Proposed nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom

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Proposed nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom, with currently shelved proposals in italics, are:[1]

Name Location Proposed
reactor type
start of construction proposed start of generation Link Notes
Bradwell B Essex 2.3 GW CGN and EDF Hualong One 2030 [1] Target commercial operation date about 2030[2]
Hinkley Point C Somerset 3.2 GW EDF EPR 2018 2023 [2] Construction began December 2018.
Moorside Cumbria 3-3.4 GW NuGeneration AP1000 cancelled - [3] 8 November 2018 Toshiba announced withdrawal from the development[3]
Moorside clean energy hub Cumbria 3.2 GW EDF EPR - - Following the cancellation of the Moorside project by Toshiba, on the 30th june 2020 EDF announced proposals to construct a near replica of sizewell C and Hinkley point C as this will reduce overall costs of the project, one of the main criticisms of the Hinkley point C project. The plans come as a part of a proposed Clean Energy Hub for the area which is backed by 14 other companies and trade unions including the UK construction firm, Balfour Beatty and the union Unite. The consortium claims that 25000 jobs will be created with the construction of the hub. The hub is also aiming to use existing nuclear supply chains within the area and also be the site of SMR's and AMR's in the future.[4][5]
Oldbury Gloucestershire 2.7 GW Horizon Nuclear Power ABWR [4] Shelved in January 2019[6]
Sizewell C Suffolk 3.2 GW EDF and CGN EPR 2021 (proposed) [5] The project has completed its stage 4 consultation, which is allowing EDF to submit its planning application which is expected to be at the start of 2020, before a decision is made on the plants future in 2020. After this construction is expected to start around 2021, with an accelerated timeline due to the replication of the Hinkley point C power plant on the site. On 27 May 2020, EDF energy put in a development consent order application, prior to the start of construction at the site [7]
Wylfa Newydd Anglesey 3.0 GW Horizon Nuclear Power ABWR [6] Shelved in January 2019.[6]
Total 17.6 GW

Two other sites, Heysham and Hartlepool, were identified as possible locations in 2010 but no commercial proposals were made for these sites.[8]

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