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This article is about the soundtrack. For the series, see LazyTown.
LazyTown – The Album
LazyTown - The Album cover.jpg
Special edition CD+DVD (UK)
Soundtrack album by the cast of LazyTown
Released August 16, 2005 (US)
November 6, 2006 (UK)
Recorded 2005-06
Genre Pop, children's music
Length 30:30 (US)
69:39 (UK special edition)
Label Nick (US)
Gut (UK)
Producer Máni Svavarsson, Magnús Scheving (exec.)
UK chronology
LazyTown –
The Album

LazyTown – The New Album
Singles from LazyTown – The Album
  1. "Bing Bang (Time to Dance)"
    Released: 27 November 2006

LazyTown – The Album is a soundtrack album featuring songs from the Icelandic children's television series LazyTown. It was released in the US on August 16, 2005, and in the UK on November 6, 2006.

It is available in three versions; the US edition has 16 tracks, the standard UK edition has 20 tracks, and the UK special edition consists of a 41-track CD and bonus DVD. The bonus DVD contains 9 karaoke videos of LazyTown songs and a game featuring the character Sportacus.

As with the show itself, the voices of the puppets are recorded by different actors in the US to the UK. Some of the songs also have slightly different titles in the US to the UK, for example, "There's Always a Way" (US) / "Always a Way" (UK). These are, however, the same songs.

The songs are sung by American actress, Julianna Rose Mauriello and Icelandic singer Matthias Matthiason, who voice Stephanie and Sportacus respectively (Mauriello also portrays the character of Stephanie, whilst Sportacus is portrayed by Magnús Scheving).


The single "Bing Bang (Time to Dance)" was released in the UK on November 27, 2006 as a digital download, and in CD format a week later on December 4.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Performer(s) Length
1. "Welcome to LazyTown" Svavarsson Jón Jósep Snæbjörnsson  
2. "There's Always a Way" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
3. "Teamwork" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
4. "Spooky Song" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
5. "Step by Step" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
6. "Twenty Times Time" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
7. "Take a Vacation" Svavarsson Matthias Matthiason & Julianna Rose Mauriello  
8. "Wake Up" Svavarsson Kobie Powell & Julianna Rose Mauriello  
9. "Playtime" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
10. "You are a Pirate" Svavarsson Stefán Karl  
11. "Woof Woof Woof" Svavarsson Stefán Karl  
12. "Cooking by the Book" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
13. "Lazy Scouts" Svavarsson Stefán Karl  
14. "Go for It" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  
15. "Energy" Svavarsson Magnus Scheving & Julianna Rose Mauriello  
16. "Bing Bang (Adam Marano Remix)" Svavarsson Julianna Rose Mauriello  

UK standard edition[edit]

  1. "Welcome to LazyTown"
  2. "No One is Lazy in LazyTown"
  3. "Galaxy"
  4. "Gizmo Guy"
  5. "Lazy Scouts"
  6. "Step by Step"
  7. "Have You Ever"
  8. "Always a Way"
  9. "Energy"
  10. "Spooky Song"
  11. "Cooking by the Book"
  12. "Man on a Mission"
  13. "Teamwork"
  14. "Master of Disguise"
  15. "You Are a Pirate"
  16. "Good Stuff"
  17. "Playtime"
  18. "Wake Up"
  19. "Twenty Times Time"
  20. "Bing Bang"

UK special edition[edit]


  1. "Welcome to LazyTown"
  2. "No One is Lazy in LazyTown"
  3. "Galaxy"
  4. "Step by Step"
  5. "Have You Ever"
  6. "Spooky Song"
  7. "Cooking by the Book"
  8. "Man on a Mission"
  9. "Teamwork"
  10. "Master of Disguise"
  11. "You Are a Pirate"
  12. "Good Stuff"
  13. "Playtime"
  14. "Wake Up"
  15. "Twenty Times Time"
  16. "Bing Bang"
  17. "Welcome to LazyTown" (Karaoke)
  18. "No One is Lazy in LazyTown" (Karaoke)
  19. "Galaxy" (Karaoke)
  20. "Step by Step" (Karaoke)
  21. "Have You Ever" (Karaoke)
  22. "Always a Way" (Karaoke)
  23. "Spooky Song" (Karaoke)
  24. "Cooking by the Book" (Karaoke)
  25. "Man on a Mission" (Karaoke)
  26. "Teamwork" (Karaoke)
  27. "Master of Disguise" (Karaoke)
  28. "You Are a Pirate" (Karaoke)
  29. "Good Stuff" (Karaoke)
  30. "Playtime" (Karaoke)
  31. "Wake Up" (Karaoke)
  32. "Twenty Times Time" (Karaoke)
  33. "Bing Bang" (Karaoke)
  34. "I Love Christmas" (bonus track)


  1. "No One is Lazy in LazyTown"
  2. "Step by Step"
  3. "You Are a Pirate"
  4. "Teamwork"
  5. "Lazy Scouts"
  6. "Always a Way"
  7. "Energy"
  8. "Cooking by the Book"
  9. "Bing Bang"
  10. "Bing Bang Rock" (Exclusive)

The DVD also contains an interactive Sportacus game.

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