Miss World 2005

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Miss World 2005
Miss World 2005 Titlecard
Date December 10, 2005
Presenters Tim Vincent, Angela Chow
Entertainment Alexander O’Neal, Beijing Singing & Dancing Theatre
Venue Crown of Beauty Theatre, Sanya, People's Republic of China China
Entrants 102
Placements 15
Debuts Martinique, Mongolia
Withdraws Angola, Antigua, Belarus, Cayman Islands, Chile, Curaçao, Egypt, Fiji, Finland, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Paraguay, Turks & Caicos, Zimbabwe
Returns US Virgin Islands, Congo Democratic Republic, Guatemala, Indonesia, Liberia, Malawi, Swaziland, Uruguay
Winner Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir

Miss World 2005, the 55th edition of the Miss World pageant was held at the Crown of Beauty Theatre in Sanya, People's Republic of China on December 10, 2005. Nine former Miss World titleholders and chairwoman of Miss World Organization Julia Morley judged the pageant. María Julia Mantilla of Peru crowned her successor Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir of Iceland. 102 contestants from all over the world competed for the crown. The six "Regional Queens" were chosen by the judges while the twelve semi-finalists were determined by public or viewer votes through the Internet and as well as telephone and SMS voting. Three contestants were "Fast Tracked" to the semifinals with the remaining twelve determined by the global vote. The contestants also paid a visit to Wenzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

Areas of competition[edit]

  • All contestants competed in three "fast track" events, Beach Beauty, Miss Talent, and Beauty With a Purpose contests. The winner of each competition immediately became one of the fifteen pageant semifinalists.
  • Two other delegates were picked from each continental zone to complete the top fifteen. The judges then selected the six final Regional Winners who participated in the last round of competition. In the end, the Runners-up of Miss World 2005 were announced first, followed by the winner of the Miss World 2005 crown.


A panel of ten illustrious personalities chose Miss World 2005.



Countries and territories which sent delegates and results.
Final results Contestant
Miss World 2005
1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up
Top 6
Top 15

Continental Queens[edit]

Continental Contestant
Asia Pacific
Northern Europe
Southern Europe
  •  Italy – Sofia Bruscoli

Fast Track Events[edit]

Beach Beauty[edit]

Final Result Contestant
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
Top 5
  •  Canada – Ramona Amiri
  •  Iceland – Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir
Top 19

Miss Talent[edit]

Final Result Contestant
Top 5
Top 16
Groups Contestant
Best Singing Act Performance
  1. * U.S. Virgin Islands – Kmisha Counts
  2. * Greece – Katerina Stikoudi
  3. * Slovenia – Sanja Grohar
Best Original Performance
  1. * Italy – Sofia Bruscoli
  2. * Korea – Oh Eun-young
  3.  Uganda – Precious Kabungo Mumbi
     Costa Rica – Leonora Jimenez
Best Traditional Dance Performance
  1. * Canada – Ramona Amiri
  2. * Scotland – Aisling Friel
  3. * China PR – Ting Ting Zhao
Best Musical Act Performance
  1. * Japan – Erina Shinohara
  2. * Bulgaria – Rositsa Ivanova
  3. * Trinidad & Tobago – Jenna Marie Andre
Best Dance Act Performance
  1. * Czech Republic – Lucie Kralova
  2. * Jamaica – Terri-Karelle Griffith
  3. * Iceland – Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir

Beauty With a Purpose[edit]

Final Result Contestant

Miss Sports[edit]

Final Result Contestant
1st Runner-up
2nd Runner-up

^The sports award was given to a continental group rather than an individual.

Special Award[edit]

Best World Dress Designer[edit]

Final Result Contestant



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