Pork chop bun

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Pork chop bun
Place of originMacau
Main ingredientsPiggy bun, pork chop
Pork chop bun

A pork chop bun is one of the most popular{{}} and famous snacks in Macau, and has been described as a Macau specialty.[1] The bun (piggy bun) is extremely crisp outside and very soft inside.[2] A fried pork chop is filled into the bun[2] horizontally. Macau pork chop buns are made to order. It has been described as "the Macanese version of a hamburger."[3]

The ingredients of a pork chop bun are only a piece of bone-in pork chop, and a lightly toasted, buttered bun without additional ingredients like lettuce or cucumber.

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