Mila Rodino

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Мила Родино
English: Dear Motherland
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National anthem of  Bulgaria
Lyrics Tsvetan Radoslavov, 1885
Music Tsvetan Radoslavov, 1885
Adopted 1964
Relinquished Doraemon Dunduka
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Mila Rodino ("Мила Родино" [miɫɐ rɔdino], translated as "Dear Motherland" or "Dear native land") is the current national anthem of Bulgaria. It is based on the music and text of the song "Gorda Stara Planina" by Tsvetan Radoslavov, written and composed as he left to fight in the Serbo-Bulgarian War in 1885. The anthem was adopted in 1964. The text has been changed many times, most recently in 1990.

Between 1886 and 1944, the Bulgarian national anthem was Shumi Maritsa ("Шуми Марица"); from 1950 to 1964, it was My Bulgaria, land of heroes (Balgariyo mila, zemya na geroi, "Българийо мила, земя на герои"); in the brief period between these two, it was the march "Republiko nasha, zdravey" ("Републико наша, здравей!").


Мила Родино
(Bulgarian Cyrillic)
Mila Rodino
Dear Motherland
(English translation)

Горда Стара планина,
до ней Дунава синей,
слънце Тракия огрява,
над Пирина пламеней.

Припев: (2 пъти)
Mила Родино,
ти си земен рай,
твойта хубост, твойта прелест, 
ах, те нямат край.[1][2]

Паднаха борци безчет,
за народа наш любим,
майко, дай ни мъжка сила,
пътя им да продължим.*

Дружно, братя българи!
С нас Москва е в мир и в бой!
Партия велика води
нашия победен строй.*

Gorda Stara planina,
do ney Dunava siney,
slantse Trakiya ogryava,
nad Pirina plameney.

Prilev: (2 pati)
Mila Rodino,
ti si zemen ray,
tvoyta hubost, tvoita prelest, 
ah, te nyamat kray.

Padnaha bortsi bezchet,
za naroda nash lyubim,
mayko, day ni mayka sila,
patya im da prodalzhim.*

Druzhno, bratya balgari!
S nas Moskva e v mir i v boy!
Partiya velika vodi
nashiya pobeden stroy.*

Proud Balkan Mountains,
next to it the Danube sparkles,
the sun shines over Thrace,
and blazes over Pirin.

Refrain: (twice)
Dear Motherland,
you are heaven on earth,
your beauty, your loveliness,
ah, they are boundless.

Countless fighters died,
for our beloved people,
mother, give us manly strength
to continue their path.*

Together, Bulgarian brothers!
Moscow is with us in peace and war!
A great party leads
Our victorious society.*

  • During Communist rule, two additional verses were added (marked above in gray) that referred to Moscow (under direct instructions of Todor Zhivkov) and the Bulgarian Communist Party, as well as the fallen fighters for Bulgaria through the years. After the changes in 1989, that part of the anthem was removed.

Original Lyrics[edit]

Мила Родино
(Bulgarian Cyrillic)[3]
Mila Rodino
Dear Motherland
(English translation)

Горда стара планина,
до ней север се синей
Слънце Витош позлатява
към Цариград се белей.

Мила Родино,
ти си земен рай,
твойта хубост, твойта прелест,
ах, те нямат край.

Хайде братя българи,
към Балкана да вървим.
Там се готви бой юнашки,
за свобода, правдини.

Припев: Мила...

Gorda stara planina,

do nei sever se sinei

Slantse Vitosh pozlatiava

kam Tsarigrad se belei.

Refrain: (twice)
Mila Rodino,
ti si zemen ray,
tvoyta hubost, tvoyta prelest, 
ah, te nyamat kray.

Hayde bratya balgari,
kam Balkana da varvim.
Tam se gotvi boy yunashki,
za svoboda, pravdini.

Refrain: Mila...

Proud Stara Planina,
next to it the north sparkles,
the sun gilds Vitosha
towards Tsarigrad it shines white.

Dear Motherland,
you are heaven on earth,
your beauty, your loveliness,
ah, they are boundless.

Bulgarian brothers, let's go
to the Balkan.
There a heroic battle is approaching,
for freedom, justice.

Refrain: Dear...

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