1981 in New Zealand

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1981 in New Zealand
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The following lists events that happened during 1981 in New Zealand.


  • Estimated population as of 31 December: 3,194,500[1]
  • Increase since 31 December 1980: 18,100 (0.57%)
  • Males per 100 females: 98.7


Regal and viceregal[edit]


The 39th New Zealand Parliament, led by the National Party, concluded, and in the general election the party was re-elected in the 40th New Zealand Parliament. Support for the government decreased, however, with the Labour Party receiving the largest portion of the popular vote.

Parliamentary opposition[edit]

Main centre leaders[edit]


Arts and literature[edit]

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New Zealand Music Awards[edit]

Winners are shown first and in boldface with nominees underneath.[6]

  • ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos - Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos
    • Dennis O'Brien - Still in the same Dream
    • Hammond Gamble - Hammond Gamble Band
  • SINGLE OF THE YEAR: Coup D'État – Doctor, I Like Your Medicine
    • Blam Blam Blam - No Depression in New Zealand
    • Screaming Meemees - See Me Go
  • TOP MALE VOCALIST: Dave McArtney (Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos)
    • Deane Waretinei
    • Hammond Gamble
  • TOP FEMALE VOCALIST: Suzanne Prentice
    • Jenny Morris
    • Tina Cross
  • TOP GROUP: Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos - Dave McArtney & The Pink Flamingos
    • Newmatics
    • Coup DE'tat
    • Paul Schreider
    • David Hollis
    • Richard Eriwata
    • Celine Toner
    • Jenny Morris
  • MOST PROMISING GROUP: The Screaming Meemees
    • Blam Blam Blam
    • Pop Mechanix
  • ENGINEER OF THE YEAR: Dave Hurley & Graham Myhre - Dave McArtney & the Pink Flamingos
    • Graham Myhre – Remember the Alamo
    • Gerry Smith – Still in the Same Dream
  • PRODUCER OF THE YEAR: Bruce Lynch - Dave McArtney and the Pink Flamingos
    • James Hall – Breaking in Another Day
    • James Hall – Still in the Same Dream
  • BEST COVER DESIGN: David Hollis – Caught Alive
    • Mark Clare – Broadcast O.R
    • Hal Chapman – Dave McArtney and the Pink Flamingos
  • SPECIAL AWARD: Fred Smith - Services to the Recording Industry (particularly with regard to Copyright)

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Performing arts[edit]

Radio and television[edit]

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  • Paul Ballinger wins his second national title in the men's marathon, clocking 2:17:28 on 2 May in Rotorua, while Christine Munro claims her first title in the women's championship (2:56:04).



Horse racing[edit]

Harness racing[edit]

Rugby union[edit]





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