Karrar (tank)

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Iranian third generation tank-Karrar.jpg
Karrar tank on display.
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin Iran
Service history
Used by Iran
Production history
Manufacturer Defense Industries Organization
Produced 2017–present[1]
Weight 51 tons[2]
Crew 3 (Gunner, Commander and Driver)

Armor Composite armor, with ERA (possibly Relikt ERA "copy" for turret)[3]
125 mm 2A46M/M-2/M-5 smoothbore gun with stabilizer
12.7mm machine gun / 7.62mm machine gun
Engine diesel
Suspension Torsion bar
Possibly 550 km (plus with 280 km more from fuel tank)
Speed ~70 km/h

The Karrar (Striker) is an Iranian main battle tank. The tank was announced on 12 March 2017. At the announcement, it was stated that it possessed an electro-optical fire control system, a laser rangefinder, ballistic computer and could fire at both stable and mobile targets in day or night.[4]

Despite its visual similarity to the T-90, Iran has rejected any alleged Russian collaboration in the project.[5]


After the Karrar was unveiled to the public, Tehran announced that it will undergo mass production on 12 March 2017.[6][7]

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Brigadier General Kiomars Heidari has mentioned that the Karrar would be delivered in 2018.[8]

The IRGC plans to procure up to 800 Karrar main battle tanks[9].


The main armament of the Karrar consists of a 125 mm smoothbore gun fitted with a fume extractor and a thermal sleeve.[10] A remotely operated weapon station armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun is mounted on the roof of the turret. The main gun is able to fire anti-tank laser-guided missiles.[11] An autoloader is also installed, removing the need of a loader.[12]

The Karrar is supposedledly fitted with latest generation of composite armor, with explosive reactive armor (ERA) panels mounted on the front of the hull and turret. There is also armour plates on the sides and slat armour at the rear of the hull and turret.[1]

External fuel tanks can be attached to the rear in order to extend its range.[10]

Similarity to Russian tanks[edit]

Defence Minister Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan said that the "tank can compete with the most advanced tanks in the world in three main areas: power, precision and mobility, as well as maintenance and durability on the battleground… The Karrar has the capability to fire missiles and precisely guide them [towards the target], Moreover Karrar can be operated by the gunner and commander from two parallel sights.”[13]

"It is no coincidence that specialists regard the Karrar as some kind of a copy of the Russian-made T-90MS, the most advanced modification of the T-90 platform", according to retired Maj. Gen. Vladimir Bogatyrev, chair of the Board of the Russian National Association of Retired Military Officers. He also added that "It is based on the T-72 platform, but it also has something from the American Abrams and M-60 tanks. Some elements are borrowed from the M-48 and the British Chieftain tank. They took all these elements and tried to design their own tank."[14]


Coordinates: 40°17′09″N 48°21′59″E / 40.2858°N 48.3664°E / 40.2858; 48.3664