List of automobile manufacturers of Michigan

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This is a list of current and defunct automobile manufacturers of Michigan.

There are 175 on the list.

Company Name Headquarters Years Marques Models Notes
Abbott Motor Car Company Detroit 1909–1916 Abbott-Detroit Moved to Cleveland, Ohio
Aerocar Company Detroit 1905–1908 Aerocar Factory sold to Hudson Motor Car Company
Aland Motor Car Company Detroit 1916–1917 Aland
Alpena Motor Car Company Alpena 1910–1910 Alpena Flyer
Alter Motor Car Company Plymouth 1914–1916 Alter
American Cyclecar Company Detroit 1914 American
American Motors Corporation Southfield 1954–1987 AMC Gremlin, Pacer, Eagle Sold to Chrysler Corporation
American Voiturette Company Detroit 1913–1914 Car-Nation
Anderson Electric Car Company Detroit 1907–1939 Detroit Electric
Anhunt Motor Car Company Detroit 1910– Anhunt
Anhut Motor Car Company Detroit 1909–1910 Anhut
Apex Motor Corporation Ypsilanti 1920–1922 Ace
Argo Electric Vehicle Company Saginaw 1912–1916 Argo Electric Sold to Columbia Motors
Argo Motor Company Jackson 1914–1918 Motorvique, Argo
Austin Automobile Company Grand Rapids 1901–1921 Austin
Autoparts Manufacturing Company Detroit 1910 King-Remick
Barley Motor Car Company Kalamazoo 1916–1929 Barley, Pennant, Roamer
Bates Automobile Company Lansing 1903–1905 Bates
Bean-Chamberlain Manufacturing Company Hudson 1901–1902 Hudson
Beisel Motorette Company Monroe 1914 Beisel
Belmont Electric Auto Company Wyandotte 1916 Belmont
Benham Manufacturing Company Detroit 1914–1917 Benham
Berwick Auto Car Company Grand Rapids 1904 Berwick
Blomstrom (C.H.) Motor Company Detroit 1904–1910 Car de Luxe, Queen
Blomstrom Manufacturing Company Detroit, Adrian 1908–1909 Gyroscope
Blood Brothers Auto & Machine Company Kalamazoo 1902–1905 Blood
Bour-Davis Company Detroit 1916–1918 Bour-Davis Moved to Indiana, then Louisiana
Briggs-Detroiter Motor Car Company Detroit 1912–1917 Briggs-Detroiter
Briscoe Motor Corporation Jackson 1915–1917 Briscoe Became Earl
Brush Motor Car Company Detroit 1907–1910 Brush Runabout Merged to form United States Motor Company
Buick Motor Company; Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company Detroit, Flint 1903–1908 Buick Model B Became part of General Motors Corporation
Burtt Manufacturing Company Kalamazoo 1902–1906 Cannon
C.V.I. Motor Car Company Jackson 1907–1908 C.V.I.
Cadillac Automobile Company Detroit 1902–1909 Cadillac Runabout and Tonneau Sold to General Motors
Carhartt Automobile Company Detroit 1910–1911 Carhartt
Century Motor Company; Century Electric Car Company Detroit 1911–1915 Century
Chalmers Motor Car Company; Chalmers-Detroit Detroit 1908–1924 Chalmers-Detroit (to 1910), Chalmers 30 Roadster, 30 Touring Sold to Maxwell Motor Corporation
Checker Motors Corporation Kalamazoo 1922–1982 Checker Taxi Cab
Chevrolet Motor Car Company Detroit 1911–1918 Chevrolet Series 490 Acquired by General Motors Corporation
Chrysler Corporation Detroit 1925–1998 Chrysler New Yorker Sold to Daimler-Benz
Church Manufacturing Company Adrian 1903–1904 Lenawee
Church-Field Motor Company Sibley 1912–1913 Church-Field
Clark-Carter Automobile Company; Cutting Motor Car Company Jackson 1909–1912 Cutting
Clark & Company Lansing 1902–1904 Clarkmobile
Clipper Automobile Company Grand Rapids 1902 Clipper
Columbia Motors Detroit 1917–1924 Columbia Six
Cricket Cyclecar Company Detroit 1914 Cricket
Davis Cyclecar Company Detroit 1914 Davis
Day Automobile Company Detroit 1911–1914 Day Utility
De Luxe Motor Car Company Detroit 1908 De Luxe Sold to E-M-F Company
De Vaux-Hall Motors Company; Continental-De Vaux Company Grand Rapids 1931–1934 De Vaux, De Vaux Continental
Deal (J.J.) and Son Carriage Factory Jonesville 1905–1911 Deal
Demot Car Company Detroit 1910 De Mot
Denby Motor Truck Co Detroit 1912–1929? Denby
Detroit Air-Cooled Car Company Detroit 1922–1923 D.A.C.
Detroit Auto Vehicle Company Detroit 1904–1907 Crown
Detroit Automobile Company, Henry Ford Company Detroit 1899–1902 Detroit Delivery truck Reorganized into Cadillac Automobile Company
Detroit Automobile Manufacturing Company Detroit 1905–1907 Paragon
Detroit Cyclecar Company Detroit 1913–1914 Detroit Cyclecar, Little Detroit Speedster
Detroit Steam Motors Corporation Detroit 1922–1923 Trask-Detroit
Detroit-Dearborn Motor Car Company Dearborn 1909–1910 Detroit-Dearborn
Detroit-Oxford Motor Car Company Oxford 1905–1906 Detroit-Oxford
Dingfelder Motor Company Detroit 1903 Dingfelder
Dodge Brothers Company Detroit 1914–1928 Dodge Brothers Model 30 Sold to Chrysler Corporation
Dodge (A.M.) Company Detroit 1914–1915 Dodge
Dodgeson Motors Detroit 1926 Dodgeson
DODO Detroit 1912 DODO
Dolson (J.L.) & Sons Charlotte 1904–1907 Dolson
Dort Motor Car Company Flint 1915–1924 Dort
Downing Motor Company Detroit 1913–1915 Downing-Detroit
Dragon Automobile Company Detroit 1906 Dragon Moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dudly Tool Company Menominee 1913–1915 Dudly Bug
Durant Motors Lansing 1921–1931 Durant, Flint, Star Durant Touring Car, Flint Six "55" Brougham, Star Sedan
Earl Motors Incorporated Jackson 1921–1923 Earl Formerly Briscoe
Engler (W.B.) Cyclecar Company Pontiac 1914–1915 Engler
Essex Motor Company Detroit 1918–1922 Essex Incorporated into parent company Hudson Motor Car Company
Excel Distributing Company Detroit 1914 Excel
E-M-F Company Detroit 1909–1912 E-M-F 30 Sold to Studebaker
Faulkner-Blanchard Motor Car Company Detroit 1910 Faulkner-Blanchard
Fischer (G.J.) Company Detroit 1914 Fischer
Flyer Motor Car Company Mount Clemens 1913–1914 Flyer
Ford Motor Company Detroit 1903–Present Ford, Edsel, Mercury Escort, Mustang
Friend Motors Corporation Pontiac 1920–1921 Friend
Gaylord Motor Car Company Gaylord 1911–1912 Gaylord
Gem Motor Car Company Grand Rapids, Jackson 1917–1919 Gem
General Engineering Company Detroit 1917–1918 Doble Formerly in Massachusetts, later in California
General Motors Corporation Detroit 1908–Present Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, LaSalle, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Scripps-Booth Corvette, Volt
Gray Motor Corporation Detroit 1922–1926 Gray
Greenleaf Cycle Company Lansing 1902 Greenleaf
Grinnell Electric Car Company Detroit 1910–1913 Grinnell
Griswold Motor Car Company Detroit 1907 Griswold
Hackett Motor Car Company; Lorraine Motors Corporation Detroit, Grand Rapids, Jackson 1916–1922 Hackett, Lorraine
Hammer Motor Company Detroit 1905–1906 Hammer
Hammer-Sommer Auto Carriage Company Detroit 1902–1904 Hammer-Sommer Split into Hammer Motor Company and Sommer
Handley Motors Incorporated Kalamazoo 1921–1923 Handley-Knight
Harrison Motor Car Company Grand Rapids 1905–1907 Harrison
Harroun Motor Sales Corporation Wayne 1917–1922 Harroun
Havers Motor Car Company Port Huron 1908–1914 Havers
Hawk Cyclecar Company Detroit 1914 Hawk
Henry Motor Car Company Muskegon 1910–1912 Henry
Herreshoff Motor Company Detroit 1909–1914 Herreshoff
Hitchcock Motor Car Company Warren 1909 Hitchcock
Hudson Motor Car Company Detroit 1909–1954 Hudson, Terraplane Twenty Merged to form American Motors Corporation
Hupp Motor Company Detroit 1909–1940 Hupmobile
Hupp-Yeats Electric Car Company Detroit 1911–1916 Hupp-Yeats
Huron River Manufacturing Company Ann Arbor 1911–1912 Ann Arbor
Imperial Automobile Company Jackson 1908–1916 Imperial Merged to form Mutual Motors Company
J.P.L. Cyclecar Company Detroit 1913 JPL
Jackson Automobile Company Jackson 1903–1923 Jackson, Jaxon, Orlo
Jacquet Motor Corporation of America Belding 1921 Jacquet Flyer
Jaeger Motor Car Company Belleville 1932–1933 Jaeger
Janney Motor Company Flint 1906 Janney
Kaiser-Frazer Ypsilanti 1945–1963 Allstate, Frazer, Henry J, Jeep, Kaiser Darrin Sold to American Motors Corporation
Keeton Motor Company Detroit 1912–1914 Keeton "48", Riverside Tourer Merged to form American Voiturette Company
Kermath Motor Car Company Detroit 1907–1908 Kermath
Kessler Motor Company Detroit 1921–1922 Kessler
King Motor Car Company Detroit 1911–1923 King
Koppin Motor Company Fenton 1915 Koppin
K-R-I-T Motor Car Company Detroit 1909–1916 "KT"
Lewis Spring and Axle Company Chelsea, Jackson 1915–1921 Hollier
Liberty Motor Car Company Detroit 1916–1923 Liberty Six Sold to Columbia Motors
Light Motor Car Company Detroit 1914 Light
Lincoln Motor Car Company Detroit 1914 Lincoln
Lincoln Motor Company Dearborn 1917–1922 Lincoln L-Series Sold to Ford Motor Company
Lion Motor Car Company Adrian 1909–1912 Lion
Little Motor Car Company Flint 1912–1915 Little Introduced by William Durant at same time as Chevrolet
Lozier Motor Company Detroit 1910–1915 Lozier Big Six
Malcolm Jones Cyclecar Company Detroit 1914–1915 Malcolm Jones
Manistee Motor Car Company Manistee 1910–1913 Autoette
Marvel Motor Car Company Detroit 1907 Marvel
Matheson Motor Car Company Grand Rapids 1903 Matheson Moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts
Maxwell Motor Company Detroit 1913–1925 Maxwell Model 25 Became Chrysler Corporation
Menominee Electric Manufacturing Company Menominee 1915 Menominee
Mercury Cyclecar Company Detroit 1914 Mercury
Michigan Automobile Company Kalamazoo 1903–1908 Michigan
Michigan Buggy Company Kalamazoo 1911–1914 Michigan
Miller Car Company Detroit 1912–1913 Miller
Monarch Motor Car Company Detroit 1913–1916 Monarch
Monroe Motor Car Company Flint, Pontiac 1914–1918 Monroe
Mount Pleasant Motor Company Mount Pleasant 1914–1915 M.P.M.
Motorcar Company; Cartercar Company Detroit, Jackson, Pontiac 1905–1909 Cartercar Sold to General Motors Corporation
Mutual Motors Company Jackson 1916–1919 Marion-Handley
Nelson (E.A.) Motor Car Company Detroit 1917–1921 Nelson
Nielson Motor Car Company Detroit 1907 Nielson
Northern Manufacturing Company Detroit 1902–1908 Northern Sold to E-M-F Company
Nu-Klea Automobile Corporation Lansing 1959–1960 Nu-Klea Starlite
Oakland Motor Car Company Pontiac 1907–1909 Oakland Sold to General Motors Corporation
Olds Motor Works Lansing 1897–1908 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Sold to General Motors Corporation
Olympian Motors Company Pontiac 1917–1921 Olympian
Owen Motor Car Company Detroit 1910–1914 Owen
Packard Motor Car Company; Studebaker-Packard Corporation Detroit 1903–1956 Packard Clipper, Patrician
Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company Detroit 1908–1927 Paige, Jewett Daytona Became Graham-Paige
Paterson (W.A.) Company Flint 1909–1923 Paterson
Pilgrim Motor Car Company Detroit 1914 Pilgrim
Pontiac Spring & Wagon Works Pontiac 1899–1908 Pontiac Merged to form Oakland Motor Car Company
Princess Cyclecar Company; Princess Motor Car Company Detroit 1913–1918 Little Princess, Princess
Pungs-Finch Auto & Gas Engine Company Detroit 1904–1910 Pungs-Finch
Railsbach (L.M.) Saginaw 1914 Railsbach
Rapid Motor Vehicle Company Pontiac 1902–1909 Rapid Buses, Cars, Trucks Sold to General Motors Corporation
Read Motor Company Detroit 1913–1914 Read
Regal Motor Car Company Detroit 1907–1918 Regal
Reliance Automobile Manufacturing Company Detroit 1903–1907 Reliance
REO Motor Car Company Lansing 1905–1954 REO Flying Cloud, Royale Merged to form Diamond Reo Trucks
Rex Motor Company Detroit 1914 Rex
Rickenbacker Motor Company Detroit 1922–1927 Rickenbacker
Robie Motor Car Company Detroit 1914 Robie
Ross Automobile Company Detroit 1915–1918 Ross
Saginaw Motor Company Saginaw 1916–1918 Yale
Saxon Motor Car Company Detroit, Ypsilanti 1914–1922 Saxon Duplex
Small Motor Car Company Detroit 1910 Cavac
Scripps-Booth Detroit 1913–1916 Scripps-Booth Model C Sold to Chevrolet Motor Car Company
Signal Motor Truck Detroit 1914–1919? Signal
Soules Motor Car Company Grand Rapids 1905–1908 Soules
Stout Motor Car Company Dearborn 1932–1936 Stout Scarab
Walker Motor Car Company Detroit 1905–1906 Walker Model B
Wheeler Manufacturing Company Detroit 1904 Detroit
Wills (C.H.) and Company Marysville 1921–1927 Wills Sainte Claire