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This is a list of airports in Cape Verde, which have been historically an important infrastructural need for the economy and development of the country, since being an archipelago makes it impossible to have terrestrial links between the main cities and towns. As such, in addition to frequent maritime connections, every island except Brava has a domestic airport, and the number of international airports have been increasing sharply in the recent years.

Praia Airport, which was opened to international flights on September 2005, caters mainly to the Cape Verdian diaspora; Sal Airport, which previously handled all international flights, currently serves mainly the tourist industry of Sal Island. In late 2009 the São Pedro Airport (VXE) on the island of São Vicente became the new São Pedro International airport (VXR).


Island City / town ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Boa Vista Rabil GVBA BVC Aristides Pereira International Airport 16°8′11.3″N 022°53′19.7″W / 16.136472°N 22.888806°W / 16.136472; -22.888806 (Rabil Airport (Boa Vista))
Brava Brava GVBR BVR Esperadinha Airport (Closed) 14°51′51.6″N 024°44′45.5″W / 14.864333°N 24.745972°W / 14.864333; -24.745972 (Esperadinha Airport (Esperadinha))
Fogo São Filipe GVSF SFL São Filipe Airport 14°53′6.9″N 024°28′48.7″W / 14.885250°N 24.480194°W / 14.885250; -24.480194 (São Filipe Airport (São Filipe))
Maio Vila do Maio GVMA MMO Maio Airport 15°9′21.7″N 023°12′49.2″W / 15.156028°N 23.213667°W / 15.156028; -23.213667 (Vila Do Maio/Porto Inglez Airport (Vila Do Maio))
Fogo São Filipe GVMT MTI Mosteiros Airport (Closed) 15°2′42.4″N 024°20′24.0″W / 15.045111°N 24.340000°W / 15.045111; -24.340000 (Mosteiros Airport (Mosteiros))
Sal Espargos GVAC SID Amílcar Cabral International Airport 16°44′31.6″N 022°56′56.4″W / 16.742111°N 22.949000°W / 16.742111; -22.949000 (Amilcar Cabral International Airport (Ilha do Sal))
Santiago Praia GVNP RAI Nelson Mandela International Airport 14°56′28.8″N 023°29′5.1″W / 14.941333°N 23.484750°W / 14.941333; -23.484750 (Francisco Mendes International Airport (Praia))
Santo Antão Ponta do Sol GVAN NTO Agostinho Neto Airport (Closed) 17°12′10.7″N 025°5′26.8″W / 17.202972°N 25.090778°W / 17.202972; -25.090778 (Aeródromo Agostinho Neto/Ilha de São Antão (Ponta do Sol))
São Nicolau Preguiça GVSN SNE Preguiça Airport 16°35′17.7″N 024°17′2.6″W / 16.588250°N 24.284056°W / 16.588250; -24.284056 (Preguiça/Ilha de São Nicolau Airport (Preguiça))
São Vicente São Pedro GVSV VXE Cesária Évora Airport (International) 16°49′59.7″N 025°3′19.7″W / 16.833250°N 25.055472°W / 16.833250; -25.055472 (São Pedro/Ilha de São Vicente Airport (São Pedro))

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