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Maeve, Maev or Maiv is a female given name of Irish origin. It was spelled Medb in Old Irish (pronounced [mɛðv]), Meḋḃ, Meaḋḃ in Middle Irish, Meadhbh in early modern Irish ([mɛɣv]), and is now spelled Méabh ([mʲeːv]) or Medbh in modern Irish. It is usually Anglicised as Maeve /ˈmv/, with variants such as Maev, Meave, Maive, and Maebh. The name means 'intoxicating' or 'she who intoxicates' and has strong links to mead, an ancient honey wine typically consumed during a marriage ceremony. It is rooted in the Irish legend of Queen Maeve or Medb, one of the main protagonists of the early Irish legend Táin Bó Cúailnge. It is also associated with the fairy queen Queen Mab of Irish and English legend.


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