Interactive
Etherscope Goodman Games
The Everlasting (role-playing game) Visionary Entertainment Studios Inc
EverQuest Role-Playing Game White Wolf Publishing pencil & paper version of the popular MMORPG
Evolve Gaming System Inkwell Gaming Plug-and-Play System with multiple complexity tiers for all skill levels.
EW-System Extraordinary Worlds Studio Open game system
Ex Machina
Exalted White Wolf Publishing Epic fantasy; potential pre-history of World of Darkness
Exodus: Post Apocalyptic RPG Glutton Creeper Games
EXO Ediciones Sombra Spanish
The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen Ediciones Sombra a storytelling RPG based on the stories about Baron Munchausen by James Wallis


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
Fading Suns
Faery's Tale Firefly Games an interactive storytelling game of fairy folklore suitable for younger players
Faldon Illusory Studios
Fanhunter Spanish game based on the series of comics of the same name
Fantasy Craft Crafty Games Mastercraft
Fantasy Heartbreaker Roleplaying Game William Bargo Subcellar Games a lighthearted OGL based fantasy role-playing game
Fantasy Hero
Fantasy Imperium Shadowstar Games, Inc. an interactive storytelling game of historical fantasy
The Fantasy Trip Steve Jackson, published by Metagaming Concepts The precursor to GURPS
The Fantasy Sagas E-RPG System A Player's Guidebook for Ironwood Omnimedia
Fantasy Wargaming a project by dissatisfied British Dungeons & Dragons players, it was considered incomplete and insufficient yet featured noteworthy elements and qualities that are still yet unseen in most role-playing games[citation needed]
Farscape Roleplaying Game Alderac Entertainment Group
Fastlane Twisted Confessions author Alexander Cherry
Fate Core Evil Hat Fate System Generic Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment based on the FUDGE engine. No longer an acronym.[7] There are other games that use the Fate engine.
Fate of the Norns Andrew Valkauskas Runic Game System (RGS) - Previous editions used a 2D10 based system Viking Historical/Fantasy
Fates Worse than Death Vajra Enterprises cyberpunk-influenced game set in Manhattan in 2080
Feng Shui Hong Kong martial arts movies
Firefly Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd Cortex+ Firefly A separate game from Serenity due to licensing issues despite the same company producing both at different times. Due out 2014, with a preview released at Gen Con 2013
Fight the Evil Power a role-playing game designed for people who haven't played before
Fireborn Fantasy Flight Games
Forgotten Futures Marcus L Rowland
Friendly Wars Undecided Studios
Fringeworthy Tri Tac Games
FTL:2448 by Tri Tac Games
FUBAR Vulpinoid Studio
FUDGE Steffan O'Sullivan FUDGE "Free, Universal, Do-it-Yourself Gaming Engine"
Furry Outlaws
Furry Pirates
Fusion Høst og Søn Near Future A Danish RPG
Fuzion R. Talsorian Games and Hero Games Modified from R. Talsorian's Interlock System and Hero Games' Hero System a simple and customizable generic open gaming system


Game Publisher System Dates Setting Notes
A Game of Thrones A Game of Thrones
Gamma World TSR, Inc. Modified D&D Different versions are based on different versions of D&D
Gangbusters TSR, Inc. 1930s urban crime adventure
Ganghedge Empire Wargames
Gatecrasher a tongue-in-cheek science-fiction & fantasy setting
Gaterunner based on the novel Gatecrash
Geist: The Sin-Eaters Storytelling New World of Darkness
Ghostbusters West End Games Ghostbusters film series First RPG to use a dice pool system.
Ghosts of Albion Eden Studios based on the Ghosts of Albion animations and novels by Amber Benson and Christopher Golden.
Godlike Hawthorn Hobgoblynn Press
Golden Heroes Games Workshop
Gossip Beverly Hills based on the Gossip Girl TV series
The Great Commission d20 a Christian RPG
Grey Ranks Jason Morningstar
Guardians StarChilde Publications
Gunslingers and Gamblers the American Wild West of 1876
GURPS Steve Jackson Games GURPS Generic Gurps is an Acronym for"Generic Universal Role Playing System"





















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