Wahkare Khety I

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Wahkarê-Khety I
Pharaoh of Egypt
Reign duration unknown; ca. 2150 BC, First Intermediate Period
Predecessor uncertain; possibly Qakare Ibi or Wadjkare
Successor uncertain
Burial unknown

Wahkare Khety I was a Ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 9th dynasty who reigned ca. 2150 BC during the First Intermediate Period. His name is attested in the Royal canon of Turin.[2]


Wahkare-Khety I may be the founder of the 9th dynasty. If so, he may be identified with the hellenized king Achthoês, the founder of this dynasty according to Manetho. Manetho reports: "The first of these [kings], Achthoês, behaving more cruel than his predecessors, wrought woes for the people of all of Egypt, but afterwards he was smitten with madness and killed by a crocodile.".[1][3]

There is no contemporary evidence dated to this obscure period or bearing his name. A 12th dynasty coffin inscribed with coffin texts bearing Wakhare Khety's name was found in Deir el-Bersha. It is unknown if the texts were originally inscribed for Wahkare Khety, or if they were simply copied later from an earlier source.[2]


If Khety I was indeed the founder of the 9th dynasty, he may have been a Herakleopolitan prince who profited from the weakness of the Memphite rulers of the 8th dynasty to seize the throne of Middle and Lower Egypt. This hypothesis is supported by contemporary inscriptions referring to the northern, Herakleopolitan kingdom as the house of Khety.[4]


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