Small nucleolar RNA sR8

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sR8 consensus sequence
Symbol sR8
Rfam RF01311
Other data
RNA type snoRNA; CD-box
Domain(s) Sulfolobaceae, Thermococcaceae
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Small nucleolar RNA sR8 is a non-coding RNA belonging to the C/D box class of snoRNAs. sR8, along with other C/D box snoRNAs, performs 2′-O-methylation of ribose on a target strand of ribosomal RNA.[1][2] Targeting is achieved through the C and D box components, which are short sections of conserved sequences, as well as C'/D' boxes (internal equivalents of the C and D boxes). These sequences base-pair with nucleotides in the target rRNA to direct their methylation.[3]

sR8 RNA operates alongside protein components in a ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complex. sR8 is able to guide the methylation of targets found within structured stem-loops, which implies that a component of the complex is able to unwind such structures.[3]

As a model system[edit]

sR8 is considered a 'model'[3] C/D box sRNA and has been used in several experiments investigating the nature of C/D box snoRNAs and ribonucleoprotein complexes.[4][5] It is particularly useful in studies because the RNP can be entirely constructed in vitro.[3]

sR8 RNA from the hyperthermophile Methanocaldococcus jannaschii has been used to elucide the 3-dimensional structure of a C/D box RNP.[6] The structure was unexpectedly found to be dimeric, wherein two RNA molecules bind with several proteins in the same complex.[6][7]


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