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Pan-bagnat 1.jpg
Alternative names Pain bagnat
Type Sandwich
Place of origin France
Region or state Nice
Main ingredients Pain de campagne or round white bread, Niçoise salad (radishes, tomatoes, pepper, onion, hard-boiled egg, olives, anchovies, olive oil)
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The Pan-bagnat (Occitan: pan banhat for bathed/wet bread) is a sandwich that is a specialty of the region of Nice, France. The sandwich is composed of pain de campagne, whole wheat bread formed in a circle, although white bread is also sometimes used, around the classic Salade Niçoise, a salad composed mainly of raw vegetables, hard boiled eggs, anchovies and/or tuna, and olive oil (never mayonnaise). Sometimes balsamic vinegar, ground pepper, and salt will also be added.

The name of the sandwich comes from the local Provençal language, Nissart, in which pan-banhat and the alternative spelling pan-bagnat mean "bathed/wet bread". It is often misspelled "pain bagnat", with the French pain rather than genuine local pan.

The pan-bagnat is a popular lunchtime dish in the region around Nice where it is sold in most bakeries and markets. Pan-bagnat and the salade niçoise (salade nissarda), along with ratatouille (La Ratatouia Nissarda in Provençal), socca and pissaladière are strongly linked to the city of Nice, where they have been developed over time out of local ingredients.

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