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Media coverage of cats concerns how cats are portrayed and reported on in the media. There are many magazines and websites and that serve the purpose of providing news to cat lovers and enthusiasts. Two of the most prominent web-based cat-news sites are The Purrington Post and The Catnip Times. UK magazine, Catworld is the UK's oldest printed monthly publication relating to cats.

Film and television[edit]

Compared with dogs, cats appear less frequently in moving image media, and with a much smaller range of roles. Outside of reality tv and documentaries where cats might appear in mostly random ways, the difficulty of training a cat means film and TV directors are largely limited to relying on the cat's desire for food or petting. Hence cats may appear in television adverts eating pet food. In movies, long shots involving a cat might involve them being caressed, for example by Marlon Brando's character in The Godfather, or various scenes involving Dr Blofeld. When a wider range of actions is needed from the cat, it might be portrayed in cartoon form, as is the case in Garfield: The Movie , despite the dog being played by a real animal.[1]

Printed publications[edit]

Cat News[edit]

Cat News is a twice yearly publication that is aimed mainly at members of the Cat Specialist Group and other people who have an interest in wild cats. The 40 page magazine has been going for 30 years. It functions as a news magazine about cats with information sourced by its editors as well as Cat Specialist Group members and other cat experts.[2][3][4]


Magazine, Catworld has 12 publications per year. Aimed at all kinds of cat lovers, it provides information on many aspects relating to domestic cats.[5] The magazine which was founded in 1981 is located in the UK.[6][7]


The Catnip Times[edit]

Founded by Laura Mieli in 2012, The Catnip Times has been running full time since 2017.[8] It now has more than a million followers in over 100 countries.[9][10] It contributes articles to American Kennel Club affiliate, AKC Reunite.[11][12][13]

In July 2018, it sponsored the first ever "Meow Meetup" at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont. The event which took place over July 21st to the 22nd,[14] was estimated to attract around 3000 people. It was the largest cat conference in the Midwest.[15][16]

News by Cats[edit]

Founded by Lithuanian born Justinas Butkus who lives in Wellington, New Zealand the site adds a cat element to news stories. Reporting on actual events, it changes the wording to a type of cat talk such as " kidney opurration" instead of kidney operation and " prepurr for major eruption" instead of prepare for major eruption. There were mixed reactions within the first week of the site's operation.[17][18]

The Purrington Post[edit]

According to Dow Jones & Company owned financial information service MarketWatch, The Purrington Post is an award-winning cat blog.[19] It averages half a million page views per trimester.[20] It has also been quoted and referenced on news websites, Romper[21] and[22][23] It has interviewed Sandy Lerner about her 2017 Book, Caticons: 4,000 Years of Art Imitating Cats and endorsed her work, [24][25] and it both reviewed the award winning film, Aeris and interviewed its film makers, Aly Miller, Frank Deal and Betsy Aidem.[26][27]


Steve Dale of Steve Dale's Pet World is a well known radio host and pet journalist.[28][29] He has a show on WGN Radio and is a certified animal behavior consultant.[30] As well as other animals, he addresses cat issues.[31][32]

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