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This is a partial list of meanings of minor planet names. See meanings of minor planet names for a list of all such partial lists.

As minor planet discoveries are confirmed, they are given a permanent number by the IAU's Minor Planet Center, and the discoverers can then submit names for them, following the IAU's naming conventions. The list below concerns those minor planets in the specified number-range that have received names, and explains the meanings of those names.

Besides the Minor Planet Circulars (in which the citations are published), a key source is Lutz D. Schmadel's Dictionary of Minor Planet Names, among others.[1][2][3] Meanings that do not quote a reference (the "†" links) are tentative. Meanings marked with an asterisk (*) are guesswork, and should be checked against the mentioned sources to ensure that the identification is correct.


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6001 Thales 1988 CP2 Thales of Miletus, Ancient Greek philosopher
6006 Anaximandros 1989 GB4 Anaximander, Ancient Greek astronomer
6007 Billevans 1990 BE2 William John ("Bill") Evans, American jazz pianist JPL
6009 Yuzuruyoshii 1990 FQ1 Yuzuru Yoshii, director of the Institute of Astronomy, University of Tokyo JPL
6010 Lyzenga 1990 OE Gregory Allen Lyzenga, American geophysicist, Satellite Geodesy and Geodynamics Systems Group, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and, Physics Department, Harvey Mudd College*
6011 Tozzi 1990 QU5 Gian Paolo Tozzi (b. 1949), Italian astronomer at the Arcetri Observatory near Florence, Italy MPC
6012 Williammurdoch 1990 SK4 William Murdoch (1754–1839), a Scottish engineer. JPL
6013 Andanike 1991 OZ Andrew S., David S., Nicholas J., and Kevin M. Martinez, grandsons of the discoverer JPL
6014 Chribrenmark 1991 PO10 Christopher W., Brendan J., and Mark E. Moeller, grandsons of the discoverer JPL
6015 Paularego 1991 PR10 Paula Rego, Luso-British graphic artist JPL
6018 Pierssac 1991 PS16 Piers John Sellers (b. 1955), nicknamed Piersac by his brothers, is a British-American Earth scientist, astronaut and Deputy Director of GSFC's Science and Exploration Directorate. JPL
6019 Telford 1991 RO6 Thomas Telford (1757-1834), a Scottish civil engineer and famed builder of roads, canals, bridges, tunnels and harbors. JPL
6020 Miyamoto 1991 SL1 Yukio Miyamoto, Japanese astronomer, director of Seiwa Kougen Observatory*
6022 Jyuro 1992 UB4 Juro Kobayashi, Japanese amateur astronomer
6023 Tsuyashima 1992 UQ4 Takaaki Tsuyashima, Japanese astronomer, director of Kumamoto Kenmin Observatory
6024 Ochanomizu 1992 UT4 Ochanomizu, a neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan
6025 Naotosato 1992 YA3 Naoto Sato (b. 1953), active amateur astronomer and junior high school science teacher. JPL
6026 Xenophanes 1993 BA8 Xenophanes, Ancient Greek philosopher
6029 Edithrand 1948 AG MPC
6030 Zolensky 1981 EG36 Michael Ewing Zolensky, American meteoriticist, Associate Curator for Interplanetary Dust and Hardware Returned from Space, Co-investigator of the STARDUST Discovery Mission, and member of the science team of the MUSES-C Asteroid Sample Return Mission at NASA Johnson Space Center
6031 Ryokan 1982 BQ4 Ryōkan, Japanese Zen monk*
6032 Nobel 1983 PY Alfred Bernhard Nobel, Swedish chemist, humanist and philanthropist, founder of the Nobel prize
6035 Citlaltépetl 1987 OR Citlaltépetl, a dormant volcano and the highest mountain (5636 m) in Mexico and lies near to the city of Orizaba. JPL
6036 Weinberg 1988 CV3 Steven Weinberg, American physicist and Nobelist
6039 Parmenides 1989 RS Parmenides, Ancient Greek philosopher
6041 Juterkilian 1990 KL Klas Juter, Swedish architect and photographer, and Danuta Kilian, Polish artist. JPL
6042 Cheshirecat 1990 WW2 The Cheshire cat, a cat appearing in Lewis Carroll's famous fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. Its unique characteristic is its laughing voice that lingers after the cat fades away. JPL
6043 Aurochs 1991 RK2 The aurochs, Bos primigenius
6044 Hammer-Purgstall 1991 RW4 Joseph von Hammer-Purgstall, Austrian orientalist*
6049 Toda 1991 VP Kōjun? Toda, Japanese astronomer*
6050 Miwablock 1992 AE Miwa Block, application systems analyst at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona and member of the Spacewatch team. JPL
6051 Anaximenes 1992 BX1 Anaximenes of Miletus, Ancient Greek philosopher
6052 Junichi 1992 CE1 Junichi Watanabe, Japanese astronomer
6054 Ghiberti 4019 P-L Lorenzo Ghiberti, Italian sculptor*
6055 Brunelleschi 2158 T-3 Filippo Brunelleschi, Florentine architect*
6056 Donatello 2318 T-3 Donatello (Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi), Florentine artist and sculptor*
6057 Robbia 5182 T-3 Luca della Robbia, Italian sculptor*
6058 Carlnielsen 1978 VL5 Carl August Nielsen (1865–1931) is widely recognized as a great Danish composer who is especially noted for his six symphonies. JPL
6059 Diefenbach 1979 TA Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach (1851–1913), a German painter and philosopher. JPL
6060 Doudleby 1980 DX Doudleby, Bohemia, Czech Republic
6062 Vespa 1983 JQ named after the Vespa*
6063 Jason 1984 KB Jason, Greek mythological hero*
6064 Holašovice 1987 HE1 Holašovice, Bohemia, Czech Republic
6065 Chesneau 1987 OC Olivier Chesneau (b. 1972), a French astronomer. JPL
6066 Hendricks 1987 SZ3 MPC
6068 Brandenburg 1990 TJ2 Brandenburg, Germany*
6069 Cevolani 1991 PW17 Giordano Cevolani, Italian geophysicist
6070 Rheinland 1991 XO1 Rhineland, Germany*
6071 Sakitama 1992 AS1 Sakitama, a region of Gyoda city and from which Saitama prefecture takes its name, is known for its burial mounds, constructed from clay and rocks between the fourth and seventh centuries. JPL
6072 Hooghoudt 1280 T-1 Bernard Hooghoudt, developer of the Dutch radio telescopes
6074 Bechtereva 1968 QE Natalya Petrovna Bekhtereva, Russian physiologist
6075 Zajtsev 1976 GH2 Aleksandr Zaitsev, Russian radio engineer and astronomer
6076 Plavec 1980 CR Miroslav Plavec (Mirek Plavec), Czech astronomer
6077 Messner 1980 TM Reinhold Messner, Italian mountaineer
6078 Burt 1980 TC5 MPC
6079 Gerokurat 1981 DG3 Gero Kurat, Austrian curator of the meteorite collection of the Natural History Museum in Vienna, and president of the Meteoritical Society
6080 Lugmair 1981 EY26 Günter Lugmair, German cosmochemist and meteoriticist
6081 Cloutis 1981 EE35 Edward Cloutis, Canadian physicist
6082 Timiryazev 1982 UH8 Kliment Arkad'evich Timiryazev, Russian botanist*
6083 Janeirabloom 1984 SQ2 Jane Ira Bloom, American soprano saxophonist and jazz composer
6084 Bascom 1985 CT Florence Bascom, American geologist JPL
6085 Fraethi 1987 SN3 Frede Pedersen, father of one of the discoverers; Frede, an old Danish name meaning peace, comes from the old Nordic name Fraethi. JPL
6086 Vrchlický 1987 VU Jaroslav Vrchlický (1853–1912), born Emil Frída, was a Czech poet and one of most prolific of all Czech writers. His works included lyric and epic poetry, plays and Czech translations of major European writers. JPL
6087 Lupo 1988 FK Bob Lupo, Boston-born Arizona restaurateur JPL
6088 Hoshigakubo 1988 UH Hoshigakubo, Niyodo, Kōchi, Japan. The name refers to a section of low ground at Choja, a mountainous place in the western part of Kochi prefecture. Legend has it that a meteorite fell there in olden times. Now there is a pond 20 meters across. JPL
6089 Izumi 1989 AF1 Izumi-ku, Sendai, Japan
6091 Mitsuru 1990 DA1 Mitsuru Soma, Japanese astronomer
6092 Johnmason 1990 MN John W. Mason (b. 1954) has contributed to research on comets and meteors and to the popularization of astronomy. He was president of the British Astronomical Association during 1993–1995. JPL
6093 Makoto 1990 QP5 Makoto Yoshikawa, Japanese astronomer
6094 Hisako 1990 VQ1 Hisako Hioki (b. 1929), the mother of the discoverer and an expert seamstress. JPL
6097 Koishikawa 1991 UK2 Masahiro Koishikawa, Japanese amateur astronomer
6098 Mutojunkyu 1991 UW3 Junkyu Muto (b. 1950) is famous worldwide as a Japanese sculptor and painter living in Rome. His series of Kazenowa ("circle wind") sculptures is particularly well known, and in 2000 one of them was installated permanently at the papal villa in Castel Gandolfo as its first abstract sculpture as a monument to world peace.JPL
6099 Saarland 1991 UH4 Saarland, Germany*
6100 Kunitomoikkansai 1991 VK4 Named in memory of Ikkansai Kunitomo (1778–1840). Born into a family of famous gun makers in the Edo period in Japan, he made several Gregorian reflecting telescopes entirely of his own design and observed the sun, moon and planets. For 14 months during 1835–1836 he made a continuous series of observations of sunspots. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6101 Tomoki 1993 EG Tomoki Nakamura (b. 1966), an associate professor of earth and planetary sciences at Kyushu University, specializes in research on primitive solar system materials, most recently leading to the discovery of high-temperature chondrule-like materials in the stardust samples. The name was suggested by K. Ohtsuka.JPL
6102 Visby 1993 FQ25 Visby, Sweden
6104 Takao 1993 HZ Takao Saito, Japanese geophysicist
6105 Verrocchio 4580 P-L Andrea del Verrocchio, Florentine sculptor*
6106 Stoss 6564 P-L Veit Stoss, German sculptor and wood-carver
6107 Osterbrock 1948 AF Donald Edward Osterbrock, American astrophysicist*
6108 Glebov 1971 QN Named in honor of academician Igor' Alekseevich Glebov (b. 1914), outstanding scientist in the field of electrical engineering and power engineering, since 1975 director of the Science Research Institute of Electric Machine Engineering in St. Petersburg. Glebov is renowned for his work in control systems for power turbogenerators and his application of superconductivity in electric machine engineering. Name suggested by the Institute of Applied Astronomy and the Institute of Problems of Electrophysics of RAS.JPL
6109 Balseiro 1975 QC José Antonio Balseiro, 20th-century Argentine nuclear physicist JPL
6110 Kazak 1978 NQ1 Yurij Ivanovich Kazak (b. 1949), surgeon at Bakhchisaraj district hospital, treated many staff members of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. A skilled and kind doctor, he is always ready to help people.JPL
6111 Davemckay 1979 SP13 David Stewart McKay, American lunar geologist and meteoriticist
6112 Ludolfschultz 1981 DB1 Ludolf Schultz, German cosmochemist and meteoriticist
6113 Tsap 1982 SX5 Teodor Teodorovich Tsap (b. 1930) and his son Yurij Teodorovich Tsap (b. 1966) are astronomers at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. They have made a significant contribution to observations and theory of various solar phenomena. Teodor Tsap, with coauthors, discovered oscillations in the sun with a period of 160 min.JPL
6114 Dalla-Degregori 1984 HS1 Lucio Dalla (b. 1943) and Francesco De Gregori (b. 1951) are two of the most successful singers and songwriters in the history of Italian popular music. The name was suggested by the discoverer and M. Di Martino.JPL
6115 Martinduncan 1984 SR2 Martin J. Duncan, Canadian astronomer
6116 Still 1984 UB3 Martin David Still, British astronomer*
6119 Hjorth 1986 XH Jens Hjorth, Danish astrophysicist
6120 Anhalt 1987 QR MPC
6121 Plachinda 1987 RU3 At the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, Sergej Ivanovich Plachinda (b. 1951) has contributed to investigations on the global magnetic fields of stars of different types. His wife, Nelly Ivanovna Merkulova (b. 1949), is a well-known investigator of variability in Seyfert galaxies.JPL
6122 Henrard 1987 SW1 Jacques Henrard, Belgian astronomer (celestial mechanics)*
6123 Aristoteles 1987 SH2 Aristotle, Ancient Greek philosopher
6124 Mecklenburg 1987 SL10 MPC
6127 Hetherington 1989 HD Norriss Swigart Hetherington, American historian of astronomy*
6128 Lasorda 1989 LA Tommy Lasorda, former manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers
6129 Demokritos 1989 RB2 Democritus, Ancient Greek philosopher
6130 Hutton 1989 SL5 James Hutton, 18th-century Scottish founder of modern geology JPL
6131 Towen 1990 OO3 Tobias Owen, American astronomer*
6132 Danielson 1990 QY3 MPC
6135 Billowen 1990 RD9 William Mann Owen, American astronomer*
6136 Gryphon 1990 YH In Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in Wonderland, the Gryphon had an eagle's head, a front half with wings and talons, and at the back a lion's legs and tail. Unfortunately, Alice did not quite like the look of the creature. The Gryphon appears to have been a friend of the Mock Turtle.JPL
6137 Johnfletcher 1991 BY John Fletcher, British amateur astronomer and public educator JPL
6139 Naomi 1992 AD1 Naomi Sugie, wife of discover
6140 Kubokawa 1992 AT1 Kazuo Kubokawa, Japanese astronomer
6141 Durda 1992 YC3 Daniel David Durda, American astronomer
6143 Pythagoras 1993 JV Pythagoras, Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician
6144 Kondojiro 1994 EQ3 Jiro Kondo, Japanese Egyptologist and amateur astronomer JPL
6145 Riemenschneider 2630 P-L Tilman Riemenschneider, German sculptor*
6146 Adamkrafft 3262 T-2 Adam Krafft, German sculptor*
6147 Straub 1081 T-3 Johann Baptist Straub, German sculptor*
6148 Ignazgünther 5119 T-3 Ignaz Günther, German sculptor*
6149 Pelčák 1979 SS Oldřich Pelčák, Czech astronaut-candidate
6150 Neukum 1980 FR1 Gerhard Neukum, German astronomer, professor at Freie Universität, Berlin
6151 Viget 1987 WF MPC
6152 Empedocles 1989 GB3 Empedocles, Ancient Greek philosopher
6153 Hershey 1990 OB John Landis Hershey, American astronomer*
6154 Stevesynnott 1990 QP1 Stephen P. Synnott, American astronomer*
6155 Yokosugano 1990 VY2 Yōko Sugano, wife of Matsuo Sugano
6156 Dall 1991 AF1 MPC
6157 Prey 1991 RX2 Alois Prey, Austrian astronomer or Adalbert Prey, Austrian astronomer*
6158 Shosanbetsu 1991 VB3 Shosanbetsu, a village in Hokkaido with a population of about 1450, was established in 1909. The name of the village means "a river where the waterfall is flowing out" in the Ainu language of the former inhabitants of Hokkaido. The Shosanbetsu Observatory has a 0.65-m reflector. The name was suggested by Y. Sano.JPL
6160 Minakata 1993 JF Kumagusu Minakata, Japanese author and naturalist
6161 Vojno-Yasenetsky 1971 TY2 Valentin Voino-Yasenetsky (Archbishop Luka), Ukrainian surgeon and theologian*
6162 Prokhorov 1973 SR6 Yurij Vasil'evich Prokhorov, Russian mathematician*
6163 Reimers 1977 FT Dieter Reimers, German astronomer*
6164 Gerhardmüller 1977 RF2 Named in memory of academician Gerhard Friedrich Müller (Miller, according to traditional spelling in Russian; 1705–1783), first rector of St. Petersburg University and editor of the first Russian academic journal. He is considered the father of St. Petersburg's historical school, and his works were the foundation for research on the history, ethnography, archeology and geography of Russia and Siberia.JPL
6165 Frolova 1978 PD3 Named in honor of Natalia Borisovna Frolova, assistant professor of astronomy at Ural State University in Ekaterinburg. She worked on a detailed catalogue of stars along the path of comet 1P/Halley, and this contributed to the success of the space missions Vega and Giotto. As a leader in educating local schoolchildren about astronomy, she takes an active part in organizing the annual Winter Astronomical Students' School at Kourovskay Observatory.JPL
6166 Univsima 1978 SP4 Simferopol State University*
6167 Narmanskij 1979 QB10 V. Ya. Narmanskii, Ukrainian researcher in biorhythms and space physics*
6168 Isnello 1981 EB1 Isnello, a pleasant village in Sicily's Madonie Natural Park, has long been famous for its traditional refined embroidery. It is now becoming an important center for astronomy with the realization of the Parco Astronomico delle Madonie, an international center devoted to popularization of and research in astronomy.JPL
6169 Sashakrot 1981 EX4 Alexander (Sasha) Krot, cosmochemist and meteoriticist
6170 Levasseur 1981 GP Pierre Émile Levasseur, French economist*
6171 Uttorp 1981 UT Uttorp, a village in southeastern Sweden, is part of a nature reserve used by the local astronomy club Karlskrona Astronomiförening. In 2010 the site, renowned for its dark skies, also saw the launch of an annual astronomy conference open to amateur astronomers and the public. The name was suggested by U. Petersson.JPL
6172 Prokofeana 1982 TX MPC
6173 Jimwestphal 1983 AD James A. (Jim) Westphal, American astronomer, at one time Director of Palomar Observatory*
6174 Polybius 1983 TR2 Polybius, Ancient Greek historian*
6175 Cori 1983 XW Carl Ferdinand and Gerty Theresa Cori (née Radnitz), husband and wife Austro-Hungarian-American biochemists
6176 Horrigan 1985 BH Barbara Llewellyn Horrigan, American member of the Arlington Friends of the Drama (Massachusetts), actress, director, and set and costume designer JPL
6179 Brett 1986 EN Robin Brett, American astronomer*
6180 Bystritskaya 1986 PX4 Named in honor of Ehlina Avraamovna Bystritskaya, distinguished Soviet actress. An actress with Moscow Malyj Theatre since 1958, she is especially popular for her brilliant roles in several films.JPL
6181 Bobweber 1986 RW Robert ("Bob") Weber, 20th-century American physicist and astronomer, team leader of the Deep Space Satellite Tracking Network, and co-developer of the LINEAR project JPL
6182 Katygord 1987 SC4 MPC
6183 Viscome 1987 SF7 George R. Viscome, American broadcast technician and astrometrist
6184 Nordlund 1987 UQ3 Aake Nordlund, Danish astrophysicist
6185 Mitsuma 1987 YD Shigeo Mitsuma (1956–2012) was a member of Hoshinohiroba (the Japanese Comet Observers Network) and an independent discoverer of C/1987 B1 (Nishikawa-Takamizawa-Tago). He also observed sunspots and search for novae.JPL
6186 Zenon 1988 CC2 Zenon, Ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician
6188 Robertpepin 1988 SW2 Robert Pepin, American meteoriticist
6189 Völk 1989 EY2 Elisabeth Völk, secretary of ESO headquarters
6190 Rennes 1989 TJ1 Rennes, France*
6191 Eades 1989 WN1 MPC
6193 Manabe 1990 QC1 Yoshinosuke or Ryōnosuke Manabe, Japanese astronomer*
6194 Denali 1990 TN Mt. Denali, rising 6194 meters above sea level, is the tallest peak in North America. The name Denali originates from the Tanana Indian language and translates into English as "The Great One". The Tanana Indians are a subgroup of the Athabaskans; the Athabaskans were the original inhabitants of central and south central Alaska. Name proposed by D. Hamilton.JPL
6195 Nukariya 1990 VL2 Motoi Nukariya, Japanese astronomer
6197 Taracho 1992 AB1 Tara is a town in Saga prefecture. The preparation of dried seaweed is its main industry, and Tara mandarin oranges are famous. The Saga Astronomical Society's 0.60-m reflector at the Tara Observatory is familiar to many of the local residents. The name was suggested by Y. Yamada.JPL
6198 Shirakawa 1992 AF1 Shirakawa, Fukushima, Japan
6199 Yoshiokayayoi 1992 BK1 Yayoi Yoshioka, Japanese physician and women's rights activist
6200 Hachinohe 1993 HL Akio Hachinohe, Japanese amateur astronomer


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6201 Ichiroshimizu 1993 HY Ichiro Shimizu, Japanese astronomer
6202 Georgemiley 3332 T-1 George K. Miley, American astronomer*
6203 Lyubamoroz 1981 EC23 Lyuba V. Moroz, Russian planetary scientist
6204 MacKenzie 1981 JB3 Norman MacKenzie, Canadian scholar
6205 Menottigalli 1983 OD Menotti Galli, Italian physicist
6206 Corradolamberti 1985 TB1 Corrado Lamberti, Italian astronomer*
6207 Bourvil 1988 BV Bourvil (André Zacharie Raimbourg), French actor and singer JPL
6208 Wakata 1988 XT Koichi Wakata, Japanese astronaut
6209 Schwaben 1990 TF4 Samuel Heinrich Schwabe, German solar astronomer *
6210 Hyunseop 1991 AX1 Seo Hyun-seop, Korean diplomat
6211 Tsubame 1991 DO Tsubame, Japanese former express train running from Tokyo to Osaka or Kobe
6213 Zwiers 2196 P-L Hendrik Jan Zwiers, Dutch astronomer
6214 Mikhailgrinev 1971 SN2 Named in honor of Mikhail Vasil'evich Grinev (b. 1929), outstanding Russian surgeon, director of St. Petersburg Djanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine from 1984 to 1998, member of the board of directors of the European Association of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, professor of St. Petersburg Medical University and medical academy for postgraduate training. Grinev is internationally renowned for his classic research in the field of emergency surgery, polytrauma and shock. Name suggested by the Institute of Applied Astronomy and Djanelidze Research Institute of Emergency Medicine.JPL
6216 San Jose 1975 SJ San Jose, California
6218 Mizushima 1977 EG7 A town of Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan
6219 Demalia 1978 PX2 MPC
6220 Stepanmakarov 1978 SN7 Stepan Osipovich Makarov, Russian vice-admiral and oceanographer*
6221 Ducentesima 1980 GO Latin for "200", for 200th asteroid discovered at Kleť Observatory
6223 Dahl 1980 RD1 Roald Dahl, British author
6224 El Goresy 1981 EK8 Ahmed El Goresy, Egyptian mineralogist
6225 Hiroko 1981 EK12 Hiroko Nagahara, Japanese meteoriticist
6226 Paulwarren 1981 EY18 Paul Warren, American research geochemist
6227 Alanrubin 1981 EQ42 Alan Rubin, American research geochemist
6228 Yonezawa 1982 BA Yonezawa, Yamagata, Japan
6229 Tursachan 1983 VN7 Gaelic for "Standing Stones" (1997 Flagstaff Festival of Science asteroid naming contest winner)
6231 Hundertwasser 1985 FH Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Friedrich Stowasser), Austrian artist
6232 Zubitskia 1985 SJ3 Named in honor of Danila Nikiforovich Zubitskij and Natalia Petrovna Zubitska, doctors and phyto-therapists in Kiev, who have developed original methods of treatment using herbal medicines. The authors of several books, they are well known in the Ukraine, and their methods and preparations are also being used in other countries. Natalia Petrovna, who has a broadcast program in Kiev about herbs and "people's medicine", has also published several books of poetry.JPL
6233 Kimura 1986 CG Hisashi Kimura, Japanese astronomer*
6234 Sheilawolfman 1986 SF Sheila Wolfman (née Sala Fajerman), Polish child survivor of the holocaust, pictured in Martin Gilbert's The Boys
6235 Burney 1987 VB Venetia Phair, née Burney, English woman who, at age 11, suggested the name Pluto for the "ninth planet" JPL
6236 Mallard 1988 WF LNER Class A4 4468 Mallard, British steam locomotive
6237 Chikushi 1989 CV Chikuzen and Chikugo Province, former name of Fukuoka prefecture, Japan
6239 Minos 1989 QF Minos, mythological Cretan king*
6240 Lucretius Carus 1989 SL1 Titus Lucretius Carus, Roman poet and philosopher
6241 Galante 1989 TG MPC
6243 Yoder 1990 OT3 Charles Finney Yoder, American astronomer*
6244 Okamoto 1990 QF Hiroshi Okamoto, Japanese primary school teacher of discoverer
6245 Ikufumi 1990 SO4 Ikufumi Makino, Japanese telecommunications systems engineer and amateur astronomer
6246 Komurotoru 1990 VX2 Toru Komuro, Japanese sculptor*
6247 Amanogawa 1990 WY3 Amanogawa river, Hokkaidō, Japan (In Japanese, "Amanogawa" means also "Milky Way")
6249 Jennifer 1991 JF1 MPC
6250 Saekohayashi 1991 VX1 Saeko S. Hayashi (b. 1958) is an associate professor at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. JPL
6251 Setsuko 1992 DB Setsuko Akiyama, wife of one of discoverers
6252 Montevideo 1992 EV11 Montevideo, Uruguay, birthplace of Gonzalo Tancredi, one of the discoverers
6255 Kuma 1994 XT Kuma, Aichi, Japan
6256 Canova 4063 P-L Antonio Canova, Italian sculptor*
6257 Thorvaldsen 4098 T-1 Bertel Thorvaldsen, Danish sculptor*
6258 Rodin 3070 T-2 Auguste Rodin ( (1840-1917)), French sculptor MPC
6259 Maillol 3236 T-2 Aristide Maillol, French sculptor*
6260 Kelsey 1949 PN Frances Oldham Kelsey, Canadian-American pharmacologist
6261 Chione 1976 WC MPC
6262 Javid 1978 RZ MPC
6266 Letzel 1986 TB3 Jan Letzel, Czech architect
6267 Rozhen 1987 SO9 The National Astronomical Observatory of Bulgaria on Mt Rozhen*
6268 Versailles 1990 SS5 Versailles, France
6269 Kawasaki 1990 UJ Shun'ichi Kawasaki, Japanese astronomer*
6270 Kabukuri 1991 BD Kabukuri-numa is a marsh in Miyagi prefecture in northeastern Japan. It has a great deal of biodiversity and around 50~000 wild geese are wintering every year. This marsh was designated as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention in 2005. The name was suggested by T. Yusa.JPL
6271 Farmer 1991 NF MPC
6273 Kiruna 1992 ER31 Kiruna, northernmost city of Sweden
6274 Taizaburo 1992 FV Taizaburo Koyama, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6275 Kiryu 1993 VQ Kiryū, Gunma, Japan
6276 Kurohone 1994 AB Kurohone, village in Seta District, Gunma, Japan*
6277 Siok 1949 QC1 Steve (b. 1949) and Kathy (b. 1949) Siok have been members of the Skyscrapers astronomy club of Rhode Island, USA for more than forty years, during which time they have held a variety of leadership positions.JPL
6278 Ametkhan 1971 TF Amet Khan Sultan, Tatar air ace of World War II*
6280 Sicardy 1980 RJ MPC
6281 Strnad 1980 SD Antonín Strnad, Czech astronomer
6282 Edwelda 1980 TS4 Edwin Aguirre and Imelda Joson, Filipino associate editor and photo editor, respectively, at Sky & Telescope magazine +
6284 Borisivanov 1981 EM19 Boris Ivanov, Russian geophysicist
6285 Ingram 1981 EA26 Vernon Ingram, American biologist, and his wife Elizabeth (Beth) Ingram, former Ashdown House housemasters at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
6287 Lenham 1984 AR Alan Pennell Lenham, British amateur astronomer*
6289 Lanusei 1984 HP1 Lanusei, a town in Sardinia, Italy. JPL
6291 Renzetti 1985 TM1 Nicholas A. Renzetti, physicist, at one time with the Deep Space Network*
6293 Oberpfalz 1987 WV1 MPC
6294 Czerny 1988 CX1 Karl Czerny, Austrian composer and piano teacher
6295 Schmoll 1988 CF3 Antoine Schmoll, German piano teacher
6296 Cleveland 1988 NC Cleveland, Ohio*
6298 Sawaoka 1988 XC Akira Sawaoka (b. 1938), a Japanese scientist who synthesized a new type of polycrystalline diamond by a new shock-wave consolidation technique. JPL
6299 Reizoutoyoko 1988 XQ1 Reizou and Toyoko Mori, parents of one of discoverers
6300 Hosamu 1988 YB Osamu Hioki, friend of discoverers


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6302 Tengukogen 1989 CF Tengu Highland, mountain in Shikoku Island, Japan
6304 Josephus Flavius 1989 GT3 Josephus Bar Mattheus, Jewish historian
6305 Helgoland 1989 GE8 Heligoland, Germany. JPL
6306 Nishimura 1989 UL3 Yūji Nishimura, president of Nishimura Mfg. Co.
6307 Maiztegui 1989 WL7 Alberto Maiztegui, Argentinian author and science educator JPL
6308 Ebisuzaki 1990 BK Toshikazu Ebisuzaki, Japanese astronomer. JPL
6309 Elsschot 1990 EM3 Willem Elsschot, pseudonym of Alfons de Ridder, Flemish writer
6310 Jankonke 1990 KK MPC
6311 Porubčan 1990 RQ2 Vladimír Porubčan, Slovak astronomer. JPL
6312 Robheinlein 1990 RH4 Robert A. Heinlein, American science fiction author JPL
6317 Dreyfus 1990 UP3 Dreyfus affair
6318 Cronkite 1990 WA Walter Cronkite, American TV newsreader. JPL
6319 Beregovoj 1990 WJ3 Georgi Beregovoi, Russian cosmonaut
6320 Bremen 1991 AL3 Bremen, Germany. JPL
6321 Namuratakao 1991 BV Takao Namura, a well-known telescope-mirror maker. JPL
6323 Karoji 1991 CY1 Hiroshi Karoji, Japanese astronomer. JPL
6324 Kejonuma 1991 DN1 Kejo-numa, a marsh in Miyagi prefecture, is a great wintering site for migratory birds. More than 2000 Bean geese, which are an endangered species in Japan, winter there every year. The marsh was designated as a wetland under the Ramsar Convention in 2008. The name was suggested by T. Yusa.JPL
6326 Idamiyoshi 1991 FJ1 Miyoshi Ida, Japanese amateur astronomer. JPL
6329 Hikonejyo 1992 EU1 Hikone Castle, Hikone, Shiga, Japan. JPL
6330 Koen 1992 FN Koen Yanagiya, rakugoka. JPL
6332 Vorarlberg 1992 FP3 Vorarlberg, Austria. JPL
6333 Helenejacq 1992 LG MPC
6334 Robleonard 1992 MM MPC
6335 Nicolerappaport 1992 NR Nicole Rappaport (b. 1950), a senior research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, is an authority on radio science and the use of spacecraft tracking data to determine the masses and gravity fields for the natural satellites. She has also done important work on the dynamics of Saturn's ring particles.JPL
6336 Dodo 1992 UU Dodo, a large, flightless bird first discovered in 1507 on the island of Mauritius. JPL
6337 Shiota 1992 UC4 Kazuo Shiota, Japanese amateur astronomer. JPL
6338 Isaosato 1992 UO4 Isao Sato, Japanese astronomer. JPL
6339 Giliberti 1993 SG MPC
6340 Kathmandu 1993 TF2 Kathmandu, Nepal. JPL
6345 Hideo 1994 AX1 Hideo Fukushima, Japanese astronomer. JPL
6346 Syukumeguri 1995 AY A part of Kurohone, Gunma, Japan. JPL
6349 Acapulco 1995 CN1 Acapulco, Mexico. JPL
6350 Schlüter 3526 P-L Jochen Schlüter, German mineralogist or Arnulf Schlüter, German astronomer or Wolfgang Schlüter, German astronomer. JPL
6351 Neumann 4277 T-1 Johann Balthasar Neumann, German baroque architect
6352 Schlaun 2400 T-3 Johann Conrad Schlaun, German baroque architect.
6353 Semper 3107 T-3 MPC
6354 Vangelis 1934 GA Vangelis Papathanassiou, Greek composer and multi-instrumentalist
6355 Univermoscow 1969 TX5 Lomonosov Moscow State University. JPL
6356 Tairov 1976 QR Vasilij Egorovich Tairov, Russian viticulturist*
6357 Glushko 1976 SK3 Valentin Petrovich Glushko, Soviet rocket scientist*
6358 Chertok 1977 AL1 Boris Evseevich Chertok, Russian rocket scientist (specialist in guidance and control)*
6359 Dubinin 1977 AZ1 Eduard Dubinin, Russian astrophysicist*
6361 Koppel 1978 VL11 Thomas Koppel (1944–2006), a Danish musician. JPL
6362 Tunis 1979 KO Tunis, Tunisia. JPL
6363 Doggett 1981 CB1 LeRoy Elsworth Doggett, American astronomer and historian of astronomy [4][5]
6364 Casarini 1981 ET Jeannine Casarini, French teacher, member of the Tunguska99 scientific expedition to Central Siberia JPL
6365 Nickschneider 1981 ES29 Nicholas McCord Schneider, American astronomer*
6366 Rainerwieler 1981 UM22 Rainer Wieler, Swiss geochemist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
6368 Richardmenendez 1983 RM3 Richard Menendez (b. 1957) has taught astronomy at St. Louis Community College for the last 14 years with his own curriculum aimed toward concepts and ideas for classroom teachers. He has done over 900 hours of public-outreach astronomy and has been a board member of the St. Louis Astronomical Society. JPL
6370 Malpais 1984 EY Spanish for "bad country"/"badlands", used by early explorers of the American Southwest to designate difficult-going countryside strewn with rough lava flows or rocks, and now used to designate the rock found in such country, used for stone building construction (1999 Flagstaff Festival of Science asteroid naming contest winner)
6371 Heinlein 1985 GS Dieter Heinlein, meteorite and tektite collector for the Bavarian Meteorite Laboratory
6372 Walker 1985 JW1 Robert M. Walker, American astronomer*
6373 Stern 1986 EZ Named for Alan Stern (b. 1957), astronomer
6374 Beslan 1986 PY4 Beslan, Russia. JPL
6375 Fredharris 1986 TB5 MPC
6376 Schamp 1987 KD1 Larry and Becky Schamp, Americans stationed in Alice Springs, Australia, who took in members of the Shoemaker family after the car collision in which Eugene died JPL
6377 Cagney 1987 ML1 James Cagney, American actor
6379 Vrba 1987 VA1 Karel Vrba, Czech mineralogy professor
6380 Gardel 1988 CG Singer, composer and actor Carlos Gardel (1890–1935) recorded during his lifetime hundreds of songs and composed together with Alfredo Le Pera famous tangos such as Mi Buenos Aires querido, Volver or Por una cabeza. The name was suggested by W. A. Fröger.JPL
6381 Toyama 1988 DO1 Miyuki Toyama, Japanese amateur astronomer and illustrator JPL
6383 Tokushima 1988 XU1 Tokushima-Kainan Astronomical Observatory, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan
6384 Kervin 1989 AM MPC
6385 Martindavid 1989 EC2 Martin Alois David, Czech observatory director
6386 Keithnoll 1989 NK1 Keith S. Noll, American astronomer*
6389 Ogawa 1990 BX Shigeo Ogawa, president of Seibundo-Shinkosha (publisher)
6390 Hirabayashi 1990 BG1 Shigeto Hirabayashi, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6391 Africano 1990 BN2 MPC
6392 Takashimizuno 1990 HR Takashi Mizuno, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6395 Hilliard 1990 UE1 MPC
6396 Schleswig 1991 AO3 Schleswig, Germany/Denmark*
6398 Timhunter 1991 CD1 Tim Hunter, American amateur astronomer*
6399 Harada 1991 GA Shoji Harada, Japanese amateur astronomer
6400 Georgealexander 1991 GQ1 George Alexander, a public-affairs manager in Jet Propulsion Laboratory. JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6401 Roentgen 1991 GB2 Wilhelm Röntgen (1845–1923), German physicist and Nobelist MPC
6402 Holstein 1991 GQ10 Holstein, southern part of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany MPC
6403 Steverin 1991 NU MPC
6404 Vanavara 1991 PS6 Vanavara, town in Siberia near the Tunguska impact site
6405 Komiyama 1992 HJ Fukuji Komiyama (b. 1924), a Japanese agriculture and forestry technician. JPL
6408 Saijo 1992 UT5 Yoshihiro Saijo (b. 1959), Japanese amateur astronomer MPC
6410 Fujiwara 1992 WO4 Masato? Fujiwara, Japanese amateur astronomer. JPL
6411 Tamaga 1993 TA MPC
6412 Kaifu 1993 TL2 Norio Kaifu, Japanese astronomer
6413 Iye 1993 TJ3 Masanori Ie, Japanese astronomer
6414 Mizunuma 1993 UX A part of Kurohone, Gunma, Japan
6416 Nyukasayama 1993 VY3 Mount Nyūkasa, a mountain in central Japan. JPL
6417 Liberati 1993 XA Libero Liberati (1926-1962), motorcyclist who won the Absolute Italian Championship in 1955 and 1956 riding a four-cylinder Gilera. JPL
6418 Hanamigahara 1993 XJ Hanamigahara, a beautiful forest park in the northern part of Kurohone village, Gunma prefecture. JPL
6419 Susono 1993 XX Susono, Shizuoka, Japan, near the discoverers' observing site at Mishima*
6420 Riheijyaya 1993 XG1 Riheijyaya, a beautiful forest park in the western part of Kurohone village, Gunma prefecture. JPL
6422 Akagi 1994 CD1 Mount Akagi, 1828 m above sea level, is a large stratovolcano in the mid-eastern part of Gunma prefecture. JPL
6423 Harunasan 1994 CP2 Another of the Three Jomo Mountains, Mount Haruna, 1449 m above sea level, is located in the central part of Gunma prefecture. JPL
6424 Ando 1994 EN3 Hiroyasu Ando, Japanese astronomer
6426 Vanýsek 1995 ED Vladimír Vanýsek, Czech astronomer
6428 Barlach 3513 P-L Ernst Barlach, German sculptor*
6429 Brancusi 4050 T-1 Constantin Brâncuși, Romanian sculptor
6432 Temirkanov 1975 TR2 Yuri Temirkanov, Russian conductor
6433 Enya 1978 WC Enya (Eithne Ní Bhraonáin), Irish singer and songwriter
6434 Jewitt 1981 OH David C. Jewitt, British astronomer
6435 Daveross 1984 DA David Justin Ross (b. 1949), co-developer of the Prime Rib curve, a graphical display of energy requirements for rendezvous trajectories. JPL
6436 Coco 1985 JX1 MPC
6437 Stroganov 1987 QS7 The Stroganov family of Russia, who exploited the iron and gold mines of the Urals JPL
6438 Suárez 1988 BS3 Buenaventura Suárez, 17th-18th-century Argentine Jesuit and astronomer JPL
6439 Tirol 1988 CV Tyrol, Austria*
6440 Ransome 1988 RA2 Arthur Ransome, British novelist
6441 Milenajesenská 1988 RR2 Milena Jesenská (1896–1944), Czech journalist
6442 Salzburg 1988 RU3 Salzburg, Austria*
6444 Ryuzin 1989 WW Ryuzin, a small town within Toyota city, Aichi prefecture, Japan. JPL
6445 Bellmore 1990 FS1 Named in honor of Tamara Bell and Michael More on the occasion of their wedding. They are recent graduates of the University of Arizona with degrees in political science and geology. The discoverer and her husband wish the newlyweds a harmonious marriage and rewarding careers. JPL
6446 Lomberg 1990 QL Jon Lomberg, American artist
6447 Terrycole 1990 TO1 Terry Cole, chief technologist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and senior faculty associate in the Caltech Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. JPL
6449 Kudara 1991 CL1 Kyoyu Kudara (1894–1964), Japanese astronomer, second president of Oriental Astronomical Association JPL
6450 Masahikohayashi 1991 GV1 Masahiko Hayashi (b. 1959), professor of astronomy at the Department of Astronomy of the University of Tokyo. JPL
6451 Kärnten 1991 GP10 Carinthia, Austria*
6452 Johneuller 1991 HA John Euller, Physics Teacher, Eastridge High School, Irondequoit, NY*
6456 Golombek 1992 OM Matthew Philip Golombek, American planetary geologist
6457 Kremsmünster 1992 RT Kremsmünster, Austria, location of the observatory (Sternwarte Kremsmünster) of the Benedictine monastery*
6458 Nouda 1992 TD1 Tadasuke Nouda, Japanese astronomer
6459 Hidesan 1992 UY5 Hideo Sato, Japanese astronomer
6460 Bassano 1992 UK6 Bassano Bresciano, an ancient village in northern Italy, where the Bassano Bresciano Observatory is located MPC
6461 Adam 1993 VB5 Robert Adam (1728–1792), a Scottish architect. JPL
6462 Myougi 1994 AF2 Also one of the Three Jomo Mountains, Mount Myougi, 1104 m above sea level and created by volcanic activity, is located at the southwestern part of Gunma prefecture. JPL
6463 Isoda 1994 AG3 Sachiko or Yukiko Isoda, Japanese*
6464 Kaburaki 1994 CK Masaki Kaburaki, Japanese astronomer*
6465 Zvezdotchet 1995 EP Zvezdochet, the Russian magazine for amateur astronomers*
6467 Prilepina 1979 TS2 MPC
6468 Welzenbach 1981 ED19 Linda Welzenbach, American geologist, Collection Manager of the Meteorite Collection of the National Museum of Natural History
6469 Armstrong 1982 PC Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 astronaut
6470 Aldrin 1982 RO1 Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11 astronaut
6471 Collins 1983 EB1 Michael Collins, Italian-American Apollo 11 astronaut
6472 Rosema 1985 TL MPC
6473 Winkler 1986 GM Gernot M. R. Winkler, American astronomer [4]
6474 Choate 1987 SG1 Dennis Choate, American astronomer or Larry Mercer Choate, American astronomer*
6475 Refugium 1987 SZ6 Latin word for "refuge"*
6478 Gault 1988 JC1 Donald E. Gault, American planetary geologist JPL
6479 Leoconnolly 1988 LC Leo Paul Connolly, American astronomer*
6480 Scarlatti 1988 PM1 Domenico Scarlatti, Italian composer and instrumentalist
6481 Tenzing 1988 RH2 Tenzing Norgay, Sherpa mountain climber
6482 Steiermark 1989 AF7 Styria, Austria*
6483 Nikolajvasil'ev 1990 EO4 Nikolai Vasil'ev, Russian scientific director of the Interdisciplinary Independent Tunguska Expeditions
6484 Barthibbs 1990 FT1 Bart Hibbs, American physicist*
6485 Wendeesther 1990 UR1 Wendee Esther Wallach-Feldman (afterwards Wendee Wallach-Levy), former teacher. Married to astronomer David H. Levy with whom she co-directs their private observatory (Jarnac Observatory) in Vail, Arizona[6]
6487 Tonyspear 1991 GA1 Tony Spear, American engineer, latterly of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory*
6488 Drebach 1991 GU9 Volkssternwarte Drebach (Drebach Public Observatory and planetarium), Germany
6489 Golevka 1991 JX Goldstone Observatory/Evpatoria/Kashima
6493 Cathybennett 1992 CA MPC
6496 Kazuko 1992 UG2 Kazuko Ōtsuka, Japanese*
6497 Yamasaki 1992 UR3 Masamitsu Yamasaki, Japanese astronomer
6498 Ko 1992 UJ4 Ko Nagasawa, worker at the University of Tokyo's Earthquake Research Institute and the Public Information Office at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.
6499 Michiko 1992 UV6 Michiko Hirasawa, wife of one of discoverers. JPL
6500 Kodaira 1993 ET Keiichi Kodaira, Japanese astronomer


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6501 Isonzo 1993 XD Farra d'Isonzo*
6504 Lehmbruck 4630 P-L Wilhelm Lehmbruck, German sculptor*
6505 Muzzio 1976 AH Juan Carlos Muzzio, Argentine astrophysicist JPL
6506 Klausheide 1978 EN Klaus Heide, German meteorite and small solar system bodies researcher at the University of Jena and son of meteorite researcher Fritz Heide of Jena*
6508 Rolčík 1982 QM Viktor Rolčík, Czech optical engineer
6509 Giovannipratesi 1983 CQ3 Giovanni Pratesi (b. 1963) is a mineralogist and specialist in meteorites and impact rocks. He is director of the Museum of Natural History of the University of Firenze and was the founder and director of the Museum of Planetary Sciences in Prato until 2012. JPL
6510 Tarry 1987 DF William and Nancy Tarry, Americans stationed in Alice Springs, Australia, who provided hospitality and assistance to the Shoemakers when Eugene was killed in an outback car collision JPL
6511 Furmanov 1987 QR Rudol'f Davidovich Furmanov (b. 1938), Russian producer and artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia MPC
6512 de Bergh 1987 SR Catherine de Bergh, French astronomer*
6514 Torahiko 1987 WY Torahiko Terada, Japanese physicist*
6515 Giannigalli 1988 MG Giovanni Galli, Italian amateur astronomer JPL
6516 Gruss 1988 TC Gustav Gruss, Czech astronomer
6517 Buzzi 1990 BW Luca Buzzi, Italian amateur astronomer JPL
6518 Vernon 1990 FR Named in honor of Robert and Esther Vernon, longtime friends and, for more than 35 years, neighbors of the discoverer and her parents, Fred and Kay Francis. Their wise counsel, advice and solace over the years have been a source of comfort and renewed strength. Bob, now "retired", travels the world from Slovakia to Mongolia, sharing his wealth of experience and expertise with emerging democracies.JPL
6519 Giono 1991 CX Jean Giono, French (Provençal) writer
6520 Sugawa 1991 HH Chikara Sugawa, Japanese Astronomer*
6521 Pina 1991 LC1 Named in honor of Pina Toscano Blanco, regular "accompanying person" at astronomical meetings during the last 25 years. Her continuous presence has made her a supporting member of the "wives' committees" that do so much to improve such meetings. Name suggested by Pina's husband, Carlo Blanco, with the blessing of the discoverer.JPL
6522 Aci 1991 NQ Named for a river southeast of Mount Etna, and also honoring the many towns and villages along it that contain the name: Acicastello, Acitrezza, Acireale, Acibonaccorsi, Acicatena, Aci Sant'Antonio and Aci Santo Filippo. The modern-day river evokes the myth of Aci (or Acis), the young Sicilian shepherd who was in love with Galatea, a Nereid. The jealous cyclops Polyphemus hurled a large rock and killed Aci, whose blood was transformed into an underground river that plunged into the Ionian Sea to hug his beloved Galatea. Name proposed by the discoverer, following a suggestion by Carlo Blanco.JPL
6523 Clube 1991 TC Victor Clube, British astronomer*
6524 Baalke 1992 AO Ron C. Baalke, of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory*
6525 Ocastron 1992 SQ Orange County Astronomers*
6526 Matogawa 1992 TY Yasunori Matogawa, Japanese astronauticst*
6527 Takashiito 1992 UF6 Takashi Ito (b. 1967) is a Japanese planetary scientist who specializes in solar-system dynamics, particularly concerning minor planets. One of his major achievements was to confirm numerically that asymmetric lunar cratering has a profound connection with near-earth-asteroid dynamics.JPL
6528 Boden 1993 FL Boden Municipality, Sweden, birthplace of Mats Lindgren, one of the discoverers
6529 Rhoads 1993 XR Jack W. Rhoads, American astronomer, at one time of Jet Propulsion Laboratory or James Ely Rhoads, American astronomer*
6530 Adry 1994 GW Named in honor of Adriano Casulli (b. 1974), son of the discoverer.JPL
6531 Subashiri 1994 YY A part of Oyama town at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan*
6532 Scarfe 1995 AC Colin D. Scarfe, Canadian astronomer
6533 Giuseppina 1995 DM Giuseppina de Strobel (Giusa Cayrel de Strobel), Italian astronomer, wife of French astronomer Roger Cayrel
6534 Carriepeterson 1995 DT1 Carolyn (Carrie) H. Peterson (1942–2006) was an active member of the Astronomical Society of Southern New England (ASSNE). JPL
6535 Archipenko 3535 P-L MPC
6536 Vysochinska 1977 NK Named in honor of Lyudmila Iosifovna Vysochinska, composer, pianist and music critic in Kiev and a public figure throughout Ukraine. She has written many songs based on the poetry of Ukrainian, Russian and Bulgarian poets. The founding director of the Ukraine's first Theater of Songs, she has research interests that include the connections between Ukrainian classical composers and writers.JPL
6537 Adamovich 1979 QK Aleksandr Mikhailovich Adamovich, Belarusian-Russian writer*
6538 Muraviov 1981 SA Mikhail Nikitich Muraviov, Russian poet, minister, and administrator of Moscow State University, where he inaugurated the department of astronomy and built the observatory JPL
6539 Nohavica 1982 QG Jaromír Nohavica, Czech singer, poet and composer
6540 Stepling 1982 SL Joseph Stepling S.J., German astronomer, mathematician and physicist
6541 Yuan 1984 DY Dah-Ning Yuan (b. 1956), a senior scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has been a key contributor to the determination of the earth's gravity field using the ultra precise spacecraft-to-spacecraft ranging data from the twin GRACE spacecraft.JPL
6542 Jacquescousteau 1985 CH Jacques-Yves Cousteau, French marine explorer
6543 Senna 1985 TP Ayrton Senna, Brazilian racing driver*
6544 Stevendick 1986 SD Steven J. Dick (b. 1949), president of IAU Commission 41 (1997–2000), wrote the official history of the U.S. Naval Observatory and books on the history of the extraterrestrial life debate. At the USNO (1979–2003) he was astronomer, historian and Nautical Almanac Office chief. He has been chief historian of NASA since 2003.JPL
6546 Kaye 1987 DY Danny Kaye, American actor and comedian
6547 Vasilkarazin 1987 RO Vasilii Nazarovich Karazin, Russian/Ukrainian scientist, founder of the University of Kharkov which now bears his name
6549 Skryabin 1988 PX Alexander Scriabin, Russian composer
6550 Parléř 1988 VO Peter Parler, 14th-century German master builder
6552 Higginson 1989 GH George Higginson (1999–2009), of Lancaster, England, killed tragically in a road accident, was a promising student and budding astronomer. The name was suggested by M. A. Thompson.JPL
6553 Seehaus 1989 GP6 MPC
6554 Takatsuguyoshida 1989 UO Takatsugu Yoshida, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6556 Arcimboldo 1989 YS Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Italian painter
6557 Yokonomura 1990 VR Yōko Nomura, wife of one of discoverers*
6558 Norizuki 1991 GZ Sōjirō Norizuki, Japanese optical engineer*
6559 Nomura 1991 JP Toshiro Nomura, Japanese asteroids discoverer*
6560 Pravdo 1991 NP MPC
6561 Gruppetta 1991 TC4 John M. Gruppetta (b. 1957), a long-time friend of the discoverer, is a design engineer with an interest in astronomy.JPL
6562 Takoyaki 1991 VR Takoyaki, Japanese fast food
6563 Steinheim 1991 XZ5 MPC
6564 Asher 1992 BB David John Asher, British astronomer*
6565 Reiji 1992 FT Leiji Matsumoto, Japanese manga artist
6566 Shafter 1992 UB2 Allen Shafter, American professor and chairman of studies in astronomy at San Diego State University JPL
6567 Shigemasa 1992 WS Shigemasa Suzuki, Japanese engineer*
6568 Serendip 1993 DT Serendip, old Persian name for present-day Sri Lanka, used in the fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes are always making discoveries of things they were not seeking JPL
6569 Ondaatje 1993 MO Michael Ondaatje, Sri Lanka-born Canadian novelist, poet and writer, best known for his novel The English Patient JPL
6570 Tomohiro 1994 JO Tomohiro Hirayama, Japanese astronomer*
6571 Sigmund 3027 P-L MPC
6572 Carson 1938 SX MPC
6573 Magnitskij 1974 SK1 Leontij Filippovich Magnitskij (1669–1739), a teacher of mathematics at the School of Mathematical and Navigation Sciences in Moscow from 1701, was author of the first printed book in Russia on "arithmetics", an encyclopedia of mathematical and astronomical knowledge at that time.JPL
6574 Gvishiani 1976 QE1 Named in honor of Jermen Mikhailovich Gvishiani (b. 1928), known for his many works in philosophy, sociology and theory of management. He serves as president of the Foundation for Prospective Research and the Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law. He is a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Rome Club and many foreign academies, foundations and associations. His work promotes the use of foreign achievements in science, technology and culture in present-day Russia.JPL
6575 Slavov 1978 PJ2 Named in honor of Nikolaj Antonovich Slavov (b. 1926), Ukrainian river fleet engineer and sportsman. He helped lead the clean-up effort after the 1986 disaster at Chernobyl, where he had been working for several months. A national boxing champion, he is president of the Professional Boxing League of Ukraine. His interests extend to the arts, and he is president of the All-Ukrainian Foundation for the artist Leonid Bykov. He actively contributes to the development of culture and sport in Ukraine.JPL
6576 Kievtech 1978 RK Kiev Polytechnical Institute-National Technical University of Ukraine*
6577 Torbenwolff 1978 VB6 Torben Wolff (b. 1919) is a Danish marine biologist who participated in the Galathea Deep-Sea Expedition Round the World (1950–1952) and other major ocean expeditions.
6578 Zapesotskij 1980 TQ Aleksandr Sergeevich Zapesotskii, Russian sociologist*
6579 Benedix 1981 ES4 Gretchen K. Benedix, British curator of meteorites at the Natural History Museum in London JPL
6580 Philbland 1981 EW21 Philip A. Bland, British planetologist and meteoriticist JPL
6581 Sobers 1981 SO Gary Sobers, West Indies cricketer
6582 Flagsymphony 1981 VS The Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 50th season in 1999–2000. It is considered by many to be the best symphony orchestra in a small community in the U.S.A.JPL
6583 Destinn 1984 DE Ema Destinn, Czech opera singer
6584 Ludekpesek 1984 FK Ludek Pesek, Czech astronomical artist*
6585 O'Keefe 1984 SR John Aloysius O'Keefe, American astronomer, geodesist, and researcher in meteoritics
6586 Seydler 1984 UK August Seydler, Czech astronomer
6587 Brassens 1984 WA Georges Brassens, French singer and songwriter*
6589 Jankovich 1985 SL3 Milan Jankovich, economist and ecologist in Monaco, is head of the Zepter company. He is devoted to helping young people, improving the environment and encouraging cultural advances. He has won many prestigious international prizes. The name was suggested by the Ukrainian Ecological Academy of Sciences.JPL
6590 Barolo 1985 TA Barolo, a winegrowing area in Italy*
6591 Sabinin 1986 RT Dmitrii Anatolievich Sabinin, Russian scientist
6592 Goya 1986 TB Francisco Goya, Spanish painter*
6594 Tasman 1987 MM Abel Janszoon Tasman, Dutch explorer
6595 Munizbarreto 1987 QZ Luiz Muniz Barreto, Brazilian observatory director
6596 Bittner 1987 VC Adam Bittner, Austrian astronomer
6597 Kreil 1988 AF Karl Kreil, Austrian astronomer and meteorologist
6598 Modugno 1988 CL MPC
6599 Tsuko 1988 PV Tsukō Nakamura, Japanese astronomer*
6600 Qwerty 1988 QW The Qwerty standard Roman-alphabet typewriter keyboard (named after the first six of the top row of letters), in part because the provisional designation was QW JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6602 Gilclark 1989 EC MPC
6603 Marycragg 1990 KG Mary A. Cragg (b. 1938) developed the Telescopes in Education (TIE) office infrastructure. It is used as a model for other remote educational telescope operations.JPL
6604 Ilias 1990 QE Iliad of Homer, epic, and also Ilias, first grandson of the discoverer
6605 Carmontelle 1990 SM9 Louis de Carmontelle (1717–1806), a French painter and architect. JPL
6606 Makino 1990 UF Tomitaro Makino, botanist*
6607 Matsushima 1991 UL Kōichi Matsushima, Japanese astronomer*
6608 Davidecrespi 1991 VC4 Davide Crespi, Italian amateur astronomer. JPL
6610 Burwitz 1993 BL3 Vadim Burwitz, German astronomer. JPL
6612 Hachioji 1994 EM Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan*
6613 Williamcarl 1994 LK William Carl Hergenrother (b. 1946) is the father of the discoverer.JPL
6614 Antisthenes 6530 P-L Antisthenes, Greek philosopher, founder of the Cynic school of philosophy*
6615 Plutarchos 9512 P-L Mestrius Plutarch, Greek historian, biographer, and essayist*
6616 Plotinos 1175 T-1 Plotinus, Founder of Neoplatonism *
6617 Boethius 2218 T-1 Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, Roman philosopher and theologian*
6618 Jimsimons 1936 SO Jim Simons (b. 1938), an American mathematician and philanthropist. JPL
6619 Kolya 1973 SS Nikolai Stepanovich Chernykh, Russian astronomer JPL
6620 Peregrina 1973 UC Peregrina is a foreign lady, especially one on pilgrimage. The minor planets might be compared to an immense, multifarious crowd of perpetual pilgrims, and this one fancied to be an especially earnest, devout member.JPL
6621 Timchuk 1975 VN5 Named in honor of neuropathologist Evdokiya Ivanovna Timchuk (b. 1937), a physician at a hospital near Simferopol and a good friend of the discoverer.JPL
6622 Matvienko 1978 RG1 Named in honor of Vladimir Pavlovich Matvienko (b. 1938), Ukrainian economist, author of many works on economics and banking and a member of the Ukrainian Academy of Ecological Sciences. He is also a poet, and some of his poetic works have been set to music.JPL
6625 Nyquist 1981 EX41 Laurence E. Nyquist, American planetary scientist JPL
6626 Mattgenge 1981 EZ46 Matthew Genge, British planetary scientist and meteoriticist JPL
6628 Dondelia 1981 WA1 MPC
6629 Kurtz 1982 UP Paul Kurtz
6630 Skepticus 1982 VA CSICOP, a prominent organization of skeptics
6631 Pyatnitskij 1983 RQ Mitrofan Efimovich Pyatnitskii, Russian artist*
6632 Scoon 1984 UX1 MPC
6635 Zuber 1987 SH Maria T. Zuber, American geophysicist and planetary geologist JPL
6636 Kintanar 1988 RK8 Roman Lucero Kintanar, Filipino meteorologist, director of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (1958–1994) JPL
6637 Inoue 1988 XZ Keisuke? Inoue, Japanese astronomer*
6639 Marchis 1989 SO8 Franck Marchis, French astronomer JPL
6640 Falorni 1990 DL MPC
6641 Bobross 1990 OK2 Robert Ross (b. 1920) has devoted his life to the Muscular Dystrophy Association for almost 50 years. Now senior vice president and executive director, Ross has built the MDA into a world-famous organization funding research and opening new avenues for the care of patients and their families.JPL
6642 Henze 1990 UE3 Martin Henze, German astronomer JPL
6643 Morikubo 1990 VZ Shigeru Morikubo, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6644 Jugaku 1991 AA Jun Jugaku, Japanese astronomer*
6645 Arcetri 1991 AR1 Named for the Florence Observatory, moved in 1872 from the center of the city to Arcetri, near the house in which Galileo died. The original observatory, La Specola, was also associated with Galileo, and nineteenth-century directors included the comet hunters Pons, Donati and Tempel. It was Donati who moved the observatory to its present location.JPL
6646 Churanta 1991 CA3 Antonina Mikhailovna Churyumova (b. 1907) is the mother of astronomer Klim Churyumov. A poet who has participated actively in public issues in the Ukraine, she has seven other children.JPL
6647 Josse 1991 GG Raymond Josse, friend of the discoverer
6649 Yokotatakao 1991 RN Takao Yokota, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6650 Morimoto 1991 RS Masaki Morimoto, Japanese astronomer*
6653 Feininger 1991 XR1 MPC
6654 Luleå 1992 DT Luleå Municipality, Sweden
6655 Nagahama 1992 EL Nagahama, Shiga, Japan*
6656 Yokota 1992 FF Hiroshi Yokota, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6657 Otukyo 1992 WY Japanese ancient capital from 667 to 672
6658 Akiraabe 1992 WT Akira Abe, Japanese editor of an astronomical magazine*
6659 Pietsch 1992 YN Wolfgang Pietsch, German astronomer JPL
6660 Matsumoto 1993 BC Tatsujiro Matsumoto, Japanese astronomer*
6661 Ikemura 1993 BO Toshihiko Ikemura, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6663 Tatebayashi 1993 CC Tatebayashi, Gunma, Japan*
6664 Tennyo 1993 CK The female tennin. Japanese astronaut Chiaki Mukai said her feeling like tennyo in her first flight*
6665 Kagawa 1993 CN Tetsuo Kagawa, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6666 Frö 1993 FG Frö, Norse god
6667 Sannaimura 1994 EK Sannai, Akita, Japan*
6669 Obi 1994 JA Shinnya Obi, Japanese astronomer*
6670 Wallach 1994 LL1 MPC
6671 Concari 1994 NC1 Italian amateur astronomer Paolo Concari (b. 1978) is an assiduous observer of minor planets from Suno in Novara. The name was suggested by S. Foglia.JPL
6672 Corot 1213 T-1 Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, French painter*
6673 Degas 2246 T-1 Edgar Degas, French painter and sculptor*
6674 Cézanne 4272 T-1 Paul Cézanne, French painter*
6675 Sisley 1493 T-2 Alfred Sisley, French (of English descent) impressionist painter*
6676 Monet 2083 T-2 Claude Monet, French painter*
6677 Renoir 3045 T-3 Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French painter*
6678 Seurat 3422 T-3 Georges-Pierre Seurat, French painter*
6679 Gurzhij 1969 UP Andrei Nikolaevich Gurzhii, Russian specialist in information (information measurement)
6681 Prokopovich 1972 RU Feofan Prokopovich, Ukrainian and Russian writer*
6682 Makarij 1973 ST Macarius II, Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna, Russian educator*
6683 Karachentsov 1976 GQ2 Nikolaj Petrovich Karachentsov is an actor and singer at the Moscow Lenkom Theatre. As one review said, "He has a remarkable sense of rhythm and an exceptional voice, captivating audiences with his songs".JPL
6684 Volodshevchenko 1977 QU Volodymyr Shevchenko, Ukrainian film director who died as a result of exposure to radiation while filming at the Chernobyl disaster*
6685 Boitsov 1978 QG2 Named in memory of Vasilij Vasil'evich Boitsov (Bojtsov, 1908–1997), specialist on the technology of mechanical engineering and standardization. From 1963 to 1984 he headed the U.S.S.R. State Committee for standards and represented his country in the International Organization for Standardization, of which he served as president (1977–1979). Boitsov was an initiator and active participant in fundamental research on the creation of standard measurement systems. Name suggested by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy and supported by the discoverer.JPL
6686 Hernius 1979 QC Olof Hernius, Swedish astronomer
6687 Lahulla 1980 FN José Felix Lahulla, Spanish astronomer
6688 Donmccarthy 1981 ER17 Since the 1970s, Donald W. McCarthy (b. 1948) has been an instrumental part of astronomy education and research at the University of Arizona. He specializes in infrared astronomy and instrumentation and has been an inspiration to his students and to the hundreds who have participated in his Astronomy Camps.JPL
6689 Floss 1981 EQ24 Christine Floss, American meteoriticist JPL
6690 Messick 1981 SY1 Hank H. Messick (b. 1955) first taught the discoverer the constellations.JPL
6691 Trussoni 1984 DX Edoardo Trussoni (b. 1945) is an astrophysicist who has spent most of his career studying high-energy phenomena in active galactic nuclei and stars. He was director of the Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino from 2002 to 2005. The name was suggested by M. Di Martino.JPL
6692 Antonínholý 1985 HL Antonín Holý, Czech chemist. JPL
6695 Barrettduff 1986 PD1 Barrett Duff (b. 1923) coordinated the formation of the nonprofit, educational outreach organization Telescopes in Education (TIE) Foundation. His efforts were critical to the successful development of the TIE Foundation.JPL
6696 Eubanks 1986 RC T. Marshall Eubanks, American astronomer [4]
6697 Celentano 1987 HM Adriano Celentano, Italian singer and actor
6698 Malhotra 1987 SL Renu Malhotra, astronomer
6699 Igaueno 1987 YK Ueno, Mie, Japan (now part of Iga)*
6700 Kubišová 1988 AO Marta Kubišová, Czech singer


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6701 Warhol 1988 AW Andy Warhol (Andrew Warhola), American artist
6705 Rinaketty 1988 RK5 Rina Ketty (a.k.a. Cesarina Pichetto), French singer of the 1930s JPL
6707 Shigeru 1988 VZ Shigeru Nakano (b. 1918), doctor of medicine specializing in obstetrics and gynecology and in medical jurisprudence. JPL
6708 Bobbievaile 1989 AA Bobbie Vaile, Australian astronomer*
6709 Hiromiyuki 1989 CD Hiroyuki (b. 1991) and Miyuki Mori (b. 1993), the son and daughter of the second discoverer. JPL
6710 Apostel 1989 GF Leo Apostel, Flemish philosopher
6711 Holliman 1989 HG John Holliman (1948–1998), a national correspondent for CNN, the U.S. Cable News Network. JPL
6712 Hornstein 1990 DS Karl Hornstein, Czech astronomer
6713 Coggie 1990 km Karin "Coggie" Peterson Messina (b. 1934), a dedicated music teacher in Massachusetts who has taught over 600 students how to play the flute. JPL
6714 Montréal 1990 OE Montreal, Quebec, Canada
6715 Sheldonmarks 1990 QS Sheldon Marks (b. 1956), a world-renowned urologist and surgeon whose book Prostate and Cancer has helped thousands of men with serious prostate-gland problems. JPL
6717 Antal 1990 TU10 MPC
6718 Beiglböck 1990 TT Wolf D. Beiglböck (b. 1939), German mathematician and professor at the University of Heidelberg. JPL
6719 Gallaj 1990 UL11 MPC
6720 Gifu 1990 VP Gifu, Gifu, Japan, the city of 400 000, capital of the prefecture of the same name, site of ancient battlefields and a modern public observatory. JPL
6721 Minamiawaji 1990 VY6 Minamiawaji, a small city located in southern Awaji island, Japan. JPL
6722 Bunichi 1991 BG Bunichi Saito (b. 1925), professor emeritus at Niigata University and an expert on the earth's upper atmosphere. JPL
6723 Chrisclark 1991 CL Christopher C. Clark of the Near Earth Asteroid Tracking Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory*
6725 Engyoji 1991 DS Engyoji temple, located in Himeji, Hyogo prefecture, Japan. JPL
6726 Suthers 1991 PS Paul Graham Sutherland (born 1952) is an amateur astronomer who has been closely involved with the Society for Popular Astronomy. JPL
6729 Emiko 1991 VV Emiko Otomo (b. 1963), wife of the discoverer. JPL
6730 Ikeda 1992 BH Tetsuro Ikeda, Japanese astronomer*
6731 Hiei 1992 BK Eijiro Hiei (b. 1931), professor at Meisei University and professor emeritus of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. JPL
6734 Benzenberg 1992 FB Johann Friedrich Benzenberg, German physicist and astronomer, founder of the Sternwarte Bilk (Bilk Observatory) at Düsseldorf JPL
6735 Madhatter 1992 WM The Mad Hatter, fictional character from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. JPL
6736 Marchare 1993 EF March Hare, fictional character from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. JPL
6737 Okabayashi 1993 ER Shigeki Okabayashi (1913–1944), a self-taught Japanese astronomer. JPL
6738 Tanabe 1993 FD Hiroyoshi Tanabe (b. 1928), astronomer at the National Astronomical Observatory. JPL
6739 Tärendö 1993 FU Tärendö, Sweden
6740 Goff 1993 GY MPC
6741 Liyuan 1994 FX Li Yuan, Chinese science writer
6742 Biandepei 1994 GR Biandepei, Chinese science writer
6743 Liu 1994 GS Joseph H. C. Liu, director of Hong Kong Space Museum
6744 Komoda 1994 JL Kazuyoshi Komoda (1915–1967), amateur astronomer in Japan. JPL
6745 Nishiyama 1994 JD Minewo Nishiyama (b. 1925), amateur astronomer and president of the Chikushi Astronomical Association from 1944 to 1947. JPL
6746 Zagar 1994 NP Francesco Zagar, Italian astronomer*
6747 Ozegahara 1995 UT Ozegahara, a highland, surrounded by 2000-meter-class mountains, lying astride the three prefectures of Fukushima, Gunma and Niigata. JPL
6748 Bratton 1995 UV Durley H. Bratton (b. 1923), who has been a mentor and inspiration for amateur astronomers and telescope makers in the Memphis, Tennessee. JPL
6749 Ireentje 7068 P-L Irene van Houten, granddaughter of the Dutch astronomers (husband and wife) Cornelis and Ingrid van Houten
6750 Katgert 1078 T-1 Peter Katgert, Dutch astronomer*
6751 van Genderen 1114 T-1 Arnout van Genderen, Dutch astronomer
6752 Ashley 4150 T-1 MPC
6753 Fursenko 1974 RV Margarita Aleksandrovna Fursenko (b. 1931), staff member of the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy during 1955-1997. JPL
6754 Burdenko 1976 UD Nikolai Nilovich Burdenko, Russian neurosurgeon*
6755 Solov'yanenko 1976 YE Anatolii Solovyanenko (1932–1999), a Ukrainian singer and People's Artist of the former U.S.S.R. JPL
6757 Addibischoff 1979 SE15 Adolf Bischoff, German meteoriticist JPL
6758 Jesseowens 1980 GL Jesse Owens, American athlete
6761 Haroldconnolly 1981 EV19 Harold C. Connolly, American petrologist and meteoriticist JPL
6762 Cyrenagoodrich 1981 EC25 Cyrena A. Goodrich, American meteoriticist JPL
6763 Kochiny 1981 RA2 MPC
6764 Kirillavrov 1981 TM Kirill Lavrov, Russian actor
6765 Fibonacci 1982 BQ Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa, Italian mathematician
6766 Kharms 1982 UC Daniil Ivanovich Kharms, Russian author of children's books, absurd short stories, and poetry*
6767 Shirvindt 1983 AA Aleksandr Shirvindt, Russian actor*
6768 Mathiasbraun 1983 RY Mathias (Matyáš) Bernard Braun, Bohemian sculptor
6769 Brokoff 1985 CJ Jan and Ferdinand Brokoff, father and son Bohemian sculptors
6770 Fugate 1985 QR MPC
6771 Foerster 1986 EZ Wilhelm Julius Förster, German astronomer
6773 Kellaway 1988 LK Lucy Kellaway, British journalist, recipient of the 2006 British Press Award for "Columnist of the Year" JPL
6774 Vladheinrich 1988 VH Vladimír Václav Heinrich, Czech astronomer
6775 Giorgini 1989 GJ Jon D. Giorgini, contributor of significantly to radar astrometry of minor planets. JPL
6776 Dix 1989 GF8 MPC
6777 Balakirev 1989 SV Mily Balakirev, composer*
6778 Tosamakoto 1989 TX Makoto Tosa, Japanese astronomer*
6779 Perrine 1990 DM Charles Dillon Perrine, American astronomer
6780 Borodin 1990 ES Alexander Borodin, Russian composer and chemist
6783 Gulyaev 1990 SO Yurij Aleksandrovich Gulyaev (1930–1986), a brilliant Russian singer, People's artist of the U.S.S.R. JPL
6784 Bogatikov 1990 UN Yurij Iosifovich Bogatikov (b. 1932), a Russian-Ukrainian singer, People's artist of the U.S.S.R. JPL
6786 Doudantsutsuji 1991 DT Doudantsutsuji is the Japanese name for Enkianthus perulatus, an ericaceous deciduous shrub. JPL
6789 Milkey 1991 RM6 Robert Milkey, American executive officer of the American Astronomical Society, 1995–2006 JPL
6790 Pingouin 1991 SF Pingouin, an Arctic bird, similar to the penguin of Antarctica. The pingouin become extinct in Newfoundland in 1844. JPL
6792 Akiyamatakashi 1991 WC Takashi Akiyama (b. 1923), a leader in youth education for many years in Kanaya, Shizuoka. JPL
6793 Palazzolo 1991 YE MPC
6794 Masuisakura 1992 DK Sakura Masui (b. 1968), a Japanese novelist and essayist known for her books about business. JPL
6795 Örnsköldsvik 1993 FZ Örnsköldsvik Municipality, Sweden
6796 Sundsvall 1993 FH Sundsvall Municipality, Sweden
6797 Östersund 1993 FG Östersund Municipality, Sweden
6798 Couperin 1993 JK Louis Couperin, French composer
6799 Citfiftythree 1993 km his minor planet honors the California Institute of Technology's class of 1953 and their contributions to physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, mathematics and related fields, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of their graduation. JPL
6800 Saragamine 1994 UC Mount Saragamine, Ehime, Japan*


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6801 Střekov 1995 UM Castle near the Ústí nad Labem, in northern Bohemia
6802 Černovice 1995 UQ Černovice, Bohemia, Czech Republic
6804 Maruseppu 1995 WV Maruseppu, Hokkaidō, Japan*
6805 Abstracta 4600 P-L MPC
6806 Kaufmann 6048 P-L William John Kaufmann, American astronomer*
6807 Brünnow 6568 P-L Franz Brünnow, German astronomer*
6808 Plantin 1932 CP Christophe Plantin, bookbinder, publisher and typographer*
6809 Sakuma 1938 DM Seiichi Sakuma, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6810 Juanclariá 1969 GC Juan José Clariá, Argentine astronomer JPL
6811 Kashcheev 1976 QP Boris Leonidovich Kashcheev, Ukrainian astronomer*
6814 Steffl 1979 MC2 Andrew J. Steffl, American astronomer JPL
6815 Mutchler 1979 MM5 Max J. Mutchler, American astronomer JPL
6816 Barbcohen 1981 EB28 Barbara A. Cohen, American planetary scientist JPL
6817 Pest 1982 BP Pest, Hungary
6818 Sessyu 1983 EM Sesshū Tōyō, Japanese painter*
6819 McGarvey 1983 LL Flora McGarvey Smrekar (1924–1977) had many ambitions and dreamed of pursuing her interests in a satisfying career. She instilled this same goal in her daughter, who became a planetary scientist. Flora faced many obstacles but has finally found a place among the stars.JPL
6820 Buil 1985 XS Christian Buil, French astronomer*
6821 Ranevskaya 1986 SZ1 MPC
6822 Horálek 1986 UO Petr Horálek (b. 1986), a Czech astronomer, astronomy popularizer, passionate photographer, and one of the ESO Photo Ambassadors. JPL
6824 Mallory 1988 RE George Mallory, British mountaineer
6825 Irvine 1988 TJ Andrew Irvine, British mountaineer
6826 Lavoisier 1989 SD Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, French chemist
6827 Wombat 1990 SN The Wombat
6828 Elbsteel 1990 VC1 MPC
6829 Charmawidor 1991 BM Charles-Marie Widor, French composer*
6830 Johnbackus 1991 JB1 John Backus, American computer scientist, inventor of FORTRAN JPL
6832 Kawabata 1992 FP Yasunari Kawabata, Japanese novelist*
6834 Hunfeld 1993 JH Jan Hunfeld (1934–2009) was a Dutch journalist at Boom-Pers in Meppel, publisher of the Meppeler Courant. In the 1980s and 1990s he edited a weekly science page in the Courant, in which he included news of the activities of the Royal Dutch amateur-astronomy society. The name was suggested by T. Jurriens.JPL
6835 Molfino 1994 HT1 MPC
6836 Paranal 1994 PW Cerro Paranal, ESO Very Large Telescope site
6837 Bressi 1994 XN Terry Bressi, engineer and member of Spacewatch at the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona*
6838 Okuda 1995 UD Toyozo Okuda, Japanese astronomer*
6839 Ozenuma 1995 WB Oze marsh, Japan*
6841 Gottfriedkirch 2034 P-L Gottfried Kirch, German astronomer*
6842 Krosigk 3016 P-L MPC
6843 Heremon 1975 TC6 MPC
6844 Shpak 1975 VR5 Named in honor of Vladimir Stepanovich Shpak (b. 1909), distinguished technical organic chemist and director of the State Institute of Applied Chemistry in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) from 1953 to 1977. He was the initiator and organizer of fundamental, scientific and technical investigations of the main organic synthesis processes of new classes of chemical compounds. He has introduced new technologies into the chemical and petrochemical industries. At present he is the chairman of the Northwestern Scientific Board of the Russian Academy of Sciences on burning and the editor-in-chief of the journal Applied Chemistry.JPL
6845 Mansurova 1976 JG2 Named in memory of Kira Sergeevna Mansurova (1931–1990), an astronomer in Irkutsk known for her observations with the zenith telescope. She was director of the Astronomical Observatory of Irkutsk University for many years and lecturer of astronomy at the University and Pedagogical Institute in Irkutsk. An active popularizer of astronomy, she published a number of works on astrometry and methods of teaching astronomy.JPL
6846 Kansazan 1976 UG Japanese philosopher and poet*
6847 Kunz-Hallstein 1977 RL The German lawyer Hans Peter Kunz-Hallstein (b. 1939) has been legal advisor for the European Southern Observatory for more than 20 years. A highlight of his work was the negotiations with the Chilean government over the interpretation, modification and amendment of the ESO-Chile agreement of 1963.JPL
6851 Chianti 1981 RO the Chianti region in Tuscany, Italy. JPL
6852 Nannibignami 1985 CN Giovanni Bignammi, Italian astrophysicist. JPL
6853 Silvanomassaglia 1986 CD Silvano Massaglia, Italian astrophysicist. JPL
6855 Armellini 1989 BG Giuseppe Armellini, Italian astronomer*
6856 Bethemmons 1989 EM Elizabeth Emmons, administrator of JPL's Space and Earth Science Division 32
6859 Datemasamune 1991 CZ Date Masamune, Japanese daimyo*
6860 Sims 1991 CS1 Named in honor of Alan Sims (1920–1995), a naval officer who moved to Dublin in 1953 and became chairman of the Dublin Astronomy Association. On his retirement in 1983 he moved to Bath, where he took an active part in the William Herschel Society, serving first as secretary and later as vice chairman. He was also editor of the society's bulletin. Historians and librarians around the world corresponded with him, as he answered queries about the Herschels. Named by the discoverers following suggestions by F. Ring and S. Kimura.JPL
6862 Virgiliomarcon 1991 GL Virgilio Marcon, Italian telescope maker*
6864 Starkenburg 1991 RC Named for the medieval Starkenburg castle, an the region in the German state of Hesse, where the Starkenburg Observatory is located.MPC
6865 Dunkerley 1991 TE2 MPC
6866 Kukai 1992 CO Kūkai, Japanese buddhism monk*
6867 Kuwano 1992 FP Yoshiyuki Kuwano, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6868 Seiyauyeda 1992 HD Seiya Ueda, Japanese seismologist*
6869 Funada 1992 JP Takumi Funada, Japanese astronomer*
6870 Pauldavies 1992 OG Paul Charles William Davies, Australian physicist, writer and broadcaster*
6871 Verlaine 1993 BE Paul Verlaine, French poet
6873 Tasaka 1993 HT Ichiro Tasaka, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6876 Beppeforti 1994 RK Giuseppe Forti, Italian astronomer*
6877 Giada 1994 TB2 MPC
6878 Isamu 1994 TN Isamu Hirabayashi, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6879 Hyogo 1994 TC Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan*
6880 Hayamiyu 1994 TG Yū Hayami, Japanese singer and actress*
6881 Shifutsu 1994 UP Mount Shibutsu, Gunma, Japan*
6882 Sormano 1995 CC Sormano, a village in Italy, home of the Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano (Sormano Astronomical Observatory)
6883 Hiuchigatake 1996 AF Mount Hiuchi, Fukushima, Japan*
6884 Takeshisato 9521 P-L Takeshi Satō, Japanese*
6885 Nitardy 9570 P-L MPC
6886 Grote 1942 CG Grote Reber, American radio astronomer*
6887 Hasuo 1951 WH Ryūichi Hasuo, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6890 Savinykh 1975 RP Viktor Petrovich Savinykh, Russian cosmonaut and author JPL
6891 Triconia 1976 SA MPC
6894 Macreid 1986 RE2 Named in honor of Macgregor S. Reid, a highly regarded manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. For the past ten years he has been technical executive assistant to the director, responsible for planning and identifying issues of significance to the national space program and the laboratory's future. Reid is internationally recognized for his activities concerning international standard-setting. This object is being named to honor him on his retirement after a 30-year career at JPL. Citation prepared by E. C. Stone.JPL
6897 Tabei 1987 VQ Junko Tabei, Japanese mountaineer, first woman to climb Everest
6898 Saint-Marys 1988 LE Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
6899 Nancychabot 1988 RP10 Nancy Chabot, American planetary scientist JPL


Number–Name Prov. Designation Source of Name
6901 Roybishop 1989 PA Roy L. Bishop, Canadian astronomer
6902 Hideoasada 1989 US Hideo Asada, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6904 McGill 1990 QW McGill University, Montreal
6905 Miyazaki 1990 TW Isao Miyazaki, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6906 Johnmills 1990 WC John Mills, 19th-century Scottish twine manufacturer and amateur astronomer, benefactor of the first British public observatory, the Mills Observatory JPL
6907 Harryford 1990 WE Harry Ford, a Scottish astronomy enthusiast
6908 Kunimoto 1990 WB Yoshihiro Kunimoto, Japanese composer*
6909 Levison 1991 BY Harold F. Levison, American astronomer*
6910 Ikeguchi 1991 FJ Kunio Ikeguchi, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6911 Nancygreen 1991 GN Nancy Green Hicks, horsewoman and fundraiser for astronomical research*
6912 Grimm 1991 GQ Friedrich Melchior, Baron von Grimm, German encyclopedist
6913 Yukawa 1991 UT Hideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist, winner of the 1949 Nobel Prize in Physics*
6914 Becquerel 1992 GZ Henri Becquerel, French physicist*
6916 Lewispearce 1992 OJ Lewis Percival Pearce, Son of Australian amateur astronomer, Andrew Pearce*
6918 Manaslu 1993 FV3 Named for an 8156-m mountain in the Himalayas. The summit was first reached by the Japanese party led by Aritsune Maki in 1956.JPL
6919 Tomonaga 1993 HP Shin-Ichiro Tomonaga, Japanese physicist*
6920 Esaki 1993 JE Reona Esaki, Japanese physicist*
6921 Janejacobs 1993 JJ Jane Jacobs, American-born Canadian writer and activist JPL
6922 Yasushi 1993 KY1 Yasushi Sato (b. 1957) is a member of the Matsue Astronomy Club who popularizes astronomy in Shimane. The name was suggested by H. Abe.JPL
6923 Borzacchini 1993 SD Baconin Borzacchini, Italian racing driver*
6924 Fukui 1993 TP Kenichi Fukui, Japanese chemist*
6925 Susumu 1993 UW Susumu Yamamoto, Japanese astronomer*
6927 Tonegawa 1994 TE Susumu Tonegawa, Japanese scientist*
6928 Lanna 1994 TM Vojtěch Lanna, Czech entrepreneur
6929 Misto 1994 UE Named in memory of Angela Misto (1902–1993), mother of the discoverer.JPL
6931 Kenzaburo 1994 VP Kenzaburō Ōe, Japanese literature*
6932 Tanigawadake 1994 YK Mount Tanigawa, Gunma and Niigata, Japan*
6933 Azumayasan 1994 YW Mount Azamuya, Gunma, Japan*
6935 Morisot 4524 P-L Berthe Morisot, French impressionist painter*
6936 Cassatt 6573 P-L Mary Cassatt, American artist*
6937 Valadon 1010 T-2 Suzanne Valadon, French painter*
6938 Soniaterk 5140 T-2 Sonia Terk, Ukrainian-born designer and founder of the Orphism movement, married French artist Robert Delaunay*
6939 Lestone 1952 SW1 MPC
6941 Dalgarno 1976 YA Alexander Dalgarno, American astronomer*
6942 Yurigulyaev 1976 YB Yuri Vasil'evich Gulyaev, Russian physicist and director of the Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics in Moscow JPL
6945 Dahlgren 1980 FZ Mats Dahlgren, Swedish astronomer
6947 Andrewdavis 1981 ET8 Andrew M. Davis, American meteoriticist JPL
6948 Gounelle 1981 ET22 Matthieu Gounelle, French curator of meteorites at the Muséum national d'histoire naturelle in Paris JPL
6949 Zissell 1982 RZ Ronald E. Zissell, American variable star astronomer at Mount Holyoke College JPL
6950 Simonek 1982 YQ Named in honor of Simone Ek, wife of the discoverer, in acknowledgment of the patience and understanding of a dedicated astronomer's wife. Name proposed by the late discoverer in 1996. Citation prepared by J. Denoyelle.JPL
6952 Niccolò 1986 JT Named for Niccolò Fulchignoni (b. 1991), second son of Marcello Fulchignoni and M. Antonietta Barucci, planetary scientists at the Observatoire de Paris. Niccolò is the "Renaissance" Italian form of the name Nikolaus (northern Europe's Santa Claus) and has been given to distinguished personalities of the arts, literature and philosophy – Paganini, Tommaseo and Machiavelli, for example. Name suggested and citation provided by M. Fulchignoni.JPL
6953 Davepierce 1986 PC David Allen Pierce, American astronomer*
6954 Potemkin 1987 RB Grigori Aleksandrovich Potemkin, Russian field marshal, favourite of Catherine the Great*
6955 Ekaterina 1987 SP Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia*
6956 Holbach 1988 CX Paul Heinrich Dietrich von Holbach, German philosopher and encyclopedist
6959 Mikkelkocha 1988 VD Mikkel Kock Augustesen, grandson of the discoverer JPL
6961 Ashitaka 1989 KA Mount Ashitaka, Japanese dormant volcano*
6962 Summerscience 1990 OT The Summer Science Program, a college-level summer program for gifted high school students*
6964 Kunihiko 1990 TL Kunihiko Kodaira, Japanese mathematician*
6965 Niyodogawa 1990 VS Niyodo River, Japan*
6966 Vietoris 1991 RD Leopold Vietoris, Austrian mathematician*
6969 Santaro 1991 VF Santarō Harada, Japanese astronomer*
6970 Saigusa 1992 AL Yoshikazu Saigusa, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6971 Omogokei 1992 CT A gorge in Ehime Prefecture, Japan*
6972 Helvetius 1992 GY Claude Adrien Helvetius, French philosopher and encyclopedist
6973 Karajan 1992 HK Herbert von Karajan, 20th-century Austrian orchestra conductor JPL
6974 Solti 1992 MC Georg Solti (György Stern), Hungarian-British orchestra conductor JPL
6975 Hiroaki 1992 QM Hiroaki Hayashi, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6976 Kanatsu 1993 KD Kazuyoshi Kanatsu, Japanese amateur astronomer*
6977 Jaucourt 1993 OZ Louis, Chevalier de Jaucourt, French writer and encyclopedist
6978 Hironaka 1993 RD Heisuke Hironaka, Japanese mathematician*
6979 Shigefumi 1993 RH Shigefumi Mori, Japanese mathematician*
6980 Kyusakamoto 1993 SV Kyu Sakamoto, Japanese singer, Rokusuke Ei, lyricist, and Hachidai Nakamura, composer (In Japanese, "Roku" means "6", "Kyu" is "9", and "Hachi" is "8")*
6981 Chirman 1993 TK2 Named for the Surgical Department of the hospital in the Italian village of Manerbio, located a few kilometers from the Bassano Observatory. The name, a contraction of Chirurgia (Surgery) and the name of the village, is presented in honor of the doctors, nurses and all the personnel of the hospital for the competence, absorption and passion they devote to the care of patients.JPL
6983 Komatsusakyo 1993 YC Sakyo Komatsu, Japanese science fiction writer*
6984 Lewiscarroll 1994 AO Lewis Carroll, pseudonym of Charles Dodgson, British writer*
6986 Asamayama 1994 WE Mount Asama, Nagano, Japan*
6987 Onioshidashi 1994 WZ Onioshidashi lava flow, Mount Asama, Japan*
6989 Hoshinosato 1994 XH Observation point of amateur astronomers, Minano, Saitama, Japan*
6990 Toya 1994 XU Mount Toya, Minano, Saitama, Japan*
6991 Chichibu 1995 AX Chichibu, Saitama, Japan*
6992 Minano-machi 1995 BT Minano-town, Saitama, Japan*
6995 Minoyama 1996 BZ Named after Mout Minoyama (elevation 587 metres above sea level) located in Saitama, Japan Template:MPCite JPL
6996 Alvensleben 2222 T-2 Bertha von Alvensleben (1859-1912) MPC
6997 Laomedon 3104 T-3 Laomedon, king of Troy JPL
6998 Tithonus 3108 T-3 Tithonus, mythical person related to the Trojan War JPL
6999 Meitner 4379 T-3 Lise Meitner, Austrian nuclear physicist
7000 Curie 1939 VD Marie Curie, Polish physicist*


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