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Miss Luxembourg
Formation 1927
Type Beauty Pageant
Headquarters Luxembourg City
Miss World
Official language
Website Official Website

Miss Luxembourg is a national beauty pageant for unmarried women in Luxembourg.


Miss Luxembourg began in 1927. Traditionally the official winner will be competing at Miss Europe and Miss Universe pageant. In 1994 is the last year Luxembourg at the Miss Universe pageant, due to unknown reasons. In 2010 Miss Luxembourg winner sent at the Miss World pageant. Nowadays the official winner will be competing at the Miss Supranational pageant and runner-up sometimes probably goes to Miss International pageant.


Candidates are required to have Luxembourg citizenship, to be between 18 and 26 years of age, to have a good reputation, to be unmarried, to have no children, to be ready to serve in social and humanitarian actions, and must not have posed for any nude photos.


The winner of Miss Luxembourg represents her country at Miss Universe until 1994 or Miss World or Miss Supranational. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent.

Year Miss Luxembourg Site of election
1927 Appolonia Kemp
1928 Anne Friedrich
1929 Ketty Hipp
1957 Josée Jaminet
1958 Lydie Schmitz
1959 Josée Pundel
1960 Liliane Mueller
1961 Vicky Schoos
1962 Brita Gerson
1963 Cathérine Paulus
1964 Gaby Heyard
1965 Marie-Anne Geisen
1966 Gigi Antinori
1967 Marie-Josée Mathgen
1969 Jacqueline Schaeffer
1970 Rita Massard
1971 Mariette Werckx
1972 Lydia Maes
1973 Giselle Anita Nicole Azzeri
1975 Marie Thérèse Manderschied
1976 Monique Wilmes
1977 Jeannette Henriette Colling
1985 Gaby Chiarini
1986 Martine Pilot
1987 Claudine Atten
1988 Chantal Schanbacher
1989 Chris Scott Casino 2000
1990 Beata Jarzynska Casino 2000
1991 Annette Feydt Casino 2000
1992 Carole Reding Casino 2000
1993 Nathalie Dos Santos Casino 2000
1994 Sandy Wagner Casino 2000
1995 Paola Roberto Casino 2000
1996 Christiane Lorent Casino 2000
2008 Leontine Schotel Casino 2000
2009 Diana Nilles Hotel Royal
2010 Shari Thuyns Château d'Urspelt
2011 Stéphanie Ribeiro Catclub
2012 Claudia Vitoria Müller Espace Namur
2013 Héloïse Paulmier Casino 2000
2014 Frédérique Wolff Casino 2000
2015 Vonessa Alijaj Casino 2000

List of Miss Luxembourg representatives at International pageants[edit]

Color key
  •      Declared as Winner
  •      Ended as runner-up
  •      Ended as one of the finalists or semifinalists

Traditionally, the winner of Miss Luxembourg represents her country at the Miss Universe and other major pageants but in several years, the country did not send the winner due to lack sponsorship or preparation to the pageants. On occasion, when the winner does not qualify (due to age) for either contest, a runner-up is sent. Miss Luxembourg for Miss Earth will be held in separate pageant. The Miss Benelux Luxembourg or Miss Earth Luxembourg will be choosing the winner for the Miss Earth pageant.

Year Miss Universe Miss World Miss Earth Miss International Miss Supranational Miss Grand International
1957 Josée Jaminet
1959 Josée Pundel Josée Pundel
1960 Josee Venturi Liliane Mueller Liliane Mueller
1961 Vicky Schoos Vicky Schoos Elfie Klein
1962 Fernande Kodesch Brita Gerson Brita Gerson
1963 Mia Dahm Cathérine Paulus Cathérine Paulus
1964 Sophie Stephano Gaby Heyard Jeany Hubert
1965 Marie-Anne Geisen Marie-Anne Geisen Yvy Georges
1966 Gigi Antinori Sophie Stephano
1967 Marie-Josée Mathgen Marie-Josée Mathgen Danielle Magner
1968 Lucienne Krier Irene Seidler Meidy Reiter
1969 Marie Antoniette Bertinelli Jacqueline Schaeffer Mirreile Colling
1970 Josée Reinert Rita Massard Gaby Fejean
1971 Mariette Fay Mariette Werckx Sylviane Weiler
1972 Anita Heck Lydia Thilgen
1973 Lydia Maes Giselle Anita Nicole Azzeri Giselle Anita Nicole Azzeri
1974 Giselle Anita Nicole Azzeri Carmen Marcolini
1975 Marie Thérèse Manderschied Marie Thérèse Manderschied Martin Wagner
1976 Monique Wilmes Monique Wilmes Carmen Pick
1977 Jeannette Henriette Colling
1984 Romy Bayerl
1985 Gaby Chiarini Beatriz Tinnemans
1986 Martine Pilot Martine Pilot
1987 Claudine Atten
1988 Lydie Garnie Chantal Schanbacher Isabella Seara
1989 Chris Scott Chris Scott Nicole Schalz
1990 Beata Jarzynska Beata Jarzynska
1991 Annette Feydt Annette Feydt
1992 Carole Reding Carole Reding
1993 Nathalie Dos Santos Nathalie Dos Santos
1994 Sandy Wagner Sandy Wagner
1995 Paola Roberto
1996 Christiane Lorent
2008 Nadia Neves Pereira
2009 Diana Nilles Theodora Banica
2010 Shari Thuyns Lauretta Bardoniqi
2011 Natascha Bintz
2013 Corrine Semedo Furtado Héloïse Paulmier
2014 Frédérique Wolff Michelle Koch Corinne Semedo Furtado
2015 Vonessa Alijaj

Special awards[edit]

Miss Luxembourg achieved some awards from International pageants above mentioned:

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