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NFL is the abbreviation for the National Football League, the highest professional American football league in the United States.

NFL may also refer to:

Related to the National Football League[edit]

  • NFL Audio Pass, a subscription Internet radio Out-of-Market Sports Package that provides live and archived audio broadcasts of NFL
  • NFL Europe, an American football league which operated in Europe from 1991 until 2007
  • NFL Jams (1996 album), a compilation album released by the National Football League
  • NFL Live, a National Football League studio show on the ESPN cable network
  • NFL Matchup, a National Football League preview show that airs every week during the regular season and playoffs
  • NFL Network an American television specialty channel owned and operated by the USA National Football League
  • NFL Sunday Ticket, an Out-of-Market Sports Package that broadcasts National Football League regular season games unavailable on local affiliates
  • NFL All-Decade Teams
  • NFL (1902), the first attempt at forming a national professional football league, in 1902

American football-based videogames[edit]

  • Madden NFL, an American football video game series developed by Electronic Arts Tiburon for EA Sports
  • NFL Street (series), a series of sports video games developed by EA Tiburon and published by Electronic Arts, featuring street football
  • NFL Blitz, a 1997 series of American football themed video games by Midway featuring the teams of the National Football League
  • NFL (video game), the first American football video game to have the National Football League license
  • NFL (series), a series of American football themed video games by Gameloft


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