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MSU Bozeman
2016 Art+Feminism
Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon
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When and Where
DateThursday, March 31, 2016
Time12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
LocationMontana State University Library
City, StateBozeman, MT 59717

Event information[edit]

Please bring a laptop with you!

List of articles to edit[edit]

Below is a list of articles that would benefit from edits and expansion during the edit-a-thon. Please add topics.

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Montana related[edit]

Art and Feminism research resources[edit]

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Participants - Sign Up Here![edit]

Prior to the event:

  1. Do you have a Wikipedia User Name?
    No? Create a Wikipedia account
    Yes? Go to Step #2
  2. Sign up! Add your Wikipedia User Name to this section by clicking the blue button below (follow instructions). Your name will be added to the bottom of this page
Don't worry! If you haven't edited Wikipedia before and don't have a Wikipedia User Name yet, we will help you on the day of the event! And remember to have fun!

Online participants[edit]

If you can't make it to Renne Library in person, but would still like to participate, you are more than welcome to do so remotely. Sign up below, and please add any outcomes to the List of Articles Worked On section.



  1. saramannheimer (talk) - Sara Mannheimer, Data Management Librarian, MSU
  2. melissaragain (talk) - Melissa Ragain, Assistant Professor, Art History, MSU
  3. Montanabw(talk), facilitating as User:MontOther.
  4. User:Montwriter(talk)
  5. User:Montsci (talk)
  6. daddykayla66(talk)
  7. User:Kitsune390
  8. User:austen.gameon(talk)
  9. User:Robert Blair406