London Buses route 180

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Operator London General[citation needed]
Garage Belvedere (BV)[citation needed]
Start Belvedere
Via Abbey Wood
End Lewisham
Length 11 miles (18 km)[citation needed]
Level Daily[citation needed]

London Buses route 180 is a Transport for London contracted bus route in London, England. Running between Belvedere and Lewisham, it is operated by London General.


Route 180 commenced operating on 7 October 1951 between Plumstead and Catford garage via Woolwich, Greenwich and Lewisham as a replacement for tram route 36. On 4 March 1953, it was extended to Lower Sydenham.

On 8 May 1963, it was withdrawn between Plumstead Common and Woolwich, and redirected to Abbey Wood. From 27 October 1984, route 180 was withdrawn between Catford garage and Lower Sydenham.

On 27 April 1991, the route was rerouted from Catford to Hither Green replacing part of route 36. From 8 October 1991, the route was curtailed from Hither Green to Lewisham, while at the other end it was extended to Thamesmead.

Upon being tendered, it passed to Harris Bus on 14 February 1998. Following Harris Bus running into financial difficulty, route 180 was taken over by East Thames Buses on 25 March 2000. It was extended from Thamesmead to Belvedere garage on 23 November 2002.

On 3 October 2009, East Thames Buses was sold to London General, which included a five-year contract to operate route 180.[1][2][3]

Current route[edit]


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