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National Intelligence Secretariat (Secretaría Nacional de Inteligencia, SENAIN) is the principal intelligence agency of the Republic of Ecuador. The agency was created in September 2009. The current director of SENAIN is Rommy Vallejo. Previous directors were Francisco Jijón, Homero Arellano, Luis Yépez, Raúl Patiño (brother of Ricardo Patiño)[1] and Pablo Romero Quezada.

In June 2013, news and entertainment website BuzzFeed published documents that revealed SENAIN's domestic surveillance program using equipment purchased from two Israel-based companies, Elkat Security Engineering Ltd and UVision Air Ltd. SENAIN reportedly purchased the equipment via an intermediary named Gabriel Marcos Guecelevich.[2]

SENAIN was also involved in the Hacking Team scandal.[3]

In March 2018, SENAIN was shut down by Ecuador's President, Lenín Moreno, who said closing the agency was necessary to “guarantee the security needs of the country”.[4]

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