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Chemmannar (Malayalam: ചെമ്മണ്ണാർ) is a village in the High ranges of Idukki district, Kerala,India.

Chemmanar town
Chemmanar Church
foot bridge


The Name Chemmannar is derived from the tributory river Periyar, the water of the river is slightly red coloured because it contains red soil, which is in Malayalam is called "Chemmannu".in an ar(river) chemmannu (red soil) flowed .[clarification needed] Thus, the name origin from chemmannu+ar=chemmannar.


Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in the village. Dairy is the main supplementary source of income of the farmers in the village.

Chemmannar School[edit]

St: Xavier’s HSS, was set up in the year 1963 and was upgraded to a high school in 1971 and a higher secondary school in 2000.

Geographic Location[edit]

  • Latitude:9.87858
  • Longitude:77.193
  • Pin Code:685554
  • STD Code:04868
  • District:Idukki
  • State:Kerala