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وادی بمبوریت
Bomboret River.jpg
Bumburet is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Bumburet is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 35°42′2″N 71°41′30″E / 35.70056°N 71.69167°E / 35.70056; 71.69167Coordinates: 35°42′2″N 71°41′30″E / 35.70056°N 71.69167°E / 35.70056; 71.69167
Country Pakistan
StateKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
DistrictChitral District
1,640 m (5,380 ft)
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Bumburet (Kalasha: Mumuret, Urdu: وادی پمپوریت) is the largest valley of Kalasha Desh in Chitral District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the province of Pakistan.

The Bumburet valley joins the Rumbur valley at 35°44′20″N 71°43′40″E / 35.73889°N 71.72778°E / 35.73889; 71.72778 1,640 metres (5,380 ft), and then joins the Kunar Valley at the village of Ayun (35°42′52″N 71°46′40″E / 35.71444°N 71.77778°E / 35.71444; 71.77778, 1,400 metres (4,600 ft), some 20 kilometres (12 mi) south (downstream) of Chitral. To the west the valley rises to a pass connecting to Afghanistan's Nuristan Province at about 4,500 metres (14,800 ft). The valley is inhabited by the Kalash people, and has become a tourist destination.[1] However, their population is rapidly declining. As of 2019, only 37 households existed in the valley that still followed traditional practices.


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