Neferkamin Anu

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Neferkamin Anu in hieroglyphs
F35 I9
> G7
Turin canon
Nefer [2]
The beautiful
O34 D28 F35 D36
W24 G43

Abydos king list
Sneferka Anu [3]
snfr k3 ˁnw
N5 D28 F35 D36
W24 G43

Neferkara Anu
Nfr k3 rˁ ˁnw

Neferkamin Anu may have been the second king of the eighth dynasty of ancient Egypt during the First Intermediate Period. As such he would have reigned over the Memphite region. His name is attested on the Abydos King List, and also in the Turin Canon of Kings where he is attributed a reign of 2 years, 1 month and 1 day.[4][5] Any detail about Neferkamin's reign is lost in a lacuna of the Turin Canon.

Neferkamin Anu's cartouche on the Abydos king list.


Preceded by
Neferkare Pepiseneb?
Pharaoh of Egypt
Eighth Dynasty?
Succeeded by
Qakare Ibi?