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Stylistic origins Drum and Bass, darkcore, industrial music, gabber, techstep
Cultural origins Europe and North America of the late 1990s
Typical instruments Synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, tracker
Derivative forms Wreckstep, rivetstep (darkstep with progressive-styled "riveting" notes; or a crossbreed between darkstep and rivethead), skullstep, crossbreed

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Darkstep is a subgenre of drum and bass that fuses elements of darkcore with uptempo breakbeats and ambient noises (similar to those characteristic of neurofunk).[1] Darkstep music is typically composed in a chromatic scale. The amen break, the firefight break, and the other breakbeat samples feature prominently. Darkstep comes from techstep, whereas neurofunk relies on science fiction soundscape and really clean production. Darkstep brings back elements of darkcore-like horror movie soundtracks or vocal snippets, overdistorted techstep basslines and industrial soundscapes. The rhythms are usually more complex and heavier than in neurofunk. Quite often the snare is metallic and ringing, creating a dissonant feel.

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