Gaafaru (Kaafu Atoll)

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Gaafaru is located in Maldives
Location in Maldives
Coordinates: 04°44′10″N 73°29′55″E / 4.73611°N 73.49861°E / 4.73611; 73.49861Coordinates: 04°44′10″N 73°29′55″E / 4.73611°N 73.49861°E / 4.73611; 73.49861
Administrative atollKaafu Atoll
Distance to Malé62.03 km (38.54 mi)
 • Length0.525 km (0.326 mi)
 • Width0.450 km (0.280 mi)
Time zoneUTC+05:00 (MST)

Gaafaru (Dhivehi: ގާފަރު) is one of the inhabited islands of Kaafu Atoll, the only island of the natural atoll known as Gaafaru.


The island is 62.03 km (39 mi; 33 nmi) north of the country's capital, Malé.[2]

Gahaafaru Atoll[edit]

Gahaafaru or Gaafaru (Northern Reef) is a large elliptical reef with only a small inhabited island at its eastern end. This reef has proved disastrous to many vessels. Gaafaru reef is as much a separate atoll as Goifulhafehendhu Atoll or Rasdhukuramathi Atoll which are similar in structure and size. It is separated from Kagi (the northern most island of North Malé Atoll) by a narrow but deep channel - the Gaafaru Kandu. Its lagoon has an average depth of 16 fathoms (30 m) and has no coral patches or shoals in its centre. Gaafaru is a small island surrounded by a big reef.


Historical population
2006 800—    
2014 1,354+69.2%
2017 1,449+7.0%
2018 1,472+1.6%
2006-2014: Census populations
Source: [3]


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