Maakurathu (Raa Atoll)

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Inhabited island
Maakurathu is located in Maldives
Location in Maldives
Coordinates: 05°36′20″N 73°02′35″E / 5.60556°N 73.04306°E / 5.60556; 73.04306Coordinates: 05°36′20″N 73°02′35″E / 5.60556°N 73.04306°E / 5.60556; 73.04306
Country Maldives
Administrative atoll Raa Atoll
Distance to Malé 165.96 km (103.12 mi)
 • Island Chief Hassan Ali
 • Total 0.46 km2 (0.18 sq mi)
 • Length 0.925 km (0.575 mi)
 • Width 0.825 km (0.513 mi)
 • Total 1,330
 • Density 2,900/km2 (7,500/sq mi)
Time zone MST (UTC+05:00)

Maakurathu (Dhivehi: މާކުރަތު) is one of the inhabited islands of Raa Atoll in the Maldives.

The population of the island is 1330, according to the census of August 2017, of whom 630 are women and 700 are men. Maakurathu's population growth rate is 18 children per annum and it has the 8th highest population in the atoll.

Maakurathu's location coordinates are 73°02′52″E, 05°36′41″N. It is approximately 3035 ft in length and 2706 ft in width, and the area of the island is approximately 4,671,537sq.ft. The island is located 166.08 km from the Maldivian capital Male’.

The main source of the community's income comes from the lobster and seafood trade, fishing, agriculture, masonry, thatch weaving and rope making.

There is one government school, Maakurathu School, which provides education from grade 1 to 10. There is one pre-school, which is owned and run by the public and backed by Maakurathu Sports Club, which provides education for lower and upper kindergarten.

There are three mosques on the island, one for men and two for women: Majid-Al-Salaam, Masjid-Al-Anwaar and Masjid-Al-(******). The two mosques for women are relatively small compared to the one for men. Masjid-Al-Salaam was completely demolished in August 2007 to build a new mosque.

Government offices[edit]

  • Maakurathu Council Edhaaraa
  • Maakurathu Mejistrat Court
  • Mosques
  • Maakurathu School
  • Maakurathu Health Post

Clubs and NGOs[edit]

The clubs and NGOs operating in Maakurathu are:

  • Maakurathu Sports Club (registered date: 1 March 2000)
  • Maakurathu Akuveringe Dhirun (registered date: 17 January 2005)
  • People's Association of Maakurathu - PEAMA (registered date: 2009)
  • Jamiyyathul islaah (registered date: 20 January 2015)
  • Maakurathu cooperative society

Education centers[edit]

  • School 1
  • 2 Pre-school 1
  • 3 Quran class 1

Holhu ashi in a Maakurath[edit]

  • Thohtho adaa
  • Fini ashi 3
  • Ruhgadu
  • Valu city adaa
  • Mudhin hiyaa (Jabiru adaa)
  • dark town (kukuu kanmathi)
  • Rai Adaa
  • Fithuroan Adaa

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