Balu, Haryana

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Balu is a small archeological site belonging to Indus Valley Civilisation, located in Haryana.

Historical significance[edit]

This is a small fortified settlement which has yielded several plant remains.[1]

Floral remains[edit]

Several plant remains were found here include various types of barley,wheat, rice, horsegram,green gram, various types of pea,sesamum, melon, waermelon,grapes, dates, garlic etc.(Saraswat and Pokharia - 2001-2)[1] which is comparable to a nearby IVC site Kunal, Haryana revealed remains of Rice (probably wild).

Earliest garlic[edit]

The plant remains found here include a garlic specimen, recognised as the earliest evidence of garlic.[1]

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Location of Balu and other IVC sites in Haryana [1]