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For other Miss United Kingdom, see Miss Great Britain and Miss Universe Great Britain.
Miss United Kingdom
Formation 1958
Type Beauty pageant

Miss United Kingdom is a title held by the highest-ranked contestant from the UK in the Miss World pageant. The winner sometimes competes at Miss International the following year under the Britain or United Kingdom banner.[1] From 1958-1999, Miss United Kingdom was a national beauty pageant held to choose a representative for the Miss World Pageant. In 1999, Scotland and Wales had their own contestants at Miss World, and in 2000, England and Northern Ireland sent their own representatives. The existing organization now runs the Miss England competition.[2]


Nieve Jennings, Miss U 2007

The pageant was created in 1958 by Eric Morley, the man behind the Miss World pageant. Before 1958, the winner of the Miss Great Britain contest would go on to represent the UK at the Miss World pageant, but from 1952-1957, none of the Miss GB title holders made the final seven at Miss World, so Morley decided to create the Miss United Kingdom contest in the hope of achieving better results at Miss World. From 1958-1999, the winner of Miss United Kingdom title would represent the UK at Miss World.

At Miss United Kingdom, traditionally there would be regional heats from the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom, these would take place early in the year. The winners of the respective Miss England, Miss Scotland and Miss Wales titles would compete in the summer at Miss Universe. The Miss UK contest would then take place featuring these titleholders plus a certain number of other top contestants from the regions, the winner would then go on to compete at the Miss World Contest in October/November. This meant that during the 60s, 70s and 80s, many British beauty queens competed at both the Miss Universe and Miss World contests.

Although England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have had separate representatives in other international pageants, Miss World did not allow this until the creation of separate Parliaments in the United Kingdom.

1999 was the year of the last Miss United Kingdom pageant, won by Nicola Willoughby, who competed as Miss UK at Miss World (the final woman to do so). The 1999 Miss World contest also saw the debuts of Scotland (represented by Stephanie Norrie) and Wales (represented by Clare Marie Daniels), so there was the unusual situation of having a Miss UK compete alongside Miss Scotland and Miss Wales. The following year, Julie Lee-Ann Martin became the first representative of Northern Ireland in the pageant while Michelle Walker was the first to compete as Miss England.

Since 2000, the Miss World Organization has announced the highest-ranking delegate of the four home nations at Miss World, as the winner of the Miss United Kingdom title. The winner receives a cash prize and has often represented the United Kingdom at the Miss International contest the following year. Since 2000, Scotland has the most Miss United Kingdom winners with 7, followed by Wales (3), England (2) and Northern Ireland (2).


[citation needed]

Year Miss United Kingdom Age Represented Miss World Placement 1st runner-up Represented 2nd runner-up Represented
2013 Kirsty Heslewood 24 England England Top 10 semi-final
2012 Sophie Moulds 19 Wales Wales 1st Runner-up Charlotte Holmes (Top 15 semi-final) England
2011 Alize Lily Mounter[3] England England 3rd Runner-up Jennifer Reoch (6th-Runner-up) Scotland Finola Guinnane Northern Ireland
2010 Nicola Mimnagh[4] 23 Scotland Scotland Top 25 Lori Moore (Top 25) Northern Ireland
2009 Katharine Brown[1] 22 Scotland Dunblane, Scotland did not place
2008 Chloe-Beth Morgan[5] Wales Wales did not place
2007 Nieve Jennings[6] Scotland Scotland did not place
2006 Nicola McLean 22 Scotland Scotland Top 17 semi-final Catherine Jean Milligan (Top 17 semi-final) Northern Ireland
2005 Lucy Evangelista 19 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Top 15 semi-final
2004 Amy Guy 20 Wales Wales Top 15 semi-final
2003 Nicci Jolly Scotland Inverbervie, Scotland did not place
2002 Gayle Williamson Northern Ireland Northern Ireland did not place
2001 Juliet-Jane Horne Scotland Aberdeen, Scotland 2nd Runner-up
2000 Michelle Watson Scotland Scotland did not place
1999 Nicola Willoughby England Lincoln, England did not place Emma Keenan
1998 Emmalene McLoughlin England Manchester, England did not place Joanne Salley Northern Ireland Katie Viggers Birmingham
1997 Vicki-Lee Walberg England Blackpool, England Top 10 Abby Essien Lancaster Sarah Smart Leicestershire
1996 Rachael Liza Warner Wales Wales did not place
1995 Shauna Marie Gunn Northern Ireland County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland did not place Angie Bowness Sheffield
1994 Melanie Abdoun England London, England Top 10
1993 Amanda Louise Johnson England Nottingham, England did not place
1992 Claire Elizabeth Smith England Chester, England 1st Runner-up
1991 Johanne Elizabeth Lewis England Mansfield, England did not place
1990 Helen Upton England Blackpool, England did not place
1989 Suzanne Younger Wales Wales Top 10 Racquel Jory England Victoria Lace Scotland
1988 Kirsty Roper England Manchester, England 2nd Runner-up Angela Newlands Wolverhampton Nicola Kidd Peterborough
1987 Karen Mellor England Derby, England did not place Heather Daniels Portsmouth Helen Fairbrother Swindon
1986 Alison Slack England Sheffield, England Top 15 Joanne Sedgley England Suzanne Younger Mold
1985 Mandy Adele Shires England Bradford, England 1st Runner-up Joanne Sedgley Newquay Barbara Christian Wales
1984 Vivienne Rooke 22 England Weston-super-Mare, England 3rd Runner-up Lea La Salle Wrexham Susan Tan Northern Ireland
1983 Sarah-Jane Hutt 18 England Poole, England Won Miss World 1983 Karen Lesley Moore England Nicola Stanley Isle of Wight
1982 Della Frances Dolan 20 England Grimsby, England 2nd Runner-up Alison Smith Belfast Ann Jackson Chichester
1981 Michele Donnelly 20 Wales Cardiff, Wales 4th Runner-up Della Frances Dolan Yorkshire Georgina Kearney Scotland
1980 Kim Ashfield 21 Wales Buckley, Wales 4th Runner-up Nicky Wright Poole Julie Duckworth England
1979 Carolyn Seaward 18 England Yelverton, England 1st Runner-up Lorraine Davidson Scotland Karen Loughlin Stockport
1978 Elizabeth Ann Jones 20 Wales Welshpool, Wales 5th Runner-up Janet Withey London Beverley Isherwood England
1977 Madeleine Stringer 24 England North Shields, England 5th Runner-up Dorothy Walker Edinburgh Sarah Long England
1976 Carol Jean Grant[**] 19 Scotland Glasgow, Scotland 3rd Runner-up Sian Adey-Jones Wales Joanna Booth Sheffield
1975 Vicki Harris 22 England London, England 2nd Runner-up Sue Cuff Manchester Gail Inglis Dundee
1974 Helen Morgan 21 Wales Barry, Wales Won Miss World 1974 resigned Kathy Anders England Linda Myers Sale
1973 Veronica Ann Cross 23 England London, England 6th Runner-up Marie Kirkwood Pam Wood
1972 Jennifer McAdam 24 England London, England 6th Runner-up Elaine Farnworth Ramsbottom Julie Marcus
1971 Marilyn Ward 21 England New Milton, England 1st Runner-up Linda Ann Thomas Blackpool Anita Gudgeon Basildon
1970 Yvonne Ormes 20 England Nantwich, England 6th Runner-up Jean Galston Manchester Lee Hamilton Marshall Scotland
1969 Sheena Drummond 18 Scotland Tullibody, Scotland Top 15
1968 Kathleen Winstanley 23 England Wigan, England 1st Runner-up Marie Smith Glasgow Lisa Robertshaw Bradford South
1967 Jennifer Lynn Lewis 20 England Leicester, England 4th Runner-up Jennifer Gurley Manchester Nine Scott Sheffield
1966 Jennifer Lowe Summers 20 England Warrington, England Top 15
1965 Lesley Langley 20 England London, England Won Miss World 1965
1964 Ann Sidney 20 England Poole, England Won Miss World 1964
1963 Diane Westbury[*] 19 England Ilkeston, England 5th Runner-up
1962 Jackie White 20 England Alvaston, England Top 15
1961 Rosemarie Frankland 18 Wales Rhos, Wales Won Miss World 1961
1960 Hilda Fairclough 23 England Lancaster, England Top 10
1959 Anne Thelwell 22 England Heswall, England 3rd Runner-up
1958 Eileen Sheridan 22 England Walton-on-Thames, England 5th Runner-up

* Real name Diane Hickingbotham.
** Also known as Carolyn Grant.

United Kingdom in International Pageants[edit]

Miss Universe[edit]

The first UK contestant was Aileen Chase who competed at the first Miss Universe in 1952 as Miss Great Britain. From 1955-1990 Miss England would compete, joined (from 1961-1990) By Miss Scotland and Miss Wales, many of these contestants would go on to compete at (and win) the Miss United Kingdom contest later in the year. The 1990s and 21st Century has returned to one contestant competing as Miss United Kingdom or Miss Great Britain. Since 2005 the UK has been represented by the winner of the Miss Universe GB pageant. No woman from the United Kingdom has ever won Miss Universe.

  • 1st Runner-up at Miss Universe:
    • 1961: Rosemary Frankland (Miss Wales)
    • 1964: Brenda Blackler (Miss England)
    • 1974: Helen Morgan (Miss Wales)
    • 1980: Linda Gallagher (Miss Scotland)
  • 2nd Runner-up:
    • 1957: Sonia Hamilton (Miss England)
    • 1967: Jennifer Lynn Lewis (Miss England)
    • 1976: Sian Adey-Jones (Miss Wales)
    • 1977: Sandra Bell (Miss Scotland)
    • 1979: Carolyn Seaward (Miss England)

Miss World[edit]

From 1952-1957 the UK were represented by the winner of the Miss Great Britain pageant. From 1958-1999 the winner of the Miss United Kingdom pageant would compete. There have been five UK winners of the Miss World title, all won the title competing as Miss United Kingdom:

  • Miss World Winners:
    • 1961: Rosemary Frankland
    • 1964: Ann Sidney
    • 1965: Lesley Langley
    • 1974: Helen Morgan
    • 1983: Sarah-Jane Hutt
  • 1st Runner-up at Miss World:
    • 1951: Laura Elllison-Davies
    • 1968: Kathleen Winstanley
    • 1971: Marilyn Ward
    • 1979: Carolyn Seaward
    • 1985: Mandy Shires
    • 1992: Claire Smith
    • 2012: Sophie Moulds (as Miss Wales)
  • 2nd Runner-up at Miss World:
    • 1951: Doreen Dawne
    • 1975: Vicki Harris
    • 1982: Della Dolan
    • 1988: Kirsty Roper
    • 2001: Juliet-Jane Horne (as Miss Scotland)

Note: At the first Miss World in 1951, 21 of the 26 contestants were from the UK, including those that placed as first runner-up and second runner-up.

Miss International[edit]

  • Miss International Winners:
    • 1969: Valerie Holmes (as Miss Britain)
    • 1972: Linda Hooks (as Miss Britain)
    • 1986: Helen Fairbrother (as Miss England)
  • 1st Runner-up:
    • 1963: Diane Westbury (as Miss England)
    • 1973: Zoe Spink (as Miss Britain)
    • 1974: Joanna Booth (as Miss Britain)
  • 2nd Runner-up:
    • 2009: Chloe-Beth Morgan (as Miss United Kingdom)

Miss Earth[edit]

The youngest of the Big 4 pageants, Miss Earth, was first held in 2001. No participant from the UK has ever placed in the top three.

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