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Sayyad 2 (Hunter II)
A Sayyad 2 system of the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force in 2015.
Type Mobile long range surface-to-air missile with anti-ballistic missile capability
Place of origin Iran
Service history
In service 2015–present
Used by See iran
Production history
Designed 2014
Warhead Frag-HE

Propellant Solid fuel
Sayyad 2: 60–120 km
Sayyad 3: 150–200 km

Sayyad 2 (Hunter II) is a mid-range, high altitude solid-fuel missile[1] manufactured by Iran.


The Sayyad-2 is a canister-launched version of the RIM-66 Standard (SM-1) naval surface-to-air missile that Iran obtained from the United States before the 1979 revolution.[2]

It is an upgraded version of the Sayyad-1 system with higher precision, range and defensive power. Sayyad-1 is the Iranian upgraded version of the HQ-2 SAM system, however it differs with the Chinese versions in guidance and control subsystems. Sayyad-1 is equipped with an about 200-kilogram warhead and has a speed of about 1,200 meters per second. The range of the Sayyad-2 missile is controversial. Different sources claim various numbers, from 60 km to a 120 km.[3]

After the unveiling ceremony in November 2013 it is clear that the Sayyad-2 missile look like the SM-2 Standard SAM missile but its control fins are similar to the Iranian medium range TAER-2 SAM missile.[4] Also announced that it will have cooperation with S-200 system via TALASH-2 interface system. It is planned that Sayyad-2 missile be added to Iranian Moudge class frigates.[5] Iranian defense minister announced that Sayyad-2 covers medium range and high altitudes and it has a combined guidance system.[6]

The launcher of Sayyad-2 missile that consist of 4 canisters in 2*2 configuration is one of the interesting things about this new Iranian surface to air missile because it has so much apparent similarity to American MIM-104 Patriot SAM system launchers.[7]

Iran says the missile has been mounted on and successfully test-fired from the S-200 air-defense system.[8]


Sayyad-3 is a similar missile, but with a long-range capability. It has similar diameter as Sayyad-2 but longer body with different wings and control surfaces. Based on current estimates Sayyad-3 has the range about 150–200 km.[9] Iranian Defence Minister Hossein Dehghan stated the maximum range is about 120 km.[10] This missile will be added to S-200 SAM systems via TALASH-3 system.[11]

It appears that two new above missiles will be used like the Iranian S-300 SAM system Bavar-373 to cover various ranges and altitudes.[9]


Also Iran has developed a long range missile named Sayyad-4 which is very similar in appearance to the Russian 48N6E missile (one of the missiles in the S-300 missile system). No formal information has been announced about this missile but it appears from new photos that Sayyad-4 is like above Russian missile only in frontal parts and is similar to Sayyad-3 in wings and control surfaces shape.[9]

Further developments[edit]

The Iranian Navy is said to be considering some changes in order for the missile to be mounted on future versions of the Moudge class frigate.[12]

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