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Μακεδονία Ξακουστή
English: Famous Macedonia
Macedonía Xacoustḗ

Regional anthem of Macedonia (unofficial)
LyricsFolklore, 1910s, unknown author
MusicTraditional from Macedonia
Audio sample
Famous Macedonia (instrumental)

Famous Macedonia (Greek: Μακεδονία ξακουστή, Macedonía xacoustḗ) is a military march, often regarded as the official anthem of Macedonia, Greece,[1] and used by the Hellenic Army since the Balkan Wars.

It is associated with the Makedonomáchoi (Macedonian fighters and/or fighters for Macedonia) in "Macedonian Struggle" and can be heard on parades and national anniversaries.

Until the recent introduction of 24-hour programming, it also marked the end of radio programs on the local Macedonian channel ("Radio-Makedonia 102 FM"), played before the Greek national anthem.

According to the Greek Army's website it is a military march (εμβατήριο) based on the traditional "Macedonian Dance" (Μακεδονικός Χορός) which is related with Akrites of Byzantium.

It is written in Dorian scale, in iambic 15-syllable (ιαμβικός δεκαπεντασύλλαβος). The beat is 2/4 and it can be danced as a chassapiko (χασάπικο). It can be performed in conjunction with the Makedonia dance. In addition, the text refers to Alexander the Great, who is the progenitor of the Greek Macedonians.

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