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A bottle of Goldschläger.
Type Cinnamon schnapps
Manufacturer Global Brands
Country of origin Switzerland
Alcohol by volume 43.5%

Goldschläger is a Swiss cinnamon schnapps (43.5% alcohol by volume or 87 proof; originally it was 53.5% alcohol or 107 proof),[1] a liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold floating in it. The actual amount of gold has been measured at approximately 13 mg in a 1-Litre bottle of Goldschläger.[2] As of July 2016 this amounts to €0.55 EUR or lower on the international gold market.[3]

Goldschläger was produced in Switzerland until the 1990s, when the brand was acquired by Diageo, which continued production of Goldschläger schnapps in Italy.[1] Since 2008 it is a brand of Global Brands[4] and produced in Switzerland again.[5] The German word Goldschläger ("gold beater"[6]) designates the profession of gold leaf makers, who beat bars of gold into micrometre-thin sheets.


  • Rich Dead Nazi (aka Liquid Cocaine) : Goldschläger, Jägermeister, and peppermint schnapps mixed in equal proportion [7]
  • Cinnamon Cocktail: A single shot of Goldschläger mixed with equal parts of Red Bull and soda water on ice.[8]
  • Irish Cookie: 1/2 oz chocolate, 6 ozs stout (Guinness), 1/2 oz Bailey's Irish Cream, 1/2 oz Goldschläger.[9][10]
  • The Golden Spike: 20oz Bulleit Bourbon, 10oz Goldschläger, 5oz Amaro di Angostura, 40oz hot apple cider, lemon wedge garnish (Serves 20) [11]
  • Golden Apple: A shot of Goldschläger dropped into a pint of hard apple cider