North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol

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North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol
North Dakota Wing Civil Air Patrol logo.png
The North Dakota Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary
Associated branches
United States Air Force
Command staff
CommanderUS-O6 insignia.svg Col John P Steiner
Vice CommanderUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col Kenneth D Schuler
Chief of StaffUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col Sean Johnson
Current statistics
Total Membership225
Statistics as of 2017[1]

The North Dakota Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the highest echelon of Civil Air Patrol in the state of North Dakota. North Dakota Wing headquarters are located in Bismarck, North Dakota.[2] The North Dakota Wing consists of over 200 cadet and adult members at over 7 locations across the state of North Dakota.[3]


The North Dakota Wing performs the three primary missions of the Civil Air Patrol: providing emergency services; offering cadet programs for youth; and providing aerospace education for both CAP members and the general public.[4]

Emergency services[edit]

The Civil Air Patrol performs emergency services during emergencies through various missions, including: search and rescue; disaster relief; humanitarian services, and counter-drug operations.[5]

In March 2009, the North Dakota Wing was deployed to respond to flooding along the Red River of the North. Civil Air Patrol ground teams assisted local residents with sandbagging efforts, and erected a dike around a Red Cross building in the path of the flooding. Five aircraft from the North Dakota Wing, along with two aircraft from the South Dakota Wing, made 134 flights to conduct aerial photography missions to survey damage for the state's Emergency Operations Center.[6]

Cadet programs[edit]

The Civil Air Patrol runs a cadet program for the purpose of enhancing the leadership skills of cadets through cultivating an interest in aviation, and also for providing services to the United States Air Force, and the local community.[7]

Aerospace education[edit]

The Civil Air Patrol runs both internal and external aerospace education programs. The internal program provides aerospace education to the CAP membership, both senior and cadet. The external program provides the general public with aerospace education.[8]


Standing by a CAP Cessna, members from the North Dakota Civil Air Patrol pose for a group photo on the flightline of Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D.
Squadrons of the North Dakota Wing[9]
Designation Squadron Name Location Notes
ND030 Bismarck Composite Squadron Bismarck
ND044 Rough Rider Composite Squadron Dickinson
ND119 119th ANG Cadet Squadron Fargo
ND046 Red River Senior Squadron Fargo
ND005 Grand Forks Composite Squadron Grand Forks
ND031 James Valley Composite Squadron Jamestown
ND021 Magic City Composite Squadron Minot

Legal protection[edit]

Employers within the borders of North Dakota may not terminate or demote an employee who is a member of the Civil Air Patrol if that employee takes a leave of absence in order to respond to an emergency mission as a part of the Civil Air Patrol. Nor may an employer discriminate during the hiring process or otherwise deny employment to an individual based on his or her affiliation with the Civil Air Patrol.[10]

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