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14th Kulakara
Image of King Nabhi and Queen Marudevi (Photo: Khajuraho Museum, Madhya Pradesh, India)
Other names Nābhirāja
Predecessor Prasenachandra
Height 525 bows (1575 metres)
Age 17 lakh years
Personal information
Spouse Marudevi
Children Rishabhanatha

King Nabhi or Nabhi Rai was the 14th or the last Kulakara of avasarpini. He was the father of Rishabhanatha, the first Tirthankara of present avasarpini.


King Nabhi or Nabhi Rai was the fourteenth or the last Kulakara[note 1] of avasarpini.[2][3][4] He taught the men how to cut the nabhi (navel chords).[5]

Marudevi, queen of king Nabhi,[6] saw the 16 auspicious dreams. When she shared her dreams with the king, he explained that she will give birth to a tirthankara.[7] She then gave birth to Rishabhanatha, the first tirthankara of present avasarpini.[1]

According to Jain text Ādi purāṇa, Nabhirāja lived for 1 crore purva and his height was 525 dhanusha (long bows).[8]

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  1. ^ According to Jain cosmology, when the third ara of the avasarpani (present descending half-cycle of cosmic age) was nearing its end, felicities due to ten type of Kalpavriksha (wish fulfiling trees) started declining.[1] Fourteen wise men called Kulakara arose from time to time to teach people how to perform the laborious activities for survival.


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