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Heritage Conservation Committee under HUDA was formed by state government in 1981 to retain architectural, historical and social value of buildings.[1] Hyderabad Urban Development Authority has listed almost 160 buildings in Hyderabad in Telangana state as heritage structures. Almost 70% of heritage buildings are in private hands. Heritage structures include buildings, monuments, rock structures etc.[2]

By notifying such structures, Heritage Conservation Committee in collaboration with (INTACH) works to retain their architectural, historical and social importance and tries to convince the owners not to destroy the listed heritage structures lured by the commercial potential of their properties. The buildings are graded as Grade I, Grade II & Grade III.[3] However, experts feel due to lack of support from the state government it has become difficult to preserve the status of these buildings.[4] Various buildings such as Ravi Bar, Adil Alam Mansion, Central Building Division & Devdi Ranachand – Ahotichand have been demolished [5] but the names of these buildings are still being retained in the list [6]

List of Heritage buildings as per HUDA[edit]

Following are the list of the heritage buildings in Hyderabad. This list is constantly upgraded by HUDA. The buildings proposed by HUDA are to be approved by the state government.([7])

Asman Garh Palace, circa 1900
Drawing Room of the Bella Vista Palace
  • 18. Baitul Ashraf, near Niloufar Hospital
  • 19. Baquer Bagh, Saidabad
  • 20. Bella Vista (Administrative Staff College of India)
  • 22. Bhagawandas Garden Pavilion, Karawan
  • 53. Jama Masjid, Charminar
  • 54. Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Public Garden
  • 55. Jhamsingh Temple – Gate Portion

Heritage rock formations in Hyderabad[edit]

In addition to various buildings, INTACH has classified various rock formation under heritage category.[12][13] These are

View of Moula Ali Hill, circa 1902
Sentinel Rock, near Moula Ali

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