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Liberal Party of Gibraltar
Leader Joseph Garcia
Founded 1991 (1991)
Headquarters 95 Irish Town, Gibraltar
Ideology Liberalism[1][2]
Social liberalism[1]
Political position Centre
National affiliation GSLP–Liberal Alliance
International affiliation Liberal International
European affiliation Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Colours Red and white
3 / 17
Politics of Gibraltar
Political parties
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The Liberal Party of Gibraltar (Libs) is a liberal[1] political party in Gibraltar. It was founded in 1991[3] as the Gibraltar National Party[3] and is led by Dr. Joseph Garcia.


In line with most liberal parties, the party describe their political philosophy as being based on notions of people deciding their own future, and are committed to Gibraltarian self-determination regarding constitutional arrangements.[4]

The party believes in "freedom, responsibility, tolerance, social justice and equality of opportunity: these are the central values of liberalism, and they remain the principles on which an open society must be built. These principles require a careful balance of strong civil societies, democratic government, free markets, and international cooperation".[5]

The party makes its stance on economic policy very clear, stating that "open societies need open markets. A liberal, open and tolerant society requires a market economy. Political freedom and economic freedom belong together".[6]


In the 1992 elections to the Gibraltar House of Assembly, the party (as the GNP) won 4.7%% of the popular vote and no seats.[7]

In the 1996 elections the GNP won 4.68% of the popular vote and no seats.[8]

In the 1999 by-election, following the death of GSLP Opposition MP Robert Mor, Liberal Party leader Dr. Joseph Garcia won 51.46% of the popular vote and the seat. He was the first joint GSLP/Liberal candidate to contest an election.[9]

In the 2000 elections the party won (in alliance with the GSLP) 40.6% of the popular vote and 2 seats.[10]

In the 2003 elections the party won (in alliance with the GSLP) 39.7% of the popular vote and 2 seats.[11]

In the 2007 elections to the Gibraltar Parliament, the party won (in alliance with the GSLP) 45.49% of the popular vote and 3 seats.[12]

In the 2011 elections the party won (in alliance with the GSLP) 48.88% of the popular vote and 3 seats forming the new Government of Gibraltar.[13]

Election results[edit]

Parliament of Gibraltar [edit]

Election year # of
overall votes^
 % of
overall vote^
# of
overall seats won^
1992 (known as the 'Gibraltar National Party (GNP)') 2,158 4.7
0 / 15
1996 (as the 'GNP') 5,932 4.68
0 / 15
1999 (by-election; in alliance with the 'GSLP')* 4,395 51.47
1 / 1
Increase 1
2000 (in alliance with the 'GSLP') 17,286 N/A**
2 / 15
Increase 1
2003 (in alliance with the 'GSLP') 16,538 N/A**
2 / 15
2007 (in alliance with the 'GSLP') 21,120 13.65
3 / 17
Increase 1
2011 (in alliance with the 'GSLP') 25,590 14.64
3 / 17
2015 (in alliance with the 'GSLP') 30,399 20.55
3 / 17
^Each of these numbers are only based on how the Liberal Party of Gibraltar performed in each [individual] election.
*The 1999 by-election in Gibraltar was to fill in a seat vacated by former GSLP MP, Robert Mor, who passed away that year. Hence, the composition bar on this row would only signify whether or not a member of a particular political party has won the seat. If that particular member had won the seat, then the entire bar would be colored in.
**The 'N/A's is to signify that the individual percentages for the Liberal Party of Gibraltar could not be found, as their percentage numbers are based on how both this party and the GSLP have performed in each [individual] election.


The Liberal Party of Gibraltar is a member of the Liberal International[14] and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe,[15] having joined the latter in November 2014.[16] It is also a 'Sister Party' of the United Kingdom Liberal Democrats and contests the South-West England constituency at European Parliamentary elections on a joint ticket with them taking place six on the party list.[17][18]

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