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Indah Island is an island off the west coast of Selangor, Malaysia. The West Port of Port Klang is located here. It was formerly known as Lumut Island.

Prior to the completion of the new Westport Bridge linking the island with Telok Gong, the only mode of transportation for the Lumut Island inhabitants were via a regular boat ferry service to Port Klang Terminal. The ride then took approximately 1 hour. Today, Indah Island is accessible through the aforementioned bridge (from Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam and Klang) and the recently completed Selat Lumut-SKVE bridge of the SKVE expressway (from Kajang, Putrajaya, Puchong, Banting and Carey Island).

Indah Island primarily contains Westport (Malaysia's major port), Indah Island Industrial Park (including Selangor Halal Hub), four local villages (Kg. Perigi Nenas, Kg. Sungai Pinang, Kg. Sungai Kembong, Kg. Teluk Nipah), a seaside park (Laguna Park), a housing estate (Bandar Armada Putra), and the Malaysian Navy's Pusat Hidrografi Nasional.

Coordinates: 2°56′56″N 101°19′54″E / 2.94889°N 101.33167°E / 2.94889; 101.33167