Severed Fifth

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Severed Fifth
Severed Fifth Band Logo 2012.png
Background information
Origin Oakland, California
Genres Death Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Years active 2008-present
Labels Independent
Associated acts Iron Maiden, Exodus, Testament, Defiance, Seraphidian
Members Jim Adams (Guitar)
Jono Bacon (Vocals, Guitar)
Ron Crockett (Bass)
Jim Walls (Drums)
Past members Ben Gibbs (Drums)

Severed Fifth is a San Francisco Bay Area band founded by Jono Bacon and featuring Defiance guitarist Jim Adams.[1][2]

The band is noted for its copyright model of distributing its music under permissive Creative Commons licenses, allowing the public to legally download and share music for free. Reviewer Ryan Paul of Ars Technica, writing in June 2008, explained the project:[2]

Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon, an independent musician and prominent figure in the open-source software community, is starting a new solo music project through which he aims to explore the challenges of distributing music under a Creative Commons license. He hopes that his efforts will bring some clarity to the copyright debate and provide real answers about how open content might change the economics of the music industry.[2]

The band's first release was Denied by Reign, 2008, with eight tracks.[3]

The group released its second album, Nightmares By Design, on October 11, 2010. The album was released on that day via the band's website at no charge, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.[3]

The group released its latest album, "Liberate", on February 3, 2012, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.[4]


Severed Fifth was founded in 2008 by Jono Bacon (formerly Seraphidian, Conspiracy) as a project to explore how successful a metal band could be when giving their music away and building a community around the band. The band's concept is to write, record and give away their music for free and hope that the number of fans will increase as they share the music and join an active community to promote the band.[1]

After a string of live shows and the completion of basic tracks for their full length album, Ben Gibbs decided to leave the band in April 2011.[5]

By December 2012 the band's website had been removed from the internet and replaced with placeholder text.[6]


  • Denied by Reign (2008)[3]
  • Nightmares By Design (11 October 2010)[3]
  • Liberate (3 February 2012)[3]


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