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Editathon in progress

About the event[edit]

Following the successful editathon held at Modern One to mark the opening of the exhibition Modern Scottish Women, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is holding a follow-up Wikipedia Edit-a-thon, as part of the Art+Feminism series. This event will carry on where the last left off, creating and improving articles relating to those women featured in the exhibition.

Modern Scottish Women is an exhibition of work by Scottish women artists and concentrates on painters and sculptors. It covers the period from 1885, when Fra Newbery became Director of Glasgow School of Art, until 1965, the year of Anne Redpath’s death.

In a 2011 survey, the Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 10% of its contributors identify as female while only 15% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women. As a result, content is skewed by the lack of female participation.

We Can Edit

How do I prepare?[edit]


  • Wikipedia is a tertiary resource, which relies upon secondary sources. Wikipedia is not a place for original research.
  • For more guidance on the use of sources, see this guide here.


  • 11:45 am – 12:00 pm:  Meet at the Portrait Gallery
  • 12:00 pm –   1:30 pm:  Wikipedia training
  •   1:30 pm –  2:00 pm:  Break
  •   2:00 pm –  5:00 pm:  EDIT!


Sara Thomas, Wikimedian in Residence at Museums Galleries Scotland

Hit list of articles to be created or improved[edit]

Articles to be created[edit]

Articles to be improved[edit]

** The work of those artists marked with a double asterisk has now passed into the public domain.

Content created[edit]

Users editing as part of Art+Feminism 2016

6 new articles created:

  1. Stansmore Dean Stevenson
  2. Anne Finlay
  3. Helen Biggar
  4. Gwynneth Holt
  5. Bet Low
  6. Josephine Haswell Miller

8 articles improved:

  1. Isabel Brodie Babianska
  2. Mary Nicol Neill Armour
  3. Pat Douthwaite
  4. Cecile Walton
  5. Helen Paxton Brown
  6. Philip Connard
  7. Glasgow School
  8. Académie Colarossi

What can I do after the event?[edit]

Join us for the event!

You may find these useful if you want to learn further about editing:

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Participants - Sign Up Here![edit]

Prior to the event:

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Don't worry! If you haven't edited Wikipedia before and don't have a Wikipedia User Name yet, we will help you on the day of the event! And remember to have fun!

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