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North Carolina Wing Civil Air Patrol

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North Carolina Wing Civil Air Patrol
North Carolina Wing of Civil Air Patrol
Associated branches
United States Air Force
Command staff
CommanderCol Dennis Bissell
Vice CommanderLt Col Brendan Kearns & Jeff Focke
Chief of StaffLt Col Kimberly Morton
Command NCOCMSgt Chris Kehrer
Current statistics
Total Membership2468
Statistics as of July 19, 2024

The North Carolina Wing of the Civil Air Patrol is headquartered in Burlington, North Carolina. It serves to administer the operation of the volunteers within the state to accomplish the three congressionally mandated missions of the organization: 1) Emergency Services, 2) Cadet Programs, and 3) Aerospace Education.



The North Carolina Wing was created on December 9, 1941, by Governor J. Melville Broughton, and the Wing held its first meeting on December 30 of that year. By the end of January 1942, the wing had approximately 350 members and over one hundred aircraft. During World War II, the North Carolina Wing was responsible for assisting in fighting a forest fire, dropping paper bombs to simulate air raids, conducting evaluation flights during blackout drills, and spotting U-boats off the North Carolina shore.[1]

In May 2020, members of the North Carolina Wing were activated to support North Carolina's response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. North Carolina Wing members staffed two North Carolina Department of Emergency Management field warehouses, providing logistics and administrative support. Members also conducted transport missions in support of the North Carolina Department of Emergency Management. By 6 May 2020, North Carolina Wing members had conducted over 500 transport missions, totaling over 40,000 miles of intrastate travel.[2] In March 2021, members of North Carolina Wing provided support at vaccine points of distribution.[3]

Squadrons in North Carolina Wing

The North Carolina Wing Civil Air Patrol Headquarters.
A medical team from the 440th Airlift Wing Medical Squadron responds to a North Carolina CAP cadet playing a head trauma victim during a mass casualty exercise at Pope Air Force Base, N.C.
Captain Hoyer, 440th Airlift Wing Medical Squadron, offers some acting advice to 15 year old Civil Air Patrol Cadet Candra Wilson during a mass casualty exercise.
The 440th Airlift Wing Medical Squadron removes a North Carolina CAP cadet playing a crash victim from a bus during a mass casualty exercise.
Senior Airman Lisa Sam, a medical technician with the 440th Airlift Wing Medical Squadron applies paint to the face of Aaron Schaak, a North Carolina CAP cadet, before a Mass Casualty exercise.

North Carolina Wing has thirty composite, senior, or cadet squadrons as well as four senior flights chartered in the state and assigned to one of six groups. There are also three non-standard squadrons (000, 001, and 999) under North Carolina Wing Headquarters.

Unit Name Charter Number Location Unit Emblem
NCWG headquarters MAR-NC-001 Burlington
Legislative Senior Squadron MAR-NC-999 Willow Spring, NC
Inactive Members MAR-NC-000 No specific location
Group 1 Headquarters MAR-NC-011 Boone
Asheville Composite Squadron MAR-NC-019 Asheville
Gastonia Composite Squadron MAR-NC-024 Gastonia
Shelby Composite Squadron MAR-NC-050 Shelby
Hickory Composite Squadron MAR-NC-124 Hickory
Boone Composite Squadron MAR-NC-153 Boone
Group 2 Headquarters MAR-NC-002 Cary, NC
Burlington Composite Squadron MAR-NC-022 Burlington
Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron MAR-NC-048 Raleigh
Randolph Composite Squadron MAR-NC-107 Asheboro
Franklin County Composite Squadron MAR-NC-145 Louisburg
Orange County Composite Squadron MAR-NC-150 Hillsborough
Apex Cadet Squadron MAR-NC-301 Cary
Group 3 Headquarters MAR-NC-003 Greenville
Tar River Composite Squadron MAR-NC-057 Elm City
Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron MAR-NC-079 Greenville
Goldsboro Composite Squadron MAR-NC-126 Seymour Johnson AFB
Cunningham Field Composite Squadron MAR-NC-160 MCAS Cherry Point
Halifax Composite Squadron MAR-NC-169 Roanoke Rapids
Elizabeth City Composite Squadron MAR-NC-305 Elizabeth City
Group 4 Headquarters MAR-NC-004 Indian Trail
Guilford Composite Squadron MAR-NC-307 Greensboro
Winston-Salem Composite Squadron MAR-NC-082 Winston-Salem
111th SAR Cadet Squadron MAR-NC-111 Charlotte
Charlotte Senior Squadron MAR-NC-121 Concord
South Piedmont Senior Squadron MAR-NC-137 Indian Trail
Iredell Composite Squadron MAR-NC-162 Statesville
Union County Composite Squadron MAR-NC-300 Waxhaw
Group 5 Headquarters MAR-NC-005 Fayetteville
Fayetteville Composite Squadron MAR-NC-007 Pope AFB
Cape Fear Composite Squadron MAR-NC-023 Wilmington
Johnston County Composite Squadron MAR-NC-143 Smithfield
Brunswick County Composite Squadron MAR-NC-170 Oak Island
Sandhills Senior Squadron MAR-NC-171 Fayetteville
Sugar Valley Composite Squadron MAR-NC-052 Farmington
Dan River Composite Squadron MAR-NC-070 Stoneville

North Carolina Wing Aircraft


North Carolina Wing has ten aircraft based in the state. They are kept in a state of readiness to respond to emergency services missions and are positioned based on need and availability of pilots. Major aircraft maintenance is performed centrally at Sanford Airport (TTA) while minor maintenance and repairs are performed at basing locations as required. Aircraft are also used to provide orientation flights to cadets and develop proficiency and training of CAP pilots.

Aircraft Type N-number CAP call sign Regular Basing
Cessna C172S N916CP CAP3202 Southport(SUT)/Fayetteville(FAY)
Cessna C172P N9841L CAP3203 Halifax(IXA)/Pitt-Greenville(PGV)
Cessna C172P N99162 CAP3204 Southport(SUT)
Cessna C172P N99832 CAP3205 Concord(JQF)
Cessna C172P N99885 CAP3207 Concord(JQF)
Cessna C182T (G1000) N716CP CAP3208 Burlington(BUY)
Cessna C182T (G1000) N963CP CAP3209 Raleigh-Durham(RDU)
Cessna C172R N991CP CAP3210 Asheville(AVL)
Cessna C182R N9930E CAP3230 Triangle North Executive (KLHZ)
Cessna C182T (G1000) N727CP CAP3212 Asheville(AVL)

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