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Sijangkang is a place in the Kuala Langat district in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is about 12 km from Klang along the Klang–Banting road to the south heading toward Banting town.

Sijangkang is essentially a Javanese-Malay village and it is believed to have been founded about 1900. The name Sijangkang comes from a plant that similar to a rubber tree plant. It is a forest tree whose seeds are spread by explosion. Name of the tree is Jangkang. This tree may found in some parts of Indonesia.

Still related to the first opinion. The Jangkang trees die in a tributary river that was later given the name of Jangkang river. In Chinese, death is referred to as 'SI'. Thus arose the name Si Jangkang which eventually turned into Sijangkang.

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