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Sino–Polish relations
Map indicating locations of China and Poland



Relations between the People's Republic of China and Poland officially began on October 5, 1949.[1][2]

The Polish Embassy is located in Beijing.


The diplomatic relations between China and Poland began in 1919, but two countries didn't develop a strong relationship due to remoteness. Relations began on October 5, 1949 following the communist takeovers of their respective states and diplomatic missions were established shortly after on October 7, 1949. Poland was part of the Soviet bloc and had friendly relations with China and cooperated in international issues such as the Korean war.[2]

During the 1950s due to the Sino-Soviet split, relations between the two countries degraded. But Poland did support the People's Republic of China's case for the United Nations permanent seat to return to the mainland government.[2]

Zhou Enlai the premier in the 1950s made two state visits to Poland. Leaders from Poland such as Bolesław Bierut, Edward Ochab and Józef Cyrankiewicz had visited China at various times during this period.[1]

Poland underwent political and social change when the Soviet bloc collapsed in the late 1980s and Poland became a new post-communist country. The relationship between the two countries remain steadfast as Poland became more of a western liberal democracy with a capitalist market and China embarking on Deng Xiaoping's economic reforms.[2]

Bilateral relations[edit]

Embassy of Poland in China

During the 1950s to 1990s, the two countries conducted economic activities using accounts on government agreements. The annual trade value nearly US$1 billion in 1986 between the two communist states.[2]

In the 1990s, agreement on trade payments in convertible foreign exchanges were signed. Trade dipped in 1990 from US$0.322 billion to US$0.144 billion in 1991. It was until 1992 bilateral trade began to increase again.[2]

Bilateral trade increased over the successful years. By 2001, the trade between the two countries were valued at US $1.242 billion, up 29.5% than in 2000.[2]

Sino-Polish economic relations revolves around areas such as environmental protection, finance, agricultural technology, copper industry and coal mining.[3] This also includes new areas like high technology, clean energy, labour, service and infrastructure.[3][4]

In 2008, Poland's exports to China was around US$1 billion.[5] But it imported from China around US$11 billion.[5]

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