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Respected sir

Subject :- Mgnrega missus of found. Mr pavan kumar (Probationer) and district. Social. Audit. Co-Ordinetor without inspection and Without Enquiry ready is fake documentation submitted in report. in. Mgnrega. Commissioner of Karnataka

Reference ;-1) Office of the commissioner RDPR No RDP. ,/43/AD/4/EGS 2014 M.S Building Bangalore date:31/05/2014

2) C. Chinnappa director file No M-11011/108/2013-GA Govt of india ministry of Panchayat Raj sardar patel Bhawan. New Delhi dated the 03rd January 2014

3)Ganga Charan senior Statistical officer file No K-11020/3/2014 Mgnrega MORD.Ltr No.ZPB/CPGRAMS.DORLD Mgnrega division Krishi Bhawn.New Delhi.dated 13 th May.2013

4) NREGA /CR 30/2013-14 dt :15/04/2014 chief Executive officer ZP Bidar

Respected sir I am vidyasagar Bhalke x Employ MGNREGA. Social. Audit. Co-Ordinetor Taluka. Panchayat Humnabad District Bidar. Karnataka. Sir Bidar district all Gram panchayat mgnrega 2012-13 administrative expemissus conducting 2012/13 th Gram Sabha Ward Sabha hv completed 33 Gps Social Audit Gram Sabhas in that my Social Audit found that each GPs Rs.15.000 to 50.000 misuse found printing Job card And inverter Without Government authentic printing press and without kst.cst no.duplicate.ocher.attached. in.file Was collected by providing.Fake bills And conducting Gram Sabha.ward sabha it has come to the knowledge that none of.the MGNREGA worker has got his job.card and one inverter was purchased For 35000 which original cost is 17000and it.was brought from the Taluka Panchayat Executive Officer s Karnataka.( Only my Taluka 33 Gram Panchayat. Issues in MIS updated

sir I don't no Without region.suspension My Home Address by post in Zila Panchayat Officer and Social Audit District co-ordenator And without notice and memo suspension Oder Humnabad taluka All Gram Panchayat amount collected mgnrega section workers Mr.Bswannappa patil ZP and Mr.Kiran patil taluka panchayat FDC Humnabad sir author 4 taluka co-ordenator without. These issues. Reference Letters (2) and (3) My request and complaint Chif minister of karnataka and Mr. C. Chanappa Mgnrega director Krishi Bhavan. New delhi and Mgnrega. Commissioner karnataka. And Karnataka. State. Human. Rights. Commission and also to. Public Grievances.Government.of. India.and.Karnataka..Upload.complaint These issues. Immediately action and reply to Petitioner vidyasagar and. Ministry of. New delhi Chief Minister.of.Karnataka.and.. RDPR .principal.secretary.karnataka These Higher Ministry and Officers reference let's don't car in. Mgnrega section officer zila panchayat Bidar Reference. Letter (4) these higher officer oder and reference let's without inspection Action taken and delete complaint. Mr.Pavan. Kumar (Probationer) executive offer CMC Taluka Bhalki without petitioner knowledge and without intimation. Enquiry Mr. Pavan Kumar and district. Social. Audit. Co-Ordinetor ready to Fake documentation and report the matter and submitted to report to the. Munish Moudgil Commissioner MGNREGA and Rural Development karnataka I come to the. Knowledge.Reference Letter 1) Mgnrega Commissioner sent. To Letter Mr.sri. Prasanna V .Salian Assistant commissioner MGNREGA and RD Govt of India Krishi Bhavan New delhi and. Copy. To 1) Principal secretary DPAR ( A R Training and Political Pension) Bangalore and 2) Chief. Executive Officer Zilla. Panchayat Bidar direct. 3) vidyasagar Bhalke my address. The enquiry report is enclosed. In view of the position it is requested in Commissioner ok karnataka to close the matter at.end

Please sir mr.pavan Kumar (Probationer) executive officer without inspection. And without inquiry in Panchayat Development offers.In.Gram.Panchayat Enquiry Without petitioner knowledge and without.intimation. Submitted.Fake.documentation. .Commissioner. Mgnrega.karnataka. The Karnataka.mgnrega.dairector. These issue s inwall corrupt officer immediately action and amount

Functions of the Ministry[edit]

Ministry of Panchayati Raj is responsible for the work of advocacy for and monitoring of the implementation of Constitution 73rd Amendment Act the Provisions of the Panchayats (Extension to Scheduled Areas) Act 1996. A New Ministry of Panchayati Raj has been created w.e.f. 27 May 2004. As per the amended allocation of Business Rules, "all matters relating of Panchayati Raj and Panchayati Raj Institutions" will be looked after by the newly created Ministry. The State governments/Union Territory Administrations, at present, are at varying degrees of the implementation of 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Acts. The Ministry, inter-alia, would ensure that they hold timely elections, set up State Finance Commissions and implement their recommendations, constitute District Planning Committees and empower them suitably to ensure grass-root level planning to feed into State and Central level Planning effectively. One major task of the Ministry will be to ensure that the State Governments/UT Administrations devolve funds, functions and functionaries on the Panchayati Raj Institutions in the spirit of the Constitutional provisions.

The Ministry of Panchayati Raj will also be responsible for formulation and implementation of an Action Plan for seeing PRIs to emerge as "Institutions of Local-Self Government" securing economic development and social justice in their respective areas.

Empowerment of Gram Sabhas by holding regular Meetings and social audit through Gram Sabhas so as to enable them to emerge as foundation of Panchayati Raj will be pursued vigorously with States/UT Administrations. Depending upon the local situation, States/UT Administrations will be encouraged to institute Ward Sabhas and Mahila Sabhas and make them functional.

The Ministry attaches great importance to the capacity building of elected representatives and officials of PRIs as well as functionaries involved in the Rural Development Programmes. It is estimated that about 3 million elected Members and the Staff assigned to the Elected Bodies needs training to enable them to discharge their functions effectively. The Ministry will also be funding research studies, workshops and seminars for development of Panchayats. The Ministry will implement the scheme of "National Awards for Best Panchayats" to encourage PR Institutions in discharging their role of "Institutions of Self-government" to be able to enforce economic development and social justice at the local level.

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