Dow University of Health Sciences

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Dow University of Health Sciences
Motto in English
Prevention Is Better than Cure.
Type Public
Established 1945 (1945)
Chancellor Muhammad Zubair Umar, Governor of Sindh
Registrar Aman ullah abbasi[1]
Location Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Campus Urban
Nickname DUHS
Affiliations HEC, PMRC

The Dow University of Health Sciences (initials: DUHS) (Sindhi: ڊائو يونيورسٽي آف هيلٿ سائنسز‎), is one of the oldest public sector universities in Pakistan. It is located in urban metropolitan area of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.[2] The university comprises two leading health sciences undergraduate research institutes: Dow International Medical College and Dow Medical College . University also has a very strong department of Postgraduate studies which monitors various basic medical sciences and clinical sciences programs at DUHS.

Established in 1945, it is known for its strong emphasis on economics biomedical, health, and medical research programmes.[3] It is one of the premium institutions of higher learning in Pakistan, and ranked among one of the top medical schools by HEC in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.[4] The university is named after its founder, Sir Hugh Dow, who laid the foundation of the institution in 1945.[5] The institution offers undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programmes in almost all academic disciplines relating to medical sciences.[3]

Major initiatives were personally taken by Ishrat-ul-Ibad (the former Governor of Sindh) and a former Dow graduate, for the establishment of the Dow University of Health Sciences.


MBBS program at two institutes i-e Dow Medical College and Dow International Medical College.[citation needed]

BDS program at three institutes i-e Dental section of Dow International Medical College, Dow Dental College and Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan institute of oral health sciences.[citation needed]

Pharm-D (5 Year Duration) at Dow College of Pharmacy Dow Institute of Medical Technology[6] offers four-year Bachelor's programs in four disciplines: Clinical Pathology Technology, Surgical Technology, Respiratory and Critical Care Technology and Ophthalmology.

Institute of Nursing which offers BScN and MScN degree programs[citation needed] . Department of Postgraduate Studies Monitors Masters and doctoral degree in various programs of Basic Health Sciences division and Clinical Health Sciences division i-e Fellowship Training (FCPS -II) in all major specialities, M.Phil, Leading to PhD, PhD in Basic & Clinical Sciences, MBA (In three Disciplines), Masters in Diabetes & Endocrinology, Masters in Dental Surgery, Masters in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Masters in Health Profession Education, Masters in Physiotheraphy, Masters in Nursing, Masters in Jurisprudence, Masters in Aviation Medicine, MS and MD programs.[citation needed]


The Journal of the Dow University of Health Science [1] is published 4 monthly by Dow University of Health Sciences. It is recognised by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and indexed in IMEMR, Pakmedinet and Global Health. It is also available as an online medical journal created and maintained by the university, consisting of contributions from students, faculties, and those abroad.

El Mednifico Journal (EISSN 2307–7301) is an open access, quarterly, peer-reviewed, international medical journal initiated by the trio of Asfandyar Sheikh, Syed Salman Ahmed and Sajid Ali from M.B.B.S Batch of 2014 ( [2]. The journal serves as a healthy platform for students, undergraduates and health professionals whose articles are considered on the basis of content and not on the basis of topic or scope.

The Journal of Pakistan Medical Students [3] is a peer-reviewed, international journal from the students of Dow Medical College. It was started by Anis Rehman and Haris Riaz, from Batch of 2011.

Social service activities[edit]

Patients' Welfare Association, also known as PWA, is one of the largest and oldest student run volunteer NGO of Pakistan. Students of Dow Medical College have been managing it since 1979. The organization is a blessing for the poor patients coming to Civil Hospital Karachi, helping them through its Blood Bank, Drug Bank, Thalassemia Services, and General and Tuberculosis Follow-Up Clinics.[7][8] It has been cited in press for its earnest efforts in free patient service[9]

Dow International Patient Care Association, also known as DIPCA was started in 2011 by the students of 2nd batch of Dow International Medical College to facilitate needy patients who visit Out-patient department of Dow University Hospital.[citation needed]


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