Intermediate sprints classification in the Tour de France

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Red jersey
Jersey red.svg
SportRoad bicycle racing
CompetitionTour de France
Given forIntermediate sprints winner
Local nameMaillot rouge  (French)
First award1971
Final award1989
First winner Pieter Nassen (BEL)
Most wins Seán Kelly (IRL)
3 times
Most recent Seán Kelly (IRL)

The intermediate sprints classification in the Tour de France. The competition was first calculated in 1971, but the jersey was only awarded from 1984. Because the non-finish sprints also awarded points for the points classification, the intermediate sprints classification was considered redundant and has not been awarded since 1989. The leader is indicated by the red jersey.

Before the intermediate sprints classification, a points chauds classification was calculated, with similar rules. In 1966, it was won by Guido Neri, in 1968 by Georges Vandenberghe, in 1969 by Eric Leman and in 1970 by Cyrille Guimard.[1]

Winners of the intermediate sprints classification[edit]

Year Winner Points Second Place Points Third Place Points
1971  Pieter Nassen (BEL) 52  Jos van der Vleuten (NED) 35  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 34
1972  Willy Teirlinck (BEL) 61  Robert Mintkiewicz (FRA) 48  Barry Hoban (GBR) 38
1973  Marc Demeyer (BEL) 105  Barry Hoban (GBR) 70  Willy Teirlinck (BEL) 60
1974  Barry Hoban (GBR) 132  Gerben Karstens (NED) 110  Eddy Merckx (BEL) 92
1975  Marc Demeyer (BEL) 77  Barry Hoban (GBR) 47  Robert Mintkiewicz (FRA) 35
1976  Robert Mintkiewicz (FRA) 54  Freddy Maertens (BEL) 37  Marcello Osler (ITA) 24
1977  Pierre-Raymond Villemiane (FRA) 73  Giacinto Santambrogio (ITA) 49  Jacques Esclassan (FRA) 32
1978  Jacques Bossis (FRA) 95  Philippe Tesniere (FRA) 60  Pierre-Raymond Villemiane (FRA) 52
1979  Willy Teirlinck (BEL) 92  Pierre-Raymond Villemiane (FRA) 83  Bernard Hinault (FRA) 52
1980  Rudy Pevenage (BEL) 79  Jean-Louis Gauthier (FRA) 45  Ludo Peeters (BEL) 31
1981  Freddy Maertens (BEL) 131  William Tackaert (BEL) 106  Bernard Hinault (FRA) 61
1982  Seán Kelly (IRL) 187  Phil Anderson (AUS) 87  Daniel Willems (BEL) 80
1983  Seán Kelly (IRL) 151  Pierre Le Bigaut (FRA) 77  Laurent Fignon (FRA) 54
1984  Jacques Hanegraaf (NED) 155  Bernard Hinault (FRA) 52  Laurent Fignon (FRA) 51
1985  Jozef Lieckens (BEL) 162  Eduardo Chozas (ESP) 67  Seán Kelly (IRL) 59
1986  Gerrit Solleveld (NED) 305  Dirk De Wolf (BEL) 170  Dominique Arnaud (FRA) 145
1987  Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle (FRA) 249  Jean-Paul van Poppel (NED) 178  Régis Clère (FRA) 142
1988  Frans Maassen (NED) 276  Eddy Planckaert (BEL) 214  Johnny Weltz (DEN) 64
1989  Seán Kelly (IRL) 131  Steven Rooks (NED) 80  Valerio Tebaldi (ITA) 80


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