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Yorin logo
Launched April 2, 2001
Closed August 11, 2005
Network Holland Media Groep,
RTL Nederland
Owned by RTL Group
Audience share 4.4% (2004, [1])
Country Netherlands
Replaced Veronica
Replaced by RTL 7
Sister channel(s) RTL 4, RTL 5

Yorin was a Dutch television channel. Yorin disappeared and most programs of this channel went to RTL 5. The programs of RTL 5 moved to a new channel called RTL 7.

The Yorin station was a spin-off of the first commercial Veronica television channel, which was a joint venture (called Holland Media Groep) between the Vereniging Veronica and RTL, owners of RTL 4 and RTL 5. When Veronica left the joint venture, the channel was renamed Yorin, with most programming remaining on the air; Veronica itself had the rights to very few programs. At the time, Veronica was close to reaching agreement with SBS broadcasting (at the time partly owned by 20th Century Fox) to launch a Veronica TV channel with SBS programming and commercial exploitation. However, this agreement failed to materialize, and the TV channel that was meant to become Veronica's new home, which was called v8 remained non-Veronica branded for a long time.

The word "Yorin" was a play on the English-language phrase "you're in" (the Dutch version of The Price is Right, Cash en Carlo, referenced this fact when announcer Eddy Keur told contestants "Yorin the game!" when they came on down to Contestant's Row). For a time, the alternative name "Me" had also been considered, the name was dropped after complaints by the Dutch clothing brand WE because the brand names sounded too similar.[1]

In the auctioning off of FM radio frequencies called ZeroBase, Holland Media Group acquired a lot allowing them to broadcast a popular music station virtually nationwide; this station was called Yorin FM with its most notable DJs being Rob Stenders, Robert Jensen and Henk Westbroek. In 2006, due to disappointing results, Holland Media Group sold the station to SBS Broadcasting, who rebranded it Caz! and changed the programming to a fully middle-of-the-road all-music formula.


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