Rasgetheemu (Raa Atoll)

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Rasgetheemu Island- A satellite image of Department of National Planning
Island summary
Belongs to Raa Atoll, North Province
Island Code E-3
Location 5°48′29″N 73°0′12″E / 5.80806°N 73.00333°E / 5.80806; 73.00333Coordinates: 5°48′29″N 73°0′12″E / 5.80806°N 73.00333°E / 5.80806; 73.00333
length 875m
width 425m
Population 965
Density (per/Ha) 14.6
Administrative Information
Government Council Secretariat of the Rasgetheemu Council
Responsible Chief Hussain Ibrahim
President of the Council Ali Najeeb
Vice President of the Council hussain rashaadh (volle)
Contact No. +960 6580068
Fax +960 6580068

Rasgetheemu (Dhivehi: ރަސްގެތީމު) the first capital island in the Republic of Maldives located in the north province in the north edge of Maalhosmadhulu Uthuruburi Raa Atoll.

Maldivian legend says that a Sinhalese prince got stranded with his bride - the daughter of the Sri Lankan King in Rasgetheemu, the original 'King's Island'.[citation needed]


The name comes from Ras + ge + theemu. The word Ras means rule or monarchy, ge literally means house, and theemu means the island. (Theemu appears in the names of other islands, including Agolhitheemu, Utheemu.) Historians believe that Rasgetheem means "the King’s Town" or "King’s Island".[citation needed]


Rasgetheemu is at 5°48′29″N 73°0′12″E / 5.80806°N 73.00333°E / 5.80806; 73.00333.


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