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A Single V (シングルV?) is a type of a DVD single released by artists who are part of the j-pop idol conglomerate Hello! Project.

A Single V contains a music video for the title song plus a few more of its versions plus a making-of.

Single V[edit]

A corresponding Single V is usually released exactly a week, or rarer two weeks after the release of a Hello! Project CD single. Most artists follow this pattern, except few that include Melon Kinenbi. A Single V will usually contain the promotional video for a single, an alternate shot of the video, like a dance shot version, or a close up version, and making of footage of the video or CD jacket photo shoot. Aya Matsuura's Single V for Kizuna contains the promotional video for the song, a close-up version of the video, and a making of clip.[1]

Lately, a single will also be released in a limited edition version that contains a DVD with a different, alternate promotional video than is on the Single V. v-u-den's Koisuru♥Angel♥Heart Single V contains the promotional video, as well as a "white angel" version of the video, while the limited edition DVD that came with the cd-single contains the "dance shot" version of the video.[2]

Event V[edit]

Sometimes, an Event V (エベントV?) will be released at Hello! Project fan club events that will offer alternate shots of a promotional video, or bonus footage, like backstage footage or footage from a photo shoot not released anywhere else. An example of this would be the Event V released for Morning Musume's single, Resonant Blue, which contained: an alternate, still-camera shot of the promotional video; TV spots for the single; making-of footage for the jacket cover photo shoot; and a collection of photos of Morning Musume. All the contents of this Event V were exclusive to it and were not released anywhere else.

Other Event Vs include Morning Musume's Roman: My Dear Boy, Iroppoi Jirettai and Kanashimi Twilight, Cute's Sakura Chirari, Meguru Koi no Kisetsu, Tokaikko Junjō, Lalala Shiawase no Uta, Namida no Iro, and album 3rd: Love Escalation, and the Event V for Maki Goto's Daite yo! Please Go On, Event V "Kochira Gocchin! (イベントV「こちらごっちん!」?)

Single V Clips[edit]

Single V Clips (シングルVクリップス?) are a collection of promotional videos, usually formerly featured on Single Vs. An example would be Berryz Kobo's Berryz Kōbō Single V Clips 3 (Berryz工房 シングルVクリップス③?) For Morning Musume and Matsuura Aya, however, they are called Single M Clips for reasons unknown. Morning Musume has released 4 of these, the most recent being Eizō The Morning Musume 4 ~Single M Clips~ (映像ザ・モーニング゙娘。4 ~シングルMクリップス~?).

These extended DVDs contain the promotional videos from a varying span of time, alternate versions of the videos, often featured on the Single V that the video originally came from, and the TV spots for the singles.

Although Hello! Project singles are usually accompanied by a Single V, frequently when a single is released near the same time that a Single V Clips is released, the single will not have a regular Single V. Instead, the promotional video and alternate shots of the video will appear on the Single V Clips.

But no one knows what the "V" or "M" actually means.


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