Intelligence Agency of North Macedonia

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Intelligence Agency
Агенција за разузнавање (АР)
Agencija za razuznavanje (AR)
Agency overview
FormedApril 1, 1995; 25 years ago (1995-04-01)
Preceding agency
HeadquartersSkopje, North Macedonia
Annual budget$3 716 000 [1]
Agency executive
  • Erold Musliu, Director

The Intelligence Agency of Republic of North Macedonia was set up as a separate body of state administration under the Law on the Intelligence Agency adopted in April 1995. [1]


The Intelligence Agency (АR) as a special body of state administration and in compliance with the Law of AR is an intelligence service authorized for collection, analysis and processing of the intelligence information relevant for security, defense, political, economic and other interests of the Republic of North Macedonia. Therefore, the Agency has established and is continually developing appropriate mechanisms for prevention, anticipation, early warning and risks estimation. It informs the state authorities of North Macedonia about the processes that generate threats for the national security and for the permanent and vital principles in order to establish stable secure environment and sustainable long-term development. The Intelligence Agency represents one of the basic pillars of the intelligence and security system of North Macedonia. It has been constituted upon the intelligence concept as a long-term strategic process for national interests and priorities protection and in accordance with the modern standards for prevention and current security threats and risks management. The Intelligence Agency is continuously aiming towards enlargement of its capacities in those environments where there are risks for the vital and permanent national interests and is building strategic partnerships that are relevant for the state and represent support of the international security policies. The dynamics of the processes and the joint dependence of the states in the region and in broader surrounding compulsory impose the need for cooperation of the intelligence services on both bilateral and multilateral level.

Civil control over the Agency[edit]

The Assembly of North Macedonia oversees the work of the Agency through a corresponding commission. The Commission submits a report to the Assembly of North Macedonia about the activity performed once a year at the most. Prior to submitting the report the Commission is obliged to communicate the same to the Director of the Agency.[2]

Organizational structure[edit]


# Portrait Name Mandate commenced on Mandate finished on Political Party
1991-1995 see State Security Administration
1 Vlado Popovski 1995 ? SDSM
2 Aleksa Stamenkovski ? ? SDSM
3 Dragi Grozdanovski 2000 2002 VMRO-DPMNE
4 Dosta Dimovska 2002 2003 VMRO-DPMNE
5 Dragi Grozdanovski
2nd term
2003 2004 VMRO-DPMNE
6 Lazar Kitanovski 2004 2006 SDSM
7 Kire Naumov 2006 2007 SDSM
8 Viktor Dimovski 2007 2009 VMRO-DPMNE
9 Aleksandar Bocinov 2009 2013 VMRO-DPMNE
10 Nakje Chulev 2013 2017 Unaffiliated
11 Zoran Ivanov 2017 2019 Unaffiliated
12 Erold Musliu 2019 incumbent Unaffiliated

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